Why we created this site or About us

After a very long, we’re finally launching this project of ours. The idea first came to us some six months ago, when we were chatting online. We thought then, “Why isn’t there a comprehensive review base of the best consumers products?” Oh, there are some dedicated bases, mind you, but they are always centered around some very specific niches. Besides, such websites are more often than not used only to promote specific products, rather than provide comprehensive and helpful information.

We decided to do it better. Because we believed we could do it better. No financial backing, no time to think things through, no time to establish ourselves. Just a goal and tunnel vision.

Surprisingly, it took us a very long time. The very first article took James a month to finish. And he wasn’t the only one working on it, Jess and Eugene were halping him! (Not a typo.)

We shudder to think what it’s like to launch an actual news network or some large portal. By the way, that was originally our intention. Alas, we realized that’s too much for us. Perhaps, some time in the future. But not now. For now, we’re content with creating quality reviews. And they really are needed, badly, from the looks of it.

There are other review bases, of course. Some of them decent, some of them less so, but many don’t even try to make an effort. Quality? Apparently, it has more to do with some other people’s articles in a foreign language and Google Translate rather than an original well-written material. Points raised? Zilch. Info? Zero. Most reviewers don’t offer any tips at all, they repeat already well-known things over and over again, not even having decency to contemplate the most important factors. That’s not to say all websites are like that. But many are.

Unfortunately, we cannot give reviews on every product there is. So, how to recognize “reviewer” websites that only try to swindle money out of you? We can offer you a few tips.

  1. Google Translate English. While it is not unusual for non-native speakers to create content in English, frauds don’t typically employ people with a good grasp of the language. That helps them to cut expenses, and they are content with how it reflects on their project because they don’t intend for it to be a quality project.
  2. Failure to deliver relevant information about the category in general. At best, you get a thorough description of the product. But how accurate is it? If there’s nothing but product description in reviews, then, perhaps, even they are lacking. After all, what else can you expect if the authors haven’t even made an attempt to inform you about something other than the product they desperately want to sell?
  3. Use of SEO-trickery. It’s not fine when a text comprises of keywords. That’s not how quality text are written.

Of course, there are many other signs of a less than fine website, but those are rather self-evident. The prevalence of low-quality sites in the Internet these days is part of the reason why we’re working on this project of ours. There is not enough competition. Or, to be more exact, there wasn’t. It’s going to change now.

Who are we?

We are a group of enthusiasts who like the idea of creating something that could help many people to choose what they like. To choose what they need. To compile a comprehensive database of frequently asked questions and products. We have big plans for the future, including building tools for facilitating the process of choice and selection.

We have constructors, photographers, programmers, writers, professionals and amateurs… and there are exactly five of us. For the time being. Hopefully, that’s going to change. We want to grow and we want to help. You wouldn’t believe if we told you what ideas we bear and hope to make a reality. We start small, but we think big.

One of the most important thing for a human being is education. But education is not just about getting a degree or diploma. It is also about learning all the time, not just pursuing an academic study but also finding out more about the reality around you. About what you actually need and how well are existing products suited to your needs.
Just let us step in, and we will tell you everything we find out!