Best Hunting Jackets

Haven’t you prepared for the hunting season yet? Do you need a special jacket for it? You should choose such a coat, which will help you to perform in the best way. This is why this piece of clothing should have particular features. You need to have a look at the products we have picked just for you. We have considered all the possible characteristics that a hunting jacket should have. We have selected the items, which will be suitable for different kinds of hunting. We have tested these jackets for being quiet, scent free and camouflage. We make sure that anybody will find something to his preferences and tastes. Only afterward, we have chosen the best hunting jackets 2018. Pick the one for yourself or your nearest and dearest and have a successful game!


Best overall: First Lite Men’s Merino Wool Jacket

This hunting jacket will become your favorite garment for any type of hunting. It will help you to get as close as possible to your prey without being detected. All its features were created to keep you comfortable, which is an essential key to the successful game.

First Lite MerinoActive, Passive HuntingAny HuntingMerino WoolWater Repellant
Drake Men’s Polyester JacketWaterfowl HuntingDuck HuntingPolyesterWindproof, Waterproof
KwikSafety Men’s Rain JacketFor Rainy WeatherDeer Hunting Duck Hunting Kwik-Dry Polyester Water Repellant
Legendary Whitetails Men’s Winter JacketFor Extremely Cold WeatherHuntingIce fishingSnowmobilingNylon, PolyesterWater Resistant
Scent Blocker Men’s JacketScouting, Bow HuntingBear HuntingDeer HuntingPolymerMoisture Wicking
Rocky Men’s Silent Rain JacketFor Early Hunting SeasonDeer HuntingPolyesterWaterproof
Gamehide Men’s Hunting ParkaFor Your SafetyDeer HuntingElk huntingSyntheticWeatherproof
Browning Upland Hunting JacketUpland HuntingPheasant HuntingCottonNo
Yukon Gear Men’s Soft-Shell JacketFor the MoneyDeer HuntingDove huntingHog huntingPolyester, ElastaneWindproof, Water Rresistant

Hunting Jackets by Material

Best Wool Hunting Jacket

First Lite Men’s Merino Wool JacketDo you prefer natural fabric to synthetic one? You should consider this merino wool jacket. This type of wool considered an ideal choice for the hunting coat. Merino wool has many advantages over other materials. This jacket is made of 100% pure merino wool. It will keep you warm in moderate temperatures thanks to the Active Particle Technology. The insulated upper arms and chest will keep you warm even if you get wet. The wool won’t get dry quickly, though. It will draw the moisture away and absorb the water, thanks to its water-repellent feature. The merino wool jacket is durable, breathable, comfortable, quiet, and scent free. It will never cause any itchiness.

It is a mid-weight jacket (20 oz.), so you shouldn’t worry about the restriction of your movement. You won’t be too hot or too cold because merino wool promotes temperature regulations.

This is a hybrid hunting jacket, which means you can wear it as outerwear or a mid-layer piece of clothing. Wear this jacket as a mid-layer piece when the temperatures outside will be extreme. Put the coat on as outerwear if the weather isn’t too cold.

The First Lite apparel is versatile so you can wear it for any situation. It is good for wandering around as well as for sitting on the tree. Such a jacket will be perfect for active and passive hunters.

This hunting jacket comes in fusion color. It is a combination of green, brown and off-white patterns. You will blend in with the forest area where you hunt the deer or elk. This piece of clothing will be suitable for hunting birds in the uplands. The apparel is also available in few other colors like ASAT camo, dry earth, black, and cipher.

The hood has a turret cut, which will be a perfect fit for anybody. It will sit tight so that the wind won’t get in. The hood will cover half of your face to keep it warm and protect it from the scratches. Your hands won’t be cold thanks to the two side pockets, which have a fleece lining. You can put any small items you need for hunting in the chest pocket. This jacket will fit perfectly around your hips to keep the heat of your body. Thanks to such a design, your garment won’t ride up, which will reduce the drafts. The First Lite wool jacket has thumbholes, which will work almost as gloves. It will be comfortable to get your bullets from the pocket while your hands will stay warm.

  • Natural fabric
  • Regulates the temperature
  • Water-repellant
  • Quiet and scent-control
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Won’t get dry quickly
  • Expensive
  • Too many logos

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Merino Wool Water-repellant Fusion, Black, ASAT Camo, Dry Earth, Cipher Yes Yes Medium Snug Thumbholes, hood with turret cut

Top Pick Synthetic Hunting Jacket

Drake Men’s Polyester JacketEven though the material of the jacket is synthetic, it is still on the ball. The merino wool is considered the best material for the hunting jacket, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. The polyester jacket has its pros, which can be essential under particular circumstances. Such a coat is windproof and waterproof, which is important if the temperature outside is extreme. This type of fabric will quickly dry if it gets wet. Don’t worry if the rain catches you by surprise, the jacket will keep you warm. The taped seams won’t let the water to seep in.

The Drake hunting apparel will be ideal for waterfowl hunting. If you prefer this kind of hunting, then you should consider the coat. Most of the available models have marsh patterns. Some of them have mossy oak and real tree motifs. Brown colors will ideally harmonize with the prairie.

This garment was designed to wear it with chest waders. The Eqwader technology has improved the clothing for the waterfowl hunting. The upper body and sleeves are waterproof and breathable. The lower body is made of ultra-breathable and moisture-wicking fleece.  Such a design was created for your extra comfort. The material of this coat contains 100% polyester. This hunting coat is quite durable and heavy.

You will be able to adjust the waist and mid-chest with the help of cinch cords. In such a way, you can create the perfect fit depending on your preferences. You can leave it as a regular fit, or you can make it slim. You can even adjust the neoprene cuffs so that no wind will cut through. This model has two zippered side pockets and two chest pockets.  One zippered chest pocket is great for keeping your keys or documents. Another chest pocket has a magnetic closure. It will be easy for you to get your phone quickly without zipping and unzipping your pocket. The front zip is reversed to reduce any interference and get a preppy look.

  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable cuffs, mid-chest, and waist
  • Durable
  • Dries quickly
  • Keeps you warm even if you are wet
  • Left-handed zip may not be comfortable to use
  • Not scent-free
  • Not very quiet

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Polyester, fleece on the bottom Waterproof and windproof Marsh, Mossy Oak and Real Tree No Not very quiet Heavy Regular Magnetic pocket closure, adjustable cuffs, waist and mid-chest

Hunting Jackets by Weather Conditions

Number One Hunting Rain Jacket

KwikSafety Men’s Rain JacketDid it start raining on the very day you picked for hunting? It won’t be an issue anymore if you go for this hunting rain jacket. The weather can always spoil your plans but not this time. You will be prepared for any surprises that the weather can uncork for you. You won’t have to stay at home because of the rain thanks to this jacket. You should also pick the best rain jacket if you need one for the everyday wear as camouflage won’t be appropriate for it.

The hunting coat is made of a Kwik-Dry material, which contains 100% polyester. The insulated fleece lining will keep you warm in low temperatures. This fabric is pliable so you will have the freedom of movement. The KwikSafety apparel is breathable and water repellant so you won’t be hot or wet. Zipper closure is waterproof for preventing the water from seeping in. This garment has webbing reinforcements for durable wear. The adjustable Velcro cuffs can be tight around your wrist to stop the water from getting in your sleeves. This is a useful feature because it is not very pleasant to get cold raindrops on your skin. As you can see, every detail of the jacket was designed to make you comfortable even during nasty days. This model has a hood, which can be very helpful when it is pouring down. The hood with straps can be adjusted to the desired fit, which will be great for any individual shape of the head.

The coat has two zipped slash pockets and one zipped chest pocket. You can warm your hands or keep needed items for the successful hunting.

The jacket has a real tree pattern with such details like branches, green and yellow leaves. You can easily camouflage yourself among the trees in the forest.

This piece of clothing is versatile because it will be appropriate for men and for women, too. Thanks to its unisex design, you can wear the same jacket as your soul mate. Such a hunting coat will be perfect for deer hunting, duck hunting, and many other activities.

  • Insulated fleece lining
  • Pliable
  • Breathable
  • Water repellant
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Noisy
  • Left-handed zipper
  • Hood and cuffs can be too big for some people even after adjustment

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Polyester Water-repellant Real tree No Not quiet Light Slim Velcro cuffs, hood with straps

Our Favorite Hunting Jacket for Cold Weather

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Winter JacketThis hunting jacket will be ideal for men who live in the regions where the weather is severe in winter. Maintaining the body heat during extremely cold days is essential. The hunting won’t be so enjoyable if you freeze to death. The Legendary Whitetails coat will make sure that you are comfortable even during frost. The fabric of this apparel is breathable so that your sweat will get out. At the same time, the coat won’t let any water or wind to get in. It will manage to provide all of the abovementioned features without being bulky.

The shell material of this hunting coat contains 86% nylon and 14% polyester. The lining fabric and insulation contain 100% polyester. The Legendary Whitetails is considered a water-resistant jacket.

Not only will the jacket be suitable for hunting, but also for such activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing or sporting events. It makes this piece of clothing versatile because you can use it for any occasion.

This model is available in onyx color. The jacket has orange stripes, which will help other hunters to detect you. It also has camouflage patterns of a real tree with leaves. These motifs will help you to disguise yourself from the animal. This coat also comes in black color with grey stripes. Both of these jackets will be great for hunting at night due to the color. They have reflective piping, which was designed for your safety.

You can always take the hood off if the weather is not too cold or windy. A removable hood may become a useful feature for you. Adjustable cuffs will prevent wind or water from getting into your sleeves. We have different wrist’s width so customizing the cuffs to your needs will be an excellent option.

This hunting apparel has six pockets so you will have enough space for your items. It also has zipped underarm vents, which will cool you off during hot days. You won’t have to take your jacket off to get some ventilation. You can also find signature embroidery on the chest.

  • Breathable
  • Water resistant
  • Suitable for any winter activities
  • Perfect for hunting at night
  • Orange stripes and reflective piping for your safety
  • Removable hood and adjustable cuffs
  • Underarm vents
  • Noisy
  • The color of the jacket may not be suitable for a daytime hunting

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
86% Nylon, 14% Polyester Water resistant Black and Onyx No Yes Light Regular Removable hood, adjustable cuffs, reflective piping, zippered underarm vents

Hunting Jackets by Feature

Top 3Pick Scent Control Hunting Jacket

Scent Blocker Men’s JacketDon’t you want to spook a deer or any other animal? Then you should select a particular hunting gear, which is scent free. Deer can smell you from the very long distance. As soon as they detect an unfamiliar odor, they will run away, and you will never see them again. Instead of doing various rituals like smoking your hunting clothes, you can just buy such apparel, which has a scent control feature. This hunting jacket will help you to get to your target as close as possible, thanks to the Trinity technology. The garment is made of synthetic polymer, which was created to absorb a human scent.

The Scent Blocker coat will be great for early season hunting as it has XLT. XLT stands for extreme lightweight technology. This piece of clothing wasn’t designed for wearing it at low temperatures. You can wear extra layers of clothing underneath this garment if the weather is chilly. Such a jacket is moisture-wicking and breathable. The fabric is soft, pliable and more importantly quiet. The coat has a unique four-direction stretch technology. Such a multi-directional stretch won’t restrict your movement during an important game.

Thanks to the apparel’s versatility, grown-ups as well as kids can wear it. The hunting jacket will be appropriate for bow hunting or scouting for instance. Not only can you use it for deer hunting, but also you can try to hunt a bear.

This garment has a snug fit due to the partially elasticated waist and cuffs. It has raglan sleeves, which will provide enough room for freedom of movement. You can keep any stuff you need in the side snap pockets and angled chest pocket. The jacket comes in mossy oak and real tree colors.

You will be able to use this apparel with Tree Spider harness. The hunting coat has slits so that you can pull the tether through them and attach four clips.

  • Absorb human odor
  • Wicks the moisture away
  • Breathable
  • Quiet
  • Stretchy
  • Compatible with Tree Spider
  • No good for extremely low temperatures
  • Glows white under UV light

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
Polymer Moisture-wicking Real tree and mossy oak Yes Yes Light Snug Raglan sleeves, elasticated cuffs and waist, harness slits

Best Quiet Hunting Jacket

Rocky Men’s Silent Rain JacketAny wrong move will frighten the game if you have a noisy hunting jacket. You won’t be able to keep still for hours without even slight movement. Not to mention that you will be uncomfortable! This is why you should have a look at this hunting coat, which is very quiet thanks to the micro-suede fabric.

This hunting apparel is made of 100% polyester. The mesh lining of the garment will draw the moisture away. In such a way, it will keep the airflow out so that you won’t have a sauna effect. As it is a rain jacket, it is waterproof due to sealed and taped seams. The coat is breathable, too. You will be comfortable, which means not distracted from the hunting. Even though it is a rain jacket, it doesn’t mean that you should wear it only when it is raining. You can use it when it is sunny and warm or when it is cloudy and chilly outside.

The Scent IQ technology will kill the bacteria that causes the odor. In such a way, your fragrance will be reduced. The Rocky hunting apparel will be perfect for deer hunting. All the features of this garment will be beneficial for successful hunting. This piece of clothing is available in two camouflage colors with patterns of a real tree. One coat has light brown color, and another one has a dark brown motif. Such a camo will help you to blend with the forest surrounding.

Elastic cuffs and stand collar will protect you from the cold wind. You can keep your hands warm in the side pockets and keep your phone, license or keys in the chest pocket. Thanks to the high-quality zipper closure, you can quickly and easily to put the coat on and take it off. The athletic fit of the jacket doesn’t look bulky.

  • Quiet
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Scent IQ
  • Comfortable
  • Not bulky
  • Not too warm
  • Doesn’t have a hood

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Polyester Waterproof Real Tree Camo Yes Yes Light Athletic Stand collar, elastic cuffs

Nicest Lightweight Hunting Jacket

Badlands Men’s Packable JacketWhat’s so good about the lightweight jacket? It has many advantages under certain circumstances. You should consider this hunting jacket if you find any features that you require. It may become the irreplaceable piece of clothing in your wardrobe. You never know until you try it!

It is easy to pack and carry a lightweight coat. In fact, you won’t even notice that it is in your bag. This garment won’t require a lot of room so that you will be able to put more clothes and other things in your bag. Now imagine how comfortable the jacket is when you wear it. When you put this hunting jacket on, you won’t feel its weight. Usually, such apparel is flexible so that you can move around the field or forest without restrictions. The Badlands jacket won’t look bulky on you.

The lightweight hunting coat will be suitable to wear at mild temperatures. When the weight of the jacket is light, it won’t keep you warm when it is cold. This model will be ideal for hunting in autumn, as it doesn’t have any insulation layers. The fall is the time of rains so you need such a hunting gear, which will keep you dry while remaining breathable. The Badlands garment is the very thing you need on a rainy day as it has a waterproof feature. Teflon DWR coating will repel water, while waterproof zippers won’t let the water to seep in. This coat will dry in a blink of an eye.

Even though we know that lightweight clothes are not very sturdy, this jacket is durable. You can run around trees and bushes without worrying that they may scratch your coat. It will serve you for a long time. Silvadur antimicrobial technology will reduce the human odor by killing the bacteria.

This model has a removable hood with drawcords, which you can adjust to get a perfect fit. It has two chest pockets, two side pockets and a pocket on the arm. The Velcro cuffs and partially elasticated hem won’t let any wind to cut through.

  • Light
  • Packable
  • Pliable
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Won’t be any good at low temperatures
  • A little noisy

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
Bio-shell Waterproof Approach and AP camo Yes Not very quiet Light Slim Removable hood with drawcords, Velcro cuffs, extra pocket on the arm

Hunting Jackets by Color

Number One White Camo Hunting Jacket

Wildfowler Men’s Insulated ParkaDo you need a hunting jacket for winter? You’d better have a look at the Wildfowler parka. You should have a particular camouflage coat for each hunting season. You cannot wear brown apparel when there is snow everywhere. You need to blend with the surrounding to get close to the hunted animal. This garment will help you disguise yourself in the best way. Not only has it a great pattern, but also it has insulation, which will keep you warm. This model is also available in wild grass and mossy oak motifs so that you can wear it in other times of the year. Every pattern is very detailed so you can see branches and leaves of the tree or reed and cattail.

The jacket consists of three layers: outer fabric, waterproof membrane, and lining. The outer layer is quiet and soft, which will make you comfortable and inconspicuous at the same time. The middle layer has double waterproofing to make sure you will stay dry even in the downpour. Taped seams will prevent water from getting in. The third layer is mesh wicking lining, which is made of polar fleece. It will cope with moisture for your extra comfort. The sweat vapor will escape, but the wind and rain will stay out, thanks to the Wild-Tex technology.

This hunting coat has a high-cut storm collar, which will protect you from the strong wind. It also has elastic drawstrings on the waist and hood to adjust the jacket to your shape. Velcro cuffs will stop the wind from cutting through. The front zipper closure with button down storm flap will prevent you from being cold. Slash pockets with hand warmers will make sure that your hands won’t be damaged by freezing.

This hunting jacket will keep you warm and dry even in the harshest weather conditions!

  • Perfect camouflage
  • Insulated
  • Quiet
  • Soft
  • Double waterproofing membrane
  • Comfortable
  • Bulky
  • No scent control

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
Synthetic Waterproof Wild tree snow, mossy oak and wild grass No Yes Medium Regular High-cut storm collar, elastic drawcords on waist and hood, Velcro cuffs, zipper with button down storm flap

Top Brown Camo Hunting Jacket

Walls Men’s Legend JacketThe hunting jacket of brown color will be appropriate for wearing in fall. Yellow or brown leaves will be a perfect pattern for the hunting apparel. It won’t be easy for animals to spot you if you wear the Walls coat. Ideal addition of tree trunk and pine branches will harmonize with the surroundings. Real tree camouflage will always work nicely in the forest area. Good camo is not the only advantage of this garment.

This piece of clothing has a bomber style, which is quite common and versatile. Thanks to the elasticated rib-knit waistband, it will be difficult for chilly wind to get underneath your jacket. You would agree that it is not very pleasant when the wind cut through your clothes and make you cold. The hidden storm cuffs won’t let that happen to you! Drawstrings on the three-piece hood will make sure that it stays where it should be even in the strong wind. You can also adjust the hood until it perfectly fits you. You won’t be distracted by setting it all the time in the right place.

Walls Men’s Legend JacketThe Walls hunting coat is made of 100% polyester. It has heavyweight insulation, which will keep you warm if the temperature suddenly drops down. Not only will you stay warm, but also you will be dry thanks to the water-repellant Drytec feature.  No rain will postpone the game!

This jacket is quite roomy so that you will be able to wear extra layers of clothing. It will also be comfortable to move without restrictions. This is very important for you when you need to fire a gun or shoot a bow. Moreover, the jacket is sturdy so no branches will tear it.

You can find a loop on the back for keeping a license. There are four big and deep exterior pockets and one inside pocket. You can keep many essential for hunting items.

  • Water-repellant
  • Insulated
  • Roomy but not bulky
  • Loop on the back
  • Large pockets
  • Storm cuffs, hood, elasticated waistband to prevent the wind from cutting through
  • Differently sized
  • Color may differ from the one on the picture

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Polyester Water-repellant Real tree brown and grey Yes Yes Heavy Regular Loop on the back, hidden storm cuffs, hood with drawstrings, elasticated waistband

Our Favorite Green Camo Hunting Jacket

Mossy Oak Men’s Performance JacketDo you need a jacket, which will blend in with the forest in spring? Spring is the time when nature awakens. You can see green leaves and flowers in blossom. The Mossy Oak tree camouflage will be an ideal pick for that time of year. It will be suitable for turkey hunting or bow hunting. Turkey has a much better vision than a human eye. This is why you need such a camo, which won’t let the turkey spot you. This coat will cope with the task so that you will get a satisfactory result! The hunting apparel also comes in other colors, which will be appropriate for hunting in mountains or bottomland. As you can see, this garment will be great for various hunt situations.

This model is made of 100% polyester. The outer layer of the coat is soft and smooth so it will be pleasant to wear. The garment’s lining is brushed and made of microfleece. Such a jacket will keep you warm during cold days. You can wear it with a warmer coat if the temperatures are extremely low. Thanks to the quiet fabric, you won’t spook any turkey. The lightweight jacket will guarantee comfort and freedom of movement. On top of that, you will wear such a piece of clothing for many years due to its durable fabric.

Thanks to the apparel’s versatility, not only men can wear it, but also women can use it for hunting. You shouldn’t worry anymore whether the jacket is appropriate for you or not. You can buy it if you like its style as it has a unisex design.

A standup collar, bottom with drawcords and elastic cuffs will protect you from the wind. There are two hand-warmer pockets on each side and one zippered pocket on the chest.

  • Suitable for various hunt situations
  • Soft, smooth yet durable fabric
  • Silent
  • Unisex
  • Keep you warm when the weather is cold
  • Nice camouflage
  • It is white on the inside so gets dirty quicker
  • A weak zipper

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Polyester No Mountain country, Bottomland and Break-Up Country No Yes Light Regular Drawcords on bottom, standup collar, elastic cuffs

Best Blaze Orange Camo Hunting Jacket

Gamehide Men’s Hunting ParkaDo you live in the state, which obligates you to wear orange blaze gear during hunting season? You should have a look at this hunting jacket, which will meet all the criteria you require. The government picked such a color not without reason. This is merely the measure of precaution but not just a whim. A hunter should wear a blaze orange jacket to ensure that any other hunter won’t accidentally shot him. You should consider the Gamehide parka if you worry about your safety. There is nothing more precious than the life that was given to us!

You can hunt a deer or elk, as these animals can’t differentiate the orange color. They can see only a few colors like yellow, green or blue. Such a jacket won’t be good for hunting birds, though. Their vision is several times better than ours is.

The Heat Tech insulation will warm you even when the temperatures are low. You can keep still or stalk the deer and stay comfortable at the same time. When the temperature is way below zero, you can use this jacket as a base layer. The hunting apparel is not bulky so the restricted movement won’t be an issue.

The material of this garment is quite tough and sturdy. Any brambles and briars won’t damage your favorite coat.

As for the design of this model, it has a few useful details. The drawstrings on the waist will keep the draft away. The hand-warmer cargo pockets with one interior pocket will keep all the desired items. There is also a clip pocket on the chest and shell loops. Velcro cuffs can be adjusted to the width of your wrist. A removable hood with Velcro tape will protect your face from the wind. This model has a two-way zip closure and button down storm flap.

  • Perfect for safety precautions
  • Insulated
  • Durable and tough
  • Removable hood
  • Velcro cuffs
  • Not bulky
  • Not suitable for bird hunting
  • Loose

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
Synthetic Weatherproof Blaze orange No Yes Light Regular Removable hood with Velcro tape, drawstring in waist, Velcro cuffs

Hunting Jackets by Hunted Animal

Jacket for Duck Hunting

Natural Gear Men’s Waterfowl Series JacketIf you prefer waterfowl hunting, then this jacket will be perfect for you. All the details of the design and camouflage of the coat were created especially for this type of hunting. You should think through some things when you choose the gear. Any small mistake may lead to the failure! If you want to succeed in duck hunting, you should consider the Natural Gear coat. You can wear this garment for any waterfowl hunting.

As you will have to spend some time around marshland, you need to blend in with reed and cattail. The brown color of this apparel and its pattern will help you to hide from the ducks. The name of the brand speaks for itself because the motif looks very natural.

The lightweight and breathable coat will be appropriate for the early season. It is easy to pack the garment, as it won’t take a lot of space. It is a ‘go-to’ coat so that you can quickly put it in your bag and get an adventure!

The fabric contains 100% polyester tricot. The lining is made of fleece to keep you warm. The apparel will protect your body from rain and wind, as it has windproof and waterproof features. Thanks to this jacket, you won’t get wet and cold!

Extended stand collar with a rollaway hoodie will make sure that your face is protected from the wind. Drawcord at the waist and neoprene cuffs will reduce the draft. You will be able to adjust your jacket to get an ideal fit. You will have quick and easy access to your stuff thanks to the magnetic chest pocket. The coat has dry-plus side pockets to keep your hands warm. You can also keep small items for hunting there. As you can see, such pockets have a multi-purpose.

  • Good camouflage
  • Light
  • Packable
  • Breathable
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Not appropriate for cold weather

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Polyester Tricot Waterproof, windproof Natural Camo No Yes Light Regular Stand collar and rollaway hood, neoprene cuffs, magnetic chest pocket, drawcord on the waistband

Jacket for Deer Hunting

Natural Gear Men’s Waterfowl Series JacketAre you going to hunt a deer? Do you want a satisfactory outcome? Then you should have a look at the Gamehide parka. You can be closer to reaching your goal with the help of the hunting jacket. This product was designed to make the hunting easier for you. You know how hard it is not to frighten a deer. Make some effort, wear this coat and everything will be just fine.

The mid-weight jacket won’t restrict your movement. This apparel will be perfect for men who prefer to stand on one spot or men who like to move a lot. The garment will be suitable to wear in the flatland. Thanks to the insulation, you will be warm in the mid hunting season. As the coat has waterproof feature, you will stay dry if it suddenly starts raining.

The Hush Hide material of this model is quiet so you won’t scare the game off. The soft fabric feels nice so that you will be comfortable at the most important moment. The quilted lining of the jacket contains nylon, which won’t stick to other clothes you wear.

You can wear the coat of almost any color, as deer don’t differentiate most of them. However, you should avoid blue, yellow and green colors. This piece of clothing is available in real tree and orange blaze camouflage. Even though the pattern of real tree camo has green pine branches, you won’t be noticed. Your apparel will harmonize with the local area.

This product has a detachable hood with Velcro closure. You can remove it when the weather is warm or attach it back when it is windy. You can keep some needed things in the clip chest pocket or back tag holder. There are also large dump pockets on each side to keep your hands away from cold. You can adjust the straps on the wrists to stop the wind from cutting through.

  • Freedom of movement
  • For active and passive hunting
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • Quiet
  • Soft
  • Hood snap is not of a high-quality
  • Even though the fabric is quiet, Velcro closure will make a noise

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
Synthetic Waterproof Real Tree and Orange Blaze No Yes Medium Regular Detachable hood with Velcro closure, clip chest pocket, back tag holder, adjustable straps on wrists

Jacket for Pheasant Hunting

Browning Upland Hunting JacketThe Browning jacket will be ideal for those men who are into a small game like pheasant hunting. It has all the necessary features for successful upland hunting. Have a look at this coat because it may become your favorite hunting garment. You won’t have any regrets about purchasing this apparel!

The canvas of this item is made of 100% cotton. The overlay is made of 100% polyester. The fabric is breathable so the sweat vapor will escape when you’re hot. Such a piece of clothing won’t be suitable to wear on a rainy day. Cotton material is not waterproof, so you have a risk to get wet. Cotton doesn’t have insulation properties so you will be cold when the rain catches you. It also doesn’t mask your body odor, which isn’t a big problem. Nowadays, you can find special sprays that conceal your scent.

This model comes in field tan color with the blaze. Tan color will be perfect for the mountainous district, while blaze color will keep you safe from other hunters. The jacket has a regular fit, so the comfort is guaranteed to you. Such a cut is versatile because it will suit men with different body types. You just need to choose the fit to your liking. If you like to have a bit of extra room, go for a size up. Such a coat will give you freedom of movement. You can choose your normal size or a size down if you prefer a snug fit.

The design of the coat has some useful features, which will help you to hunt a pheasant successfully. There are two large zipped pockets on the front. Thanks to their size, you can keep quite a few things you need. The jacket also has shell pockets, which can be easily accessed thanks to the flap and hook. There are two D-rings on the chest, which you can use for dog training accessories. The adjustable cuffs won’t let cool wind to get into your sleeves. The apparel also has a two-way zip with snap storm flap.

  • Breathable
  • Versatile fit
  • Comfortable
  • Unrestricted movement
  • Large pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Not waterproof
  • Cotton will lose insulation properties when it gets wet

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
100% Cotton No Field Tan with Blaze No Yes Heavy Regular D-rings, shell pockets, adjustable cuffs

Hunting Jacket by Price

Best Hunting Jacket for the Money

Yukon Gear Men’s Soft-Shell JacketIs your budget limited, so you don’t want to spend lots of money on the hunting jacket? This coat will offer excellent quality and features at a reasonable price. Some people think if the piece of clothing or anything else is expensive then it has a premium quality. It is not always true, so cheap clothes may be of high quality, too.

The material of the hunting apparel contains 94% polyester and 6% elastane. The shell is soft and breathable, but at the same time, it is windproof and water-resistant. The lining is made of fleece, which will keep you warm when the temperature drops down. There is a polyester tricot underarm, so you won’t make any noise while moving your hands.

This garment has a loose cut so you won’t have difficulties with your movement. You will be able to put base layers and mid layers under this coat. It will be suitable for wearing in autumn or spring as outerwear. You can use it as a mid-layer in winter. The jacket will be ideal for deer, dove or hog hunting for example.

The model comes in break-up winter, blaze and break-up country colors. So you can select the jacket for a particular season like winter, autumn, and spring. Blaze color will help other hunters to detect you.

The design of this apparel is unique. You can adjust the cuffs to your wrist width with the help of loop and hook. The gaiters on the wrist will seal out cool air. Articulated hood will perfectly fit you and stay at the right place even in a strong wind. There is a welded pocket on the chest. There are also big hand-warmer pockets and storage pockets with snap closure. You will be able to store different sort of things in such large pockets.

  • Windproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Loose
  • Quiet
  • Not suitable for wearing at extreme temperatures

Material Weather protection Color Scent control Quiet Weight Fit Design
94% Polyester, 6% Elastane Water resistant, waterproof Blaze, BU Country, BU Winter No Yes Medium Loose Wrist gaiters, adjustable cuffs, articulated hood, welded pocket and storage pockets

Hunting Jacket Buying Guide

We will help you to pick the best hunting jacket if you are a newbie and don’t know a lot about hunting. We hope that even an experienced hunter will find something new in this article. Anyway, you should pay your attention to few things, when it comes to choosing a hunting jacket.


It is essential to choose the right material of the jacket so that you will be comfortable during hunting. You have two options here: natural or synthetic fabric.

If you go for natural material, then you should choose merino or alpaca wool. Such fabrics will keep you warm and prevent your body from cooling down in winter. These fabrics are breathable, which is a useful feature for hunting activity. You move a lot when you hunt, but you don’t want to be sweaty and sticky. In such a case, wool will be an ideal choice for you. Merino wool will never cause any itchiness. You won’t feel discomfort, which can distract you from the successful hunting. Moreover, the wool material is scent absorbing, so the animal won’t get a sniff of you. You will have a chance to catch something for sure! Finally, wool is a moisture wicking and water repellant fabric. Even if the wool gets wet, it will keep its insulation properties, but it won’t dry out quickly.

Cotton is also a natural material, but it is not suitable for hunting at all. You may think that cotton jacket is a great idea, but you should avoid buying it. First, cotton fabric isn’t water resistant, so you have a risk to be as wet as a shag on the rock on a rainy day. Cotton material will lose its thermal properties as soon as it becomes wet. Without mentioning that such material won’t block your natural scent. Of course, you can purchase cotton apparel if you are not interested in abovementioned features.

You can choose a synthetic material like polyester. This fabric is light so that you will be able to move freely. It is not as breathable as wool but still synthetic material will be a good choice. Polyester is also waterproof, and it will dry very quickly. Even when such a jacket is wet, it will keep you warm. But it can have a smell after hours of hunting.

Choose durable, sturdy and scratch resistant materials. Branches can scrape your jacket if you hunt somewhere in the woods. You also should pick such fabric, which is easy to clean. Stain resistant coat will be a perfect choice for hunting because it can quickly get dirty in the mud.

Weather Protection

Unpredictable weather is like a woman because you never know what to expect from it. Even if you checked a weather forecast before going hunting, you still could not be 100% sure about weather conditions. If you are confident enough that your region hardly ever get rains, karma will catch up with you on the day you choose for hunting. You should be prepared for the worst possible scenario if you don’t want to be caught at a weak moment by rain, wind or frost. For this reason, you need to look at the jacket with waterproof, insulation, breathable, and windproof characteristics.

You won’t enjoy being soaking wet when you are caught in the rain during your hunting. A waterproof jacket will be the perfect solution for such a situation. It will also be the ideal selection for waterfowl hunting, for instance. Dry-plus, Cabela’s or Gore-Tex garments will keep you dry and draw the moisture away.

As soon as your body temperature drops down, it will be difficult to get warm again. The insulated hunting coat will prevent your body from cooling down. The jacket will keep the same body temperature even if it is wet or if the weather is cold.

When the temperature outside is not very low, but the wind is strong, you will have an impression that it is cold. A windproof hunting jacket will guard you against the severest wind. Such a jacket will keep the wind outside and won’t let it pierce through.

In case the weather is warmer than you expected, a breathable garment will be an excellent choice. Such a jacket will let the air out so you will be dry and comfortable. Your sweat will also get out letting your skin to breathe. This coat will be very appropriate for those hunters who don’t prefer to keep still.


You should take into account the color of your hunting jacket. You need to understand when to wear a camouflage jacket. You should know what color to choose to hunt a particular animal. This information will help you to reach your goal. You won’t come home empty-handed! You will have evidence that you have been hunting on weekends.

Why would you need a blaze orange jacket? The answer to that question is quite simple. First, most of the states require wearing such a color during hunting seasons. You are obligated by the law to wear a blaze orange hunting jacket whether you like it or not. The government takes care about your safety. The bright orange color will help other hunters to spot you. You won’t get accidentally shot if you wear orange hunting jacket.

Animals have a different vision from ours, so we see the surrounding world in different ways. Such animals like pigs, elks, goats, deer, sheep, and antelope have only green-yellow and bluish light cells. Thus, they can see just green, blue and yellow colors. These animals won’t recognize any other color so you can wear safety jackets without a hesitation. They can also perceive ultraviolet light so your garment shouldn’t have one on its surface. As you can see, if you hunt for any abovementioned animals, you don’t have to worry so much about colors. But deer can be easily frightened away by your slightest move. Keep calm and still!

Birds can differentiate more shades of various colors than humans can. It’s high time for a camouflage jacket! You should be cautious about picking the right color. Manufacturers will offer a variety of camo jackets. The decision should depend on the area and time of the year.

When winter will come and bring the snow, you can go for a white camouflage jacket. It will help you to blend in with the surrounding countryside. You should wear green camo when spring is in the air. Everything around will be very green in the springtime. You can even find a coat with a particular pattern. You will be able to hide from the animal, thanks to the tree trunks, leaves or grass patterns on the hunting jacket. In such a way, you will perfectly mix in with the local area. A brown camouflage jacket will be an ideal choice for the fall. All the yellow, red, and brown leaves will fall off the trees. You should wear a brown jacket to stay inconspicuous.

Scent control

Some animals like deer can smell you from the long distance. They will know about your presence long before you will notice them. Not only can whitetails detect your smell but also they can smell about five other scents at once. We all have our natural scent, which is not easy to reduce. There are manufactures like Scent Blocker or Scent-Lok, which produce such jackets that absorb your scent. Carbon garment will eliminate body odor so that the chances to be detected by deer will be reduced. If you want to get anywhere near to deer, choose the jacket that also masks perspiration and food odors.

Take a shower without using any soap or shampoo that has a strong fragrance before you go anywhere. Wash your hunting gear using a special scent-free detergent. Ariel or Tide won’t be any good for you. Dry your garments outside on the clothesline if you have such an option. You should put your hunting clothes on when you get to the spot where you are going to hunt. Keep the hunting apparel in the bag until you arrive at the destination point. Don’t use any perfumes or deodorants on the day of hunting. You can also try lotions and sprays that kill the scent. Another important thing you should know is the wind. As soon as the wind touches you, the deer will smell you and run away. So you need to choose the right position (downwind or upwind) not to spook the animal.


You should pay attention to the weight of the hunting jacket. They come in light, medium or heavyweight. Each of the jackets will be appropriate to wear for different seasons.

A lightweight jacket will be more suitable for the early hunting season when the days are warm. You won’t be sweaty when the weather is hot if you wear this sort of jacket. It will keep you cool thanks to its breathability feature. That’s exactly what you need if you don’t want to be detected by the animal! Such a garment isn’t bulky so that you will be able to move around without any discomfort. Lightweight material is not very sturdy and durable but quite pliable. It won’t be very suitable for hunting in the woods. Branches can scratch the jacket so it will be difficult to repair it. You should wear such apparel when you hunt in the open field for instance.

When the weather is treacherous, a medium weight jacket will be a perfect choice. You will never predict the atmospheric conditions of the mid-season. This is why you need such a coat, which will cope with any climate. The medium weight jacket is not very bulky and not very heavy. You will have enough freedom of movement. This kind of jacket is sturdy and scratch resistant. It will serve you for a longer time than a lightweight jacket.

You will need a heavyweight jacket, which will keep you warm during extremely cold days. This hunting jacket will also be suitable for hunting at night when the temperature drops down. Such a garment is bulky and heavy, which means that you won’t be able to move quickly and easily. It will be more appropriate for the passive kind of hunting when you don’t have to move a lot, but you should keep still. This apparel is long-lasting, so you will be able to wear it for years. You won’t be afraid of any branches, which could damage your jacket.

You should set out priorities depending on your requirements, surrounding, style of hunting, and weather conditions in your area.


It is essential to be comfortable during hunting if you want to get a successful result. You need to take into account the fit of your jacket, as it is an essential piece of your hunting gear.

You should consider one size up when purchasing the hunting jacket. As the coat is outerwear, you will need to wear many layers of other clothes underneath. You want it to be roomy so that the apparel won’t restrict your movement. In such a way, you will have extra comfort. Don’t choose very big jacket because the excessive fabric can be noisy. You can buy a snug coat if you like such a fit but don’t pick a tight one.

You want your arms to move freely to be able to aim and fire accurately. In which case, choose the hunting jacket with active-cut sleeves. Try to do the arm circles to make sure that the coat isn’t too tight. It will be easier to take the jacket off or put it on with such a design of the sleeves.

The length of the hem and sleeves will be of importance for you, too. You can be distracted from the game by long or short sleeves. You will have to pull up the long sleeves constantly. You will be cold if the sleeves are very short. Try to pick the jacket with sleeves, which will sit on your wrist. Some coats are cropped, and others are elongated. You would like something in between like the hem of the jacket, which will sit above your hips.

You should measure yourself (your chest, sleeve, and waist) if you decided to buy the hunting apparel online.

You should be very attentive when choosing the right size in the sizing chart. Sometimes the given size information can be inaccurate. Sizes in the chart may not be corresponding to your size. This is how the sellers can mislead you.


You need to pay attention to the smallest details of the jacket if you want to get the best one. We will help you to understand how to choose a practical, functional and comfortable coat.

Some hunting jackets have removable hoods so that you can use it only when you need. The weather can change in one second from the nice to nasty. In such case, you will be able to put the hood on when it is windy and cold outside. You should choose the one, which has adjustable cords. So you will be able to get the perfect fit. Such a hood won’t let any cold in! It will stay in the right place even in a strong wind.

Removable sleeves can be very useful for you, too. You can transform such a coat into the vest if you are too hot. You won’t have to sweat anymore! As soon as the temperature drops down, you should put the sleeves on again. You need to keep your body temperature within the same range, which is comfortable for you.

Pick a hunting garment that has removable layers if you don’t want to put several sweaters on. You can find such apparel that has a waterproof and windproof layer or insulation layer. You will be able to use the one, which is corresponding to the weather conditions. This kind of coat won’t be bulky, which is a guarantee for free movement.

You need to select a hunting jacket with elasticated or snapped cuffs. In such a way, cold air won’t flow through your garment. You will stay dry as well because no water will get in your tight sleeves. You can open snapped cuffs if you need some ventilation during warm days. You will need apparel with a hem that has cords or an elasticated hem to keep yourself warm during extreme weather conditions. A jacket with tall collar won’t let the heat to escape and also won’t let any insects bite you.

A hunting coat should have many pockets so that you can put bullets or anything else you need for hunting. Two side pockets won’t be enough for you! You need a jacket with chest pockets, tube pockets and any other extra pockets, which will help you to keep your ammo. Zips with tabs may be useful when you wear gloves or mittens.

It will be better if your jacket will have not many seams to prevent water from seeping in.


You shouldn’t ignore the tips about washing your hunting jacket. You may think that washing hunting gear is the same as cleaning ordinary clothes, but it isn’t. You need to know all the rituals of washing hunting garments to become a successful hunter.

Washing machine. You will need to clean the washing machine to get rid of the scented detergents and fabric softeners you used before. You should find a special scent free and UV free detergent to wash your hunting clothes. Turn the garment inside out and wash it using recommendations mentioned on the tag. You will have to wash them very often.

Wash all of your clothes using UV-brightener free and scent free detergents so that you won’t have to clean your washing machine very often.

Hand washing. It will take more time and effort to hand wash your hunting coat. It is worth a try because this method is cheaper and more effective. You can use a tub or a sink for washing your clothes. Soak the hunting gear in the warm water in the evening and leave it until morning. If you have bloodstains on your coat, you should soak it in the cold water. Everybody has a baking soda at home, present company included. Soda is an old school and money saving way to wash your apparel. You can mix it with borax two parts to one part. Rinse your hunting coat until the water stays clear.

Drying. Air-drying on the clothesline or drying rank will be the perfect solution for you. If you live not far from woods, you can hang your clothes there. You can dry your hunting garment in the dryer but use the sheets, which will absorb scents in it. You will have to clean the dryer to remove the sheet residue.


Finally yet importantly, storage of the hunting jacket. You should know how to store your clothes to get the desired result out of the hunting. You need to know just a few rules if you want to come home with hunted wild animals or birds.

First, organize the space for your apparel. Avoid the places with hot temperatures and high humidity, which can damage your garment. You can use a climate-controlled storage unit or a spare closet in your house if you have such. Apply scent control spray on the shelves and walls of the wardrobe.

As soon as you wash and dry your clothes, put them in the scent free plastic bag or storage container. You can put your hunting coat in the garbage bag first and only then in the plastic container. You will need to use duct tape to close a plastic tote. You can also use a ziplock vacuum bag, which will suck the air out.

You will have to put such things as sagebrush, cedar chips, juniper, and pine clippings in the bag or container. You should also collect some leaves, dirt, fir-cones, and needles or anything else you can find in the area where you hunt. There is nothing better than natural odors! The chances of you being spotted will be reduced. The animal won’t be so suspicious if it smells familiar scents.

As you can see, it is not very difficult to follow these rules. We hope that they will help you to reach your goal. We wish you great hunting!


How to waterproof hunting clothes?

You can waterproof your jacket if it doesn’t have such a feature from the start. It is quite a useful thing to do if you don’t want to get wet on a rainy day. You will have to find a waterproofing agent like Nikwax or Revivex.

Before applying one of these agents, you should clean your hunting coat. Only after that, you can spray the waterproofing agent on the jacket until it’s soaked. It will be better to air dry your garment for two days. If you don’t have such an option, you can use a dryer on the low setting for an hour or so.

Eventually, the jacket will lose its waterproof characteristics, which means you will have to re-apply the agent.

How to remove uv from hunting clothes?

As we already know, deer and some other animals are sensitive to the UV light. This is why you need to neutralize it. You should keep in mind that you won’t be able to remove UV brighteners by just washing your jacket. First, use a UV free detergent such as Sports Wash to clean your hunting clothes. Air-dry your garment on the clothesline or drying rack. Check your hunting coat with the help of UV light. Apply a UV blocker spray like UV Killer on the particular spots, which will neutralize the UV reflection. Recheck your jacket with the UV light to make sure you haven’t missed anything. You won’t have to apply this spray again unless you wash your hunting clothes with a UV brightener detergent.

How to smoke your hunting clothes?

Why would you need to smoke your hunting gear? It is a natural way to cover your body odor, which is better than a spray that imitates various natural scents.

Use the wood and leaves, which are native to the area where you will be hunting. You can also burn charcoal instead of buying an expensive jacket with a unique Scent Lok technology. Build a fire and let the smoke to roll through your clothes. In the past, Native Americans would rub themselves with the ashes left from the fire as a part of the ritual ceremony. Smoke will kill bacteria that generate the scent of your body. It will also be a natural odor, which won’t spook the animal.

How to make noisy hunting clothes quieter?

It is essential to be as quiet as a mouse when you hunt. Clothes that make a lot of noise can spoil everything. You can do some tricks to make your hunting gear quieter. Wash your noisy clothes on the gentle setting for several times. Use only scent free detergents and don’t use any fabric softener. Put your apparel in the dryer with three tennis balls on the low or medium setting. It should soften the material up so that it will be less noisy.

How to get mold out of hunting clothes?

Did you notice a white mold on your hunting garment, which has a strong smell? You’d better get rid of it as soon as possible. The animal will detect you quickly if you wear such apparel!

Use a few cups of white vinegar for washing your hunting gear. You can clean it again using baking soda and borax. It is better to wash clothes in the cold or lukewarm water. Rinse them until the water gets clear. Air-dry the coat or any other hunting clothes in the sun or near the fire. In such a way, you will remove the mold and mildew from your clothing. It will also stay scent free!

Author: James Baker

James Baker is a 29 y.o. American constructor and blogger. As an amateur photographer, he has always been fascinated with optics. As a blogger, he pays special attention to eyewear due to his experience with optical devices.


  1. Hi to everybody. I’m a newbie! I need a hunting jacket, which will keep me warm in winter. I won’t move a lot as I prefer stand hunting. Give me a piece of advice, please. What features should the hunting jacket possess if you are going to wear it in extreme weather conditions? Perhaps, you can recommend me a brand or a particular model. Thanks in advance.

    • You have to pay attention to several things. First of all, you should choose a jacket that is made of Berber fleece or Merino Wool. Of course, you can pick any other fabric as long as it is insulated. Your jacket should be able to maintain the temperature of your body. The hunting jacket has to keep the body warmtheven if it gets wet. The material should wick the moisture away from your skin and then evaporate it out quickly. You want your hunting apparel to be breathable so that it could let the air in and out. Not only your body will breathe, but also it will stay fresh and clean. Gore-Tex and Wind Blocker technologies will be very much to the point on a frosty or wet day. Waterproof and windproof hunting jackets have the best qualities you need in order to stay dry and warm. As for the design of the jacket, it should be loose for a better circulation. Such fit will also give you an opportunity to wear extra layers of clothes (thermal shirt with long sleeves) under the jacket.Take into consideration such details of the hunting jacket like high collar, hoodie and hand warmer pockets.
      Tip: Keep your head warm if you want your feet and body to stay warm.

      • I will follow your advice. You were very helpful, thanks.

        • No problem.

    • Sitka produces the best hunting gear ever!

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