Best Men’s Jeans Brands for 2018

Jeans has become an essential part of our lives. We wear them at work, at home or any other occasions and events. But you should know how to buy a proper pair of jeans according to your build. You want to look attractive and hot but don’t want to waste a lot of time in the store. We have already reviewed the best mens jeans 2018 for you. We will save your time, which is very precious. We will offer only durable products made of high-quality denim. We have selected the best fitting jeans for men with a particular height and body type. We have picked jeans for various purposes and ages. How did we do that? We have tried every single pair of jeans on different people. Only after months of experimenting, we have decided what jeans to offer. We hope that our tips will be helpful and our products will be perfect for anybody who is looking for a pair of good jeans.


Best overall: Calvin Klein Slim Fit Jeans

These designer jeans will become an irreplaceable piece of clothing in your wardrobe. They are fashionable, stylish and perfect for any occasion. You can use the jeans for everyday wear, for work or for dressing up. You won’t go unnoticed on the luxurious party. These jeans are ideal for those men who enjoy being in the limelight.

Levi’s 501 original fit men’s jeansFor Mature MenStraightMediumNatural
IDARBI skinny men’s jeansFor TeensSkinnyLowNaturalSynthetic
Atour regular fit plus size men’s jeansFor Plus SizesStraightMediumNaturalSynthetic
Wrangler relaxed fit big & tall men’s jeansFor Tall MenRelaxedHighNatural
Levi’s & Co. Gold Label regular fit men’s jeansFor Short MenRegularMediumNaturalSynthetic
Wrangler carpenter men’s jeansFor WorkRelaxedHighNatural
Calvin Klein slim straight fit men’s jeansDesignerSlimLowNaturalSynthetic
Levi’s 517 bootcut men’s jeansBootcutBootcutLowNatural
Carhartt  B18 tapered leg men’s jeansTaperedTaperedHighNatural

Men’s jeans by color

Best blue jeans

Lucky Brand 221 original straight-leg men’s jeansEverybody should have a pair of blue jeans in their wardrobe. You will make a right choice if you go for these jeans. The blue color is always versatile, which means you can match your jeans with different clothes. This model comes in the blue gold color. You can judge from the color’s name about its richness. You will look like a million if you wear the 221.

Such jeans look very casual thanks to the straight cut. It means that the jeans will be perfect for everyday wear. These jeans are straight from the waist all the way down to the ankles. This cut is very common because it suits people with different body types. Thin, muscular, athletic men or men with wide hips can wear these jeans. Lucky Brand jeans are crafted by experts to ensure an ideal fit for you. You won’t need to spend a lot of time in the store looking for right size jeans.

The jeans are made of cotton (92%), elastane (2%), and polyester (6%). They are stretchy so you will have no problems with mobility. These jeans are soft and comfortable, which makes them pleasant to wear all day long. This model is a bit roomy but not too baggy. Along with all these good qualities, Lucky Brand jeans are quite light. It will be better to wear them in spring or autumn because of the thin denim.

The model has classic style: 5 pockets, zip fly, and button closure. You will find embroidery on the back pockets, which is a cherry on the cake. The jeans have the low-rise fit so they will be suitable for short people. The front rise is 10.38 inches, and the back rise is 14.75 inches. The leg opening is 16 inches. These measurements are based on 32 size.

This pair of jeans will look good, and at the same time, they will feel good!

  • Versatile
  • Casual
  • Stretchy
  • Fits almost any body type
  • Soft and comfortable
  • They tend to tear and wear due to the thin denim
  • The low-rise fit won’t be suitable for tall people
  • They can be loose in the waist so you will have to wear a belt
  • The measurements of the particular model may differ from other styles

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Straight Low 92% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 2% Elastane Embroidery on the back pockets Excellent

Best black jeans

Lucky Brand 121 heritage slim men’s jeansDo you want to impress your co-workers or friends with your look? Then choose this pair of jeans! You can wear them even at work, thanks to its vibrant black coal color. Buying the jeans of such color will be a win-win for you. You can wear any shirt or T-shirt with black jeans without puzzling over color combinations.

Slim cut makes jeans look classy and dressy. You can wear these jeans to a birthday party, wedding ceremony or any other occasion. Slim jeans are stylish these days, so they should be a must-have piece of clothing. But you should keep in mind that slim cut jeans won’t be suitable for any body type. They will be perfect for thin men or men who have an athletic body type. It is very important to choose the right cut of jeans if you want them to accentuate only the best features of your figure. You have a risk of focusing the attention on your body’s imperfections if you choose wrong jeans.

Not only are the Lucky Brand jeans versatile, but also they are comfortable and practical. What an unusual combination of style, versatility, and at the same time, comfort! What else would you need? The jeans are true to size so you won’t have a problem with buying jeans that won’t fit you.

What are these jeans made of? The fabric consists of 98% cotton and 2% spandex. The jeans have a mid-rise fit, which means they will be good for tall people as well as for short. The front rise is 10.62 inches, and the back rise is 14.62 inches. The straight leg opening is 15 inches with a slim fit around your hips and thighs. This pair of jeans has a classic style with 5 pockets and zip closure with a button.

All women will look at you with admiration if you wear these jeans.

  • You can wear them at work or party
  • You can wear a shirt of any color or print with these jeans
  • Stylish and practical
  • True to size
  • They will suit only men with athletic body type or thin men
  • The fabric is oddball, so you won’t feel like you wear jeans
  • Jeans can be tight around your waist

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Slim Mid 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex Good

Best white jeans

Levi’s 514 straight fit men’s jeansEven though white jeans are so easy to dirty, we still want to have at least one pair in our wardrobe. They are worthy of having troubles with washing. But if you are not a big fan of laundry and ironing then you can choose another color. Do you like this model because it fits you perfectly? But you need to buy a new pair of jeans, which will look different. These jeans come in quite a variety of different colors. White color, as well as black color, are classic so that any clothes will match with white jeans. Just in case you didn’t know, white color will always make you look bigger than you are. It won’t be a problem for thin men, but it can be unsuitable for men with extra weight.

The jeans have a straight leg, which means they will be ideal for people with different figures. The 514 are sturdy around thighs and seat area, which will prevent wear and tear. The Levi’s jeans have a bit of room around hips and thighs, which gives you extra comfort and good mobility. The rise in this model is low so that the jeans will sit below your waist. Such a pair of jeans will be great for short or average men.

These jeans are made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. The denim is midweight, so they are not too heavy or too light. It means that these jeans are reasonably durable. They are also quite stretchy, which is always a good sign. You don’t want to purchase those jeans, which don’t stretch at all. It will be very uncomfortable to walk or sit.

The leg opening is 16.5 inches, the front rise is 10.25 inches (the measurements are based on 32 size). You can find 5 pockets and zip fly with the button closure.

These jeans are very dressy so that you can look elegant for any occasion.

  • The color and fit are versatile
  • Durable denim
  • Stretchy
  • Perfect for dressing up
  • Don’t suit tall or big boned men
  • Thin denim isn’t suitable for winter time
  • A bit baggy

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Straight Low 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane Good

Men’s jeans by price

Best affordable jeans

Levi’s 560 comfort fit men’s jeansYou don’t want to buy hideously expensive jeans, but you want a high-quality product? You think that such a model doesn’t exist? Levi’s company with their rich history has a good pair of affordable jeans in its arsenal.

These jeans went through a stonewash process. The jeans have pleasant light blue color, which will look great on you! These jeans will look even better with a white or dark blue shirt. Everybody will check out your lovely casual look. The color of jeans will not be suitable for wearing it in winter. But don’t worry this model comes in the dark, medium stonewash color and also black.

The cut of the jeans is loose, which means they are great for everyday wear. The 560 are roomy through thigh and seat, which gives you more comfort and freedom of movement. Loose fit jeans will be suitable for men with wide hips or large waist. These jeans will look too saggy on thin men. The pant leg is slightly tapered so you can even roll them up. In such a way, your baggy jeans will transform into a pair of stylish contemporary jeans.

The Levi’s jeans have a mid-rise fit so they will be great for men of any height. They will sit just on your waist, which is a classic fit. Classics is always appropriate for any times and any people.

The fabric consists of 100% cotton. These jeans are non-stretchy due to the lack of spandex or elastane. It won’t be a problem for your mobility because these jeans have a loose cut. You will have enough room for unrestricted movement.

As for the style, you can see an arcuate embroidery on the back pockets. Speaking of which, there are 5 pockets, zip fly, and button closure. The leg opening is 16 inches.

  • Comfortable thanks to the loose cut
  • Give you freedom of movement
  • Perfect for men of any height
  • Tapered design, which is trendy today
  • Suitable only for big-boned men
  • Non-stretch fabric
  • The size mentioned on the site may be not corresponding to your size

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Loose Mid 100% Cotton Slightly tapered and embroidered Non-stretch

Best cheap jeans

Wrangler classic regular fit jeansFirst Wrangler jeans were made in 1947. This company tries to preserve the western heritage through the design of their jeans ever since. These jeans represent people who work hard, but at the same time, can have fun and be adventurous. If you are one of those people, then a pair of Wrangler jeans will be just for you.

If you care about our nature and want to save its resources then maybe you should consider Wrangler jeans. Manufactures using a lot of water to make jeans because each pair requires several water baths. Thanks to the water recycling process, Wrangler Company has saved 3 billions of water so far.

You can look perfect even if your budget is limited. Expensive clothes don’t always mean that they can be really good. But these jeans may become your favorite piece of clothing.

This model comes in different shades of blue color and also khaki or black. The cut is regular, which makes the jeans very versatile. Such a cut will be fitting a person with almost any body type. They will sit perfectly on your thighs, seat and natural waist. The Wrangler jeans have a mid-rise fit, which suits people of any height. If you go for a pair of straight and mid-rise fit jeans, nothing can’t go wrong. These jeans will be ideal for everyday wear or maybe even for work if it is connected with repairing things.

These jeans can be made of 100% cotton or flex denim of a high quality. They are stretchy but not as good as jeans that contain elastane for example. They have a classic style with 5 pockets and zip fly closure. There are horizontal straight stitched lines on the back pockets. You will find a logo above the back pocket, which says ‘Wrangler authentics.’

  • Versatile
  • Fit almost any body type
  • Perfect for men of any height
  • Good for everyday wear
  • They are not very stretchy
  • Size can be smaller than its mentioned measurements

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Straight Mid 100% Cotton or Premium Flex Denim Stitches on back pockets Medium

Men’s jeans by design

Best designer jeans

Calvin Klein slim straight fit men’s jeansDid you always dream about a pair of designer jeans? It is a high time to buy some if you want to look glamorous. Such jeans may be expensive but worthy of sacrifice. You can wear them to visit any event and look very attractive. This brand is famous all over the world. Designers of this company try to make you look unique. We are sure that you won’t go unnoticed if you wear a pair of Calvin Klein jeans.

This particular model is trendy today because of its cut. The jeans have straight cut, but they are slightly tapered around ankles. Such jeans are slim around hips and thighs so the athletic or thin men will look great in them. The jeans are versatile because of its casual and dress up style. You can wear them every day or when you go to the party.

These jeans will sit below your natural waist, which means they have low-rise fit. The tall guys won’t be able to wear such jeans because they will look awkward. But the jeans will fit short or average men perfectly.

Calvin Klein jeans come in different alluring colors from white and grey to blue and black. There are quite a few shades of each color so you can choose any to your liking. You should keep in mind that you need to select an appropriate color for the corresponding season.

The fabric contains 98% cotton and 2% elastane. They are very stretchy so you can move without any obstacles. It is very important to be comfortable in our jeans because we spend a lot of time wearing them. The denim of these jeans is quite thin, so it is better to wear them in spring or autumn.

Five pockets, zip fly, and button makes the style classy. You can see lovely omega-shaped embroidery on the back pockets. The leg opening is 15.5 inches.

  • Very stretchy
  • Versatile rise
  • Stylish
  • Appropriate for any occasion
  • Quite expensive
  • Not very sturdy because of the thin fabric
  • Not suitable for all body types

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Slim Low 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane Omega-shaped embroidery on back pockets Excellent

Best bootcut jeans

Levi’s 517 bootcut men’s jeansWhy would you need bootcut jeans in your wardrobe? They may be not very fashionable, but they are quite practical. So if you prefer practicality over style, then these jeans are just for you. This pair of jeans will be great for wintertime when you need to wear boots. Thanks to such a type of cut, you will be able to wear your jeans on top of winter boots. It doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them in spring or autumn with other shoes.

The Levi’s jeans are slim through the seat and thighs, but a bit flared on the bottom. They have an authentic bootcut leg. The 517 jeans sit below the waist (the front rise is 11.5 inches). The leg opening is 18.25 inches, the measurements are based on 32 size.

You should know that bootcut jeans make your legs look shorter than they are. This is why such jeans will fit tall or average men but not short. The bootcut jeans don’t suit many body types. Such jeans are tricky, which makes them difficult to choose. This model will help you to hide very thin or thick calves for instance. But such a pair of jeans will emphasize muscular body, wide hips, and a large waist. If you have one of the previously mentioned body types, don’t buy bootcut jeans.

These jeans are made of 100% cotton, so they are non-stretchy. But these bootcut jeans are comfortable and durable. The 517 went through the particular washing process. So you will find different levels of stonewashed jeans like medium or dark. They come in a variety of blue and black colors.

The jeans have 5 pockets and a zip fly closure with button. There is an arcuate embroidery on the back pockets. There is Levi’s logo above the right back pocket. You can see two horses pulling a pair of jeans in different directions trying to tear them apart. The idea for their logo appeared in 1886 for the first time.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Help to hide thick or thin calves
  • Practical when you wear boots
  • Non-stretchy
  • Not appropriate for all body types
  • Not suitable for short men

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Boot cut Low 100% Cotton Arcuate stitches on back pockets Non-stretchy

Best tapered jeans

Carhartt  B18 tapered leg men’s jeansThe motto of the Carhartt company was ‘Honest value for an honest dollar.’ The Carhartt jeans are sturdy because of its heavyweight denim. The weight of the jeans is about 15 ounces. Even though the denim is heavyweight, the jeans are not excessively thick or uncomfortable. They are durable thanks to the stronger sewn-on-seam loops and reinforced back pockets. The manufacturers make sure that you will wear your jeans for years. So the motto corresponds to the facts as we can see. Such jeans can be good for workwear as well as for everyday wear.

The B18 jeans have a traditional fit, which calls straight cut. People prefer this kind of fit because of its versatility. The jeans will be slim around your thighs and seat. But they are tapered from the knee down to the ankles. If you track what is trending now, you will find out that tapered jeans are fashionable today. These jeans will accentuate your body shape. Perhaps it is better to avoid such a design if you have big calves.

The Carhartt jeans sit above the waist so they won’t be any good for short men. The high rise fit is good for tall or average men.

The jeans went through the special washing process, so they come in dark stone and stonewash colors. Light blue colors will be great for summer and dark blue colors for winter. These jeans are not stretchy because they are made of 100% cotton.

As for the style, these jeans have 5 small but deep pockets. There is a long zip fly of a good quality with button closure. There are stitches on the back pockets and a Carhartt’s logo on the right back pocket. The leg opening is 15.75 inches.

This pair of jeans won’t wear and tear. They will keep their color for a long time and won’t have holes in areas where jeans usually rip.

  • Sturdy
  • Reinforced loops and back pockets
  • Perfect for work or everyday wear
  • Good quality zip fly
  • Not good for short men
  • Don’t fit tight
  • Sit very high on the waist

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Straight High 100% Cotton Stitches and logo on back pockets Non-stretchy

Men’s jeans by purpose

Best motorcycle jeans

Tung Lung motor biker men’s jeansThis pair of jeans is designed for adventurous, active men who like riding a bike and explore the world. The motorcycle is one of the most exciting ways of traveling. You can observe beautiful landscapes and be in touch with nature. You are free to go wherever you want and see all the majesty of our planet. Unlike cars, bikes could go through any narrow streets or other tight spaces without a problem.

Of course, riding motorcycles has disadvantages, too. One of them is weather conditions. But you can avoid soaking wet clothes with the help of specialized motorcycle outfit. Sometimes you have to ride a bike for hours without stopping, so you need to be comfortable. You should be on trend, too. The Tung Lung jeans have all these features.

These jeans have a slim straight cut, so they are not suitable for big-boned men. The jeans will fit men with thin or athletic body type. This model has a low-rise fit so such jeans will sit below your natural waist. Low-rise jeans are perfect for short or average men. The leg opening is 14 inches. The measurement is based on 32 size and gray-black model.

Tung Lung jeans come in several colors: black, dark or light blue and also grey. Some models are ribbed on the knees or above them. Some of the jeans have holes and zip decorations. The high-quality Y-type zipper is hidden behind the denim. The style of the pockets is classic and vintage because there are 5 of them. But at the same time, all the details make these jeans fashionable and stylish. Not only are they ideal for bikers but also great for teens.

The fabric contains 100% cotton, so the denim of the jeans is non-stretch. You should know that black, grey and blue 01 jeans are non-stretchy but the rest of them are slightly elastic. The fabric is wear-resistance and durable, which is great for riding a bike. The material of these jeans is eco-friendly and healthy.

  • Vintage
  • Thanks to the ribbed elements and holes they are stylish
  • Wear-resistance and eco-friendly denim
  • Perfect for motorcyclists or teenagers
  • Suitable only for men with particular body type and height
  • The size chart can be inaccurate, so that mislead you

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Slim Low 100% Cotton Some models are ribbed and ripped Non-stretchy

Best work jeans

Wrangler carpenter men’s jeansThe pair of Wrangler jeans is made for handymen and perfectly suit them. So if your job is connected with repairing things, then you should have these jeans in your wardrobe. They have all features you need for doing your job. Such jeans will become an ideal piece of workwear in your arsenal.

Why are these jeans so good to wear to work? Carpenter jeans have a relaxed fit, which gives you an opportunity to move without any restrictions. Your mobility is quite important during work. But here’s the rub, relaxed jeans will look too baggy on thin men. The straight leg cut makes jeans versatile for almost any body type. These jeans will sit on your natural waist. Such a high-rise fit won’t be any good for short men. If you have to work in boots, these jeans will fit over them.

As for the fabric, the jeans come in RIPSTOP fabric or DURASHIELD denim. These qualities are the signature of the carpenter jeans.  Both variants are made of 100% cotton but have different features. RIPSTOP fabric is tear-resistant so that the jeans will serve for many years. This material is breathable so you won’t have discomfort and sticky legs in summer. As for the DURASHIELD denim, it protects color by reducing the fabric abrasion. Both materials feature another Wrangler’s signature – ROOM2MOVE fit with action gusset crotch. The thoroughly thought-out design was created for your extra comfort. Front pockets are deep so that you can put some instruments in them. There is a leather tape for better reinforcement on the right front pocket. Back pockets are lined for more durable wear. There is a special tool pocket where you can keep particular instruments. In total there are 6 pockets and a loop for a hammer. Belt loops are reinforced so they won’t wear and tear. Triple needle stitching makes sure that you won’t have any rips. There is a zip fly with button closure. As you can see, these jeans are extremely versatile for handymen.

  • Give you a good mobility
  • Tear-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Preserve color
  • Reinforced belt loops
  • Extra pockets and loops for instruments
  • Non-stretchy material
  • Hammer loop and side pocket are on the wrong side
  • Side pocket is too small
  • The fabric is stiff

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Relaxed High 100% Cotton, available in RIPSTOP fabric or DURASHIELD denim Hammer loop, tool pocket, lined back pockets, leather tape on the right front pocket Non-stretchy

Men’s jeans by age

Best jeans for men

Levi’s 501 original fit men’s jeansYou should always consider your age when buying any clothes. Jeans are not an exception in this case. We all want to seem younger than we are, but there should be limits, too. Men may look ridiculous in teenager’s clothes. So if you don’t want to look outrageous then go for Levi’s jeans. They will emphasize your masculinity in the best way.

These jeans have a straight leg fit, which is considered to be a classic cut. They will fit your thighs and seat perfectly. The leg opening is 16 inches, this measurement is based on 32 size. Straight cut jeans will look nice on men with different body types. Slim or skinny jeans are more appropriate for the younger generation than for older men. Usually, such jeans are not very comfortable and practical. So the 501 will be win-win for you at any times and any ages!

The Levi’s jean will sit on your natural waist, which is the most common fit. Mid-rise jeans will be suitable for tall men and short men as well. The front rise is 11.25 inches (such a measurement is based on 32 size).

Thanks to their versatility, you can wear any shirt or T-shirt with these jeans. This model comes in quite a variety of colors. You can choose a pair of jeans according to your preferences and occasion. For instance, black jeans will be great for dressing up. Black jeans look more formal than any other color. So you can even try to wear them at work. Syrah jeans will be more eye-catching and excellent for the party.

The 501 made of 100% cotton, so its denim is non-stretchy. If your jeans are tight, they will stretch out eventually. You can read our tips, which will help you to stretch out the jeans yourself. It is a matter of tastes because some people like stretchy jeans and some people like non-stretchy jeans. As they say “Every man to his taste.” It is up to you to decide which one is best for you.

The signature of these jeans is a button fly with Levi’s shanks and also an arcuate stitching on the back pockets.

  • Versatile fit
  • Grea for everyday wear, for work or for dressing up
  • Accentuate your masculinity
  • Classic for grownup men
  • Non-stretch stiff denim
  • Less durable due to the thin fabric
  • Stitches may be loose

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Straight Mid 100% Cotton Arcuate stitches on back pockets Non-stretchy

Best jeans for teens

IDARBI skinny men’s jeansTeenagers always look for ways to self-express themselves. They can do it through unique clothes for instance. Colorful clothes with various prints will help to reach that goal. Unlike grown-ups, some teens want to look older than they are. So they would try to look like their fathers. These jeans will cope with both tasks at the same time. You could look different ways by choosing different colors. These jeans come in a variety of colors from beige to red. So if you want to look cool and trendy go for burgundy, ‘devil blue,’ teal or ‘dark orange’ color. If you prefer to look more casual or formal than go for wash blue, navy, black, indigo, dark wash or brown color. The jeans can be even suitable for school uniform.

The IDARBI jeans have skinny fit so they will sit perfectly on slim guys. The jeans will fit nicely around your calves, thighs, and hips. Skinny jeans usually are tapered around ankles. This model can be a bit tight at the crotch area but not too much. If you wear these jeans, all girls will see the shape of your legs. You will get some attention! Such a cut is not versatile because it won’t suit teens with any body type. The low-rise fit will look excellent on short or average guys.

This pair of jeans is made of 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The fabric is stretchy so you will be very comfortable wearing such jeans. Thanks to the flexible material, you won’t have trouble with your mobility. The IDARBI jeans will move with your body, so they are perfect for active boys. This model has classic 5 pockets styling, zip fly closure, and button. They will be appropriate for any time of the year so you won’t get out of your favorite pair of jeans. Dark colors will be appropriate to wear in winter and light or bright colors in summer.

  • Very stretchy
  • Variety of colors
  • Casual and classy
  • Comfortable
  • Freedom of mobility
  • Not suitable for tall guys
  • Fit only thin boys
  • Different colors may have different cuts
  • Colors may not correspond with mentioned one

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Skinny Low 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex Excellent

Best fitting jeans for men by body type

Best jeans for plus sizes

Atour regular fit plus size men’s jeansIf you need plus size jeans, then this pair of jeans will be great for you. Atour jeans come in various plus sizes so you will be able to choose the right fit. Jeans shouldn’t restrict your movements or be tight. You just couldn’t wear the jeans that don’t fit you all day long and every day. These jeans won’t cause any discomfort during the day.

Regular fit of these jeans is very practical and suits most people. A straight leg, which is slightly tapered on the bottom, will look good on you. Tapered jeans are trending now so it will be appropriate to purchase them. You can roll such jeans up to get a casual look.

The jeans are very versatile, so you can wear them when you are at home or work. You can also wear these jeans if you have a date or go out with your friends. Moreover, you can wear Atour jeans even when you spend active time. So if you like camping or traveling, then take a pair of these jeans with you.

The fabric contains 98% cotton and 2% polyester. The material is very stretchy so you will be able to move easily. The jeans have enough room so that they will stretch with you, thanks to the soft fabric. A high quality woven fabric is very absorbent. The material is quite breathable so you can wear them all year round. These jeans won’t shrink, deform or lose their shape. Even though these jeans are soft and breathable, the denim is heavyweight and stitches are heavy-duty. It means that the jeans are quite sturdy and good for winter. Atour jeans aren’t allergic, too. It doesn’t look like you could have any trouble wearing these jeans. All you can get is extra comfort!

A pleasant addition to all features mentioned above is easy maintenance.

There are five pockets and zipper closure. The jeans are available in only one color – dark blue. You can see wavy stitches and leather lines on the back pockets. These details add charming style to the jeans.

  • Versatile
  • Extra comfortable and stretchy
  • Durable
  • Absorbent and breathable
  • Won’t deform
  • Easy to wash
  • Available only in one color
  • Some people don’t like heavyweight denim
  • Some other people don’t prefer very stretchy jeans

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Straight Mid 98% Cotton, 2% Polyester Wavy stitches and leather lines on back pockets Excellent

Best jeans for tall men

Wrangler relaxed fit big & tall men’s jeansIf you are a tall man, you should consider buying this pair of jeans. They were designed especially for tall and big-boned men. Men who have particular body type should choose a specific kind of jeans. Manufacturers will offer various designs of jeans so you may be confused. We will explain what jeans you should and shouldn’t wear to help you with the right choice.

Tall men can wear jeans with mid or high-rise. But they should avoid jeans with a low-rise fit. You will need to find the right length of the pant leg. Take into account your body shape, too. The most common fits for tall men are regular or straight. Don’t purchase skinny jeans under any circumstances.

This pair of jeans has a relaxed fit so will look nice on muscular men or men with a large waist and wide hips. As they are not too roomy, they may be suitable for other body shapes. Wrangler jeans have room in the seat, U-fit crotch and thighs. They have deep pockets so you can keep your hands there when it’s cold. You can put your phone or anything else you need in such pockets. The jeans will be appropriate for winter because they fit over the boots. These jeans have a high-rise fit so they will be perfect for tall men.

The material contains 100% cotton so you couldn’t define such jeans as stretchy. Despite their non-stretch denim, they are quite flexible, so your movements won’t be very restricted. This model comes in several colors: vintage and antique indigo or overdyed black and antique navy.

The jeans have 5-pocket style with button closure and zipper fly. The signature of Wrangler jeans is W-shaped stitches on the back pockets. You can also see the Wrangler logo patch on the waistband above the right back pocket.

  • Not too baggy
  • Have deep pockets
  • Fit over your boots
  • Flexible
  • Non-stretch denim
  • Limit movement
  • Quite heavy denim

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Relaxed High 100% Cotton W-shaped stitches on back pockets Non-stretchy

Best jeans for short men

Levi’s & Co. Gold Label regular fit men’s jeansIt is not easy for short men to find jeans with the right length of the pant leg. So you would have to spend a lot of time to find a perfect pair of jeans. But why would you go through all that trouble? We already have chosen fitting jeans just for you.

If you already purchased jeans that are too long, take them to the tailor. You can cuff or stack such jeans if they are not very long. In such a way, you will be on trend, and you won’t have to spend money to shorten the jeans.

You need to make your legs to look longer so choose only those styles, which will help to elongate legs visually. The best fit for you will be a straight cut from knees to ankles with the mid or low rise. These jeans will fit through thighs and seat to make you more comfortable. This model has a regular rise, which is classic and appropriate for your height.

The fabric of Levi’s jeans contains 99% cotton and 1% elastane. The material is rather stretchy so the jeans will move and flex with you. Thanks to the premium quality of denim, these jeans are durable. You won’t need to buy a new pair of jeans every other month.

These jeans have different eco-friendly colors like sterling, rinse, griffith, medium indigo and light stonewash. All of them look nice, rich and unique. You can choose the color that suits you best. The jeans will be perfect to wear in winter, autumn or spring.

Levi’s jeans look casual, so they are excellent for everyday wear. You can wear them for work, school or at home. Not only is this pair of jeans practical and versatile but also stylish. You can find 5 pockets, zip fly closure and Levi’s Signature patch on the waistband. Back pockets have horizontal straight stitches.

  • Comfy
  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Practical
  • Stylish
  • Eco-friendly colors
  • Durable
  • Thin denim
  • Cut looks a bit weird
  • You may be confused with sizes

Cut Rise Material Design Strechiness
Regular Mid 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane Horizontal straight stitches on back pockets Good

Jeans Buying Guide

History of jeans

Do you want to know how the jeans ended up in your wardrobe? You may be sure that this story will be exciting and worthy of your time. Jeans have become such an essential part of our everyday lives. They are appropriate for any occasion, gender, and age so we must know its history.

Jeans are the type of pants, which are made from dungaree cloth or denim. First, people called them overalls. The jean fabric appeared in Italy and France in the 17th century. So the origin of such words as ‘jeans’ and ‘denim’ could be related to the Italian city Genoa and French city Nîmes. But we should thank the tailor Jacob Davis and the merchant Levi Strauss for the design of jeans.

The Bavarian migrant Levi Strauss came to New York in 1851 where his brother had a dry goods store. As it was a Gold Rush period, Levi wanted to try his luck, so he moved to San Francisco in 1853. He established his own dry good business there. Jacob was one of Levi’s customers because he bought cloths in his shop. One day some laborer asked Jacob to sew a pair of pants that would be durable enough for working. How did Jacob solve that problem? He used the copper rivets at the places where jeans ripped the most. The tailor wanted to patent his idea, but he needed a partner, so he wrote to Levi. Strauss was a smart businessperson who saw the potential in Davis, so he accepted the offer. They received the patent on May 20, 1873.

The style of Genoese sailor’s trousers influenced the design of Levi’s jeans. Strauss chose the heavyweight fabric, which was called Serge de Nîmes or denim. He used an indigo for dyeing the jeans because it was cheap. This is why the jeans had the dark blue color. The original design hasn’t changed much since then.

Who wore jeans? Miners, cowboys, farmers and other workers wore jeans because they were sturdy enough for their jobs. Then, teenagers were crazy about jeans because they saw those movies about rebellious bad guys who wore them. Hippies who were looking for a creative way of expressing themselves found what they needed. Their jeans had different embroideries, bright colors, low-rise waist and many others styles. Thanks to the Marilyn Monroe or Farrah Fawcett not only men wore jeans but also women. Then designers realized that jeans should be in their arsenal, so the ripped jeans appeared. The emerge of hip-hop caused the appearance of saggy and baggy jeans. As the fashion has changed, pop stars wore very skinny and low-rise jeans.

What jeans do we have now? You may be surprised by the variety of jeans we are offered today. You probably never heard of some of them. You can find boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/dad jeans or slim, skinny, relaxed, straight, loose, and regular. If you want something different then you will find trashed, cropped, breached, bootcut, wide cut, flared, tapered and low/medium/high-rise jeans.

As you can see, there are so many various types of jeans nowadays. You will find the right style and fit for you.

How to buy jeans

Has that day already come? You have to buy a new pair of jeans, but you don’t know where to start. You don’t want to spend hours in the store or at the computer trying hard to find the right jeans. If you want to save your time and effort, then you need to read these tips before purchasing jeans.

You will need to pay attention to several factors like size, length, style, color, denim, quality and design.

The most important thing is the proper size. It will be no good for you if you feel uncomfortable in your jeans. You will wear them quite often so you should make sure that they are not too tight. You will need to measure your waist and your inner leg if you are going to buy jeans online. You can also take your old jeans and measure its waist and inseam. Don’t worry because the online shops will offer size guides, which will help you to decide what size is yours. If you decide to go to the store to buy jeans, then try several models. When you buy the first pair of jeans you tried on, you have a risk of getting the wrong fit jeans.

Don’t forget that you can take your jeans to the tailor if they are too long or too big. If you buy the jeans, which are very tight and short, you won’t be able to do anything about it. This is why you will need to measure your inner leg to choose the right length of jeans. Sometimes you can find the measurements like S, R or L, which means small, regular or large. You wouldn’t want your jeans to be very long because eventually, their bottom will tear and wear. As for the cropped jeans, they are trendy from time to time. Everything depends on your taste and the occasion, too.

Another feature that concerns your comfort is the crotch. It should be just at the right place, to be more specific, where your anatomical crotch is. You wouldn’t like the crotch to be too tight or too saggy.

The rise of jeans should be taken into consideration, too. Jeans can be divided into 3 types: high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise. As you probably guessed, the jeans can sit above your belly button, on your hips or somewhere in between. The best choice for you will be the mid-rise jeans as it suits almost everybody. If you are a tall man, then you should forget about low-rise jeans. You should immediately exclude the high-rise jeans if you are a short man.

You should always look at the quality of jeans if you want them to serve you for a long time. The fabric should contain minimum 80 % cotton, but 100 % will be even better. Next step is choosing the appropriate denim (heavyweight or selvedge denim, mid-weight and thin). Heavyweight denim is durable and sturdy so it will be more suitable for workers. Lightweight, stretchy denim is not as reliable as selvedge or mid-weight denim. Those jeans that are made of mid-weight denim with no stretch will be perfect for you. Do you want to wear your jeans for more than a couple of months? Then check the quality of copper rivets, buttons and stitches.

You probably think that there is nothing left to know about jeans but it is not the end yet. The wash of the jeans will reflect your style and individualism. You can choose the unwashed or raw denim for everyday wear as it is casual. If you are looking for something more unusual you can find denim washes like acid wash, stonewash, rinse and bleach wash, light or mid-wash and many others. You will find something that meets your preferences and requirements.

Manufactures will offer you so many colors of jeans. The blue jeans are considered to be casual, so they are very prevailing. They will be ideal for any occasion and age. Black and white are the classic colors. If you want to be stylish, then you should pay attention what color is trendy at the moment. For example, you can purchase jeans of burgundy, mustard or emerald color and move with the times.

The design will vary from cropped, ripped or trashed to bootcut and tapered jeans. The choice will be yours because as they say “tastes differ.” You should keep in mind that not all jeans will be suitable for you, so you need to consider your age, your body type, height, and purpose.

As for the cut, there are such common types as straight, skinny, slim, relaxed and loose. But we will speak about them later.

When you will find your perfect jeans, buy not only one pair but a few of them. In such a way, you will save yourself from choosing new jeans in future. Or you can stick to the brand and always buy the same model. But everything changes so the design you like can be altered or taken out of the production.

Best fitting jeans for men by body type

Of course, like any other person, you want your jeans to fit you perfectly. It is very reasonable wish because we all want to wear comfortable clothes, especially if we spend a lot of time in them. Unfortunately, you cannot just buy any jeans you see because particular model suits people with certain body type. So you should be aware of all types of jeans to pick the best fit for you. As we mentioned before, there are 5 common cuts or fits of the jeans: regular, slim, skinny, relaxed and loose. We will offer a piece of advice for 5 different body types: men with wide hips or large waist and muscular, athletic or thin men.

If you are a thin man, we will recommend you regular or slim jeans type. Regular cut means that the width of the pant leg will be the same at the top and bottom. In such a way, you will be able to hide your thin calves and ankles. Regular fit jeans are comfortable, classic and suitable for almost any body type. You can also wear skinny jeans if you like them to be very tight. Skinny jeans are only ideal for the slim body type. But you should remember that it will emphasize your thinness even more. Everything depends on your motivation if you want to hide the fact that you are thin then go for slim jeans. It sounds as if skinny and slim jeans are the same, but in reality, they have some differences. Slim jeans are not as tight as skinny one, but they still can accentuate your body shape in the best way. You should avoid loose and relaxed jeans because they will be too wide and saggy for you. Such jeans will look too big on you as if you borrowed them from your father.

Do you have wide hips? You will need to look for regular, loose and relaxed jeans. Why do you have to choose these types of jeans? You need to conceal your wide hips so the regular jeans will cope with such a task. The width of the trouser leg is the same at your thighs and your ankles. It won’t be so obvious that your hips are wide if you wear relaxed jeans. Relaxed jeans usually have some room thanks to the wide pant legs. Not only will you hide the imperfections of your body, but also you will be comfortable. Loose jeans will be even better because they are wider than a relaxed. Skinny or slim jeans, which are usually tapered will reveal and highlight your drawback. Don’t buy such jeans under any circumstances!

If you are a man who has a large waist, then you should read this. You will need to find a pair of relaxed or loose jeans. No one will notice those imperfections if you wear the roomy jeans. But if you wear skinny or slim jeans, you may be sure that everyone will see the extra pounds of yours. These jeans will make your upper body look disproportional to your lower body. On the other hand, flared jeans will make your legs look wider than they are. Even regular cut jeans are out of the question for you.

Do you have an athletic type of body? Perhaps, you will want to show the results of your hard workouts in the gym. If you ‘re going to demonstrate the shape of your body to everybody, then go for regular, slim or relaxed jeans. These types of jeans won’t exaggerate or underestimate the shape of your body. On the contrary, such jeans will give people the right idea about your constitution. If you wear skinny jeans, then your muscles will be too obvious. On the other hand, if you wear loose jeans, then you can’t boast about your gorgeous figure.

Did you happen to have a muscular body type thanks to the regular workouts? Regular as well as relaxed jeans will be the best fit for you. They are not very tight and not very wide so that the jeans will flatter the shape of your body.

Skinny and slim jeans will make your muscles look bigger so your body will seem not proportional. Loose jeans will make the whole body look bulky.

We understand your craving for fashion, trend, and style. But you should take into consideration that not everything will suit you. This is why you can stick to the classic jeans, which will always be appropriate. This advice should be applied just in case if you cannot choose the trendy jeans with the right fit.

Slim vs skinny jeans

When you search for jeans in online stores, you can see quite a variety of types. Slim and skinny jeans are only some of them. You maybe think that these are the same products with slightly different names. So when you go shopping, you have no clue that there is a difference between these jeans.

Visually, you can barely distinguish slim jeans from skinny. As soon as you wear each pair of jeans, you can differentiate them. This is the first tip, which will help you to figure out what jeans you need. Slim jeans are more practical and comfortable because they are not very tight. Skinny jeans are ridiculously tight and narrow. Thus, they will hinder your movements and mobility. If you are an active kind of person who needs to move most of the time, then slim jeans are ideal for you. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, then skinny jeans might be a perfect choice.

It can be even challenging to put on or take off the skinny jeans. You will need to ask somebody for help, which will remind you the Russian fairy tale about gigantic turnip. Some of the slim jeans are so tight around your ankles that they even have zips there. If you cannot wear such jeans yourself or you have nobody to ask for help, then you’d better buy slim jeans. You won’t have such a problem with the slim type of jeans.

Both jeans have the same shape, and they fit the form of your body. The slight difference is that slim jeans hug your leg not as much as skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are stretchier than slim one so that you can still move.

If you have thin legs, then both jeans will be perfect for you. Skinny jeans are only good for skinny people. But if you are a bodybuilder then skinny jeans will make your legs look like two sausages. When jeans sit too tight on you, it doesn’t look very nice. If you don’t want to look awkward, you have to accept the fact that some jeans are not suitable for you. You will need to pick jeans according to your build.

You should take into consideration the brand of jeans. There are no particular rules of how slim or skinny jeans should look. Some brands may manufacture jeans, which calls skinny but don’t look like that. Such brands like to be classic, but they have to be trendy too, this is why their jeans don’t look like skinny.

Slim jeans are considered casual so they suitable for work or even for home. Skinny jeans would be great if you were invited to the party for instance. Skinny jeans will be great for going out or attending different events.

We hope that you have a better idea now about the differences between skinny and slim jeans with our help.

Don’t listen to those people who say that skinny jeans shouldn’t be worn by men. This is a prejudice opinion because there is nothing wrong with wearing such jeans. Some people would say that they are appropriate only for women. But what if you look good in skinny jeans because they suit your body shape. You should purchase skinny jeans if they are fashionable and sit perfectly on you. You need to buy the things you like but not somebody else.

Chinos vs jeans

We all have heard about jeans, and we know how they look. But what about chinos? You probably never heard this word, or you have no idea how the chinos look. We will try to explain what chinos are so that you can decide which pants to choose.

British and French soldiers wore chinos in the middle of 19th century. British soldiers realized that their uniform was too bright so their Indian enemies could notice them easily. Brits decided to dye their colorful outfits so-called khaki color, which means ‘dust’ in Urdu. In such a way, they camouflaged their uniforms and became more difficult targets for Indian soldiers. Some people believe that chinos came from the Spanish word ‘chinos,’ which means ‘toasted.’ The reference was to the brownish color of the pants. Other people think that chinos came from the word China, where they were originally manufactured.

We probably bored you already so enough of chinos’ history. Let’s compare jeans with chinos to find out the differences between them. Chinos are made of light twill fabric called cotton. Jeans are made of heavier twill fabric called denim. We can draw some conclusions from that fact straight away.

First, we will speak about the sturdiness of both pants. As you understand, denim is more durable fabric than cotton. So jeans will serve you for much longer time than chinos.

What pants will be suitable for each season? Chinos will be great for summer or spring but not for winter or autumn. You can wear jeans at any time of the year. You can wear lightweight denim jeans or ripped jeans in summer so it won’t be so hot for you. Your legs can be sticky though if you go for jeans. So maybe because of the better breathability of chinos, you’d better stick to them in summer. You can wear jeans even in winter and still be warm. Your choice should depend on the weather conditions you have in your region.

Now we have to mention washing and ironing of both pants. Yes, we know that this topic is not your favorite one. So if you hate doing these routine things very often then choose jeans. You can wear jeans for weeks without washing! When the day of laundry comes, you can be relieved a bit afterward. You can skip the ironing at all, and nobody will notice that your jeans are wrinkled. Chinos will require more frequent washing, and you will never be able to go out without ironing them beforehand. They can be easily wrinkled even when you sit. You will have to iron chinos many times after their laundry.

We should take into consideration the variety of different styles and designs. Chinos used to come only in one shape and few colors like khaki, black, and brown. Nowadays manufacturers will offer more colors and forms. Jeans have more options than chinos because they have various washes, colors, fits, rises, and designs.

Finally, you need to find out what pants to wear for different occasions. Chinos have a smart casual style so that you can dress up for work or business meeting. You just need to find a good pair of brown shoes, belt, white shirt, tie, black chinos and suit jacket. Voila, you are ready for any event! But you can also wear it with a T-shirt and snickers and have a casual look. Even black jeans won’t look as formal as chinos. So you won’t be able to wear jeans if you need to go to work. The jeans are more casual than chinos so appropriate for walking, going to the cinema or a date.

Now you can choose a pair of pants you need. We think that it is practical to have both of them in your wardrobe.


You might have some questions about altering or looking after your jeans. We have some answers to the questions that people often ask. We hope that they will be useful for you so you will find out something new.

How to distress jeans?

It is not easy to find a pair of distressed jeans that will be perfectly fitting your body type. If you prefer to save your money and time, then distress your jeans yourself. You can buy cheap jeans or even find an old pair of jeans and alter them.  Your old jeans will transform into stylish and trendy one.

The first step is to measure your leg and then to mark the place where you want to distress your jeans. You can use a piece of chalk, soup or just use a pen, pencil, or marker. You will need to distress your jeans at the places where they usually wear out (knees, pockets, cuffs, and belt loops). It is trendy to distress the knees of your jeans making only one cut. But there are no restrictions for your imagination! You can be creative and do whatever you want and where you want.

Next step will require sandpaper or your razor to make the cutting easier. Once you sand your jeans, their color will look worn out and faded. Then you will need to put a magazine, cardboard or anything thick inside the pant legs. It will prevent the other side of jeans from being cut. Now you can start cutting horizontal and straight strips with the help of scissors or razor blade. The distance between cuts should be about half an inch, but the length and width don’t have to be equal. You can start from narrow cuts, then gradually make it wider, and finish it with narrow one again. In such a way, it will look more natural. After you cut your jeans, you need to pull all the blue threads out using tweezers.

The last important thing to do is to wash and dry your jeans a few times.

[caution]Be careful if you decide to use a razor blade for cutting your jeans. One wrong move and you can easily cut yourself and stain the jeans.  You will be hurt, and jeans will be damaged.[/caution]

How to shrink jeans?

Did you lose some weight, so your jeans are too big for you now? Or maybe they just stretched out because you wore them too often for a long time. Anyway, don’t throw your jeans away because you can save them. There are few methods to shrink jeans to your shape.

The first method is to wash and dry your jeans using the hottest settings. Don’t choose the hand-wash or delicate settings. You can use powder and fabric softener during washing. As for the drying, don’t air-dry your jeans because you can get the opposite result. It may not work the first time so you will have to try it again until you get the desired effect.

The second method is to boil your loose jeans in the pot. Make sure that the pot is big enough for your jeans. You will need to turn the jeans inside-out to prevent them from fading. Wait until the water boils and then put your jeans in the stockpot. Leave them for 20-30 minutes and check from time to time that they are submerged in the water. When you finish boiling the jeans, put them in the dryer immediately and wait until they are completely dry.

The third method is to put your jeans on and get in the bathtub filled with hot water. The water temperature should be tolerable for you. Stay in the bathtub until the water cools down. Don’t rush to take the jeans off because you will have to wear them until they dry. In such a way, your jeans will fit your body form. It is better to use this method in summer if you don’t want to catch a cold.

The fourth method should be used if you want to shrink only a particular part of your jeans. Take the spray bottle and fill it with water (3/4 cup) and fabric softener (1/4 cup). Shake this mixture and spray it on the waist or calf area until your jeans are soaked. Put them in the dryer and use the hottest setting possible.

How to stretch jeans?

Did you wash your jeans using the wrong setting, so they shrank? Or maybe you put on some weight? You love your jeans, and you want them to fit right? Here are some ways to stretch them out.

First method. Fill the spray bottle with the lukewarm water and sprinkle it on the areas you want to stretch out. Then pull your jeans to different directions depending on the desired area. You can pull them for 10 times but be careful with weak places like loops, pockets or holes on the knees.

Second method. It is similar to the previous method. Put your jeans on, spray the lukewarm water on the areas you want to stretch out. Now you can do any exercises like squats, which will cause jeans’ stretching. Once they dry, you will need to pull them. You can put some object inside your jeans and leave for a couple of days for a better result.

Third method. Put your jeans on and get into the bathtub filled with warm water. Sit there for 20-30 minutes and pull your jeans in the particular areas. Do the same procedure when you get out of the bathtub. Then you can do the exercises and let them dry on you. You can air dry the jeans afterward and do squats again.

How to hem jeans?

Are your jeans too long because you cannot find the length that fits you? You can hem the jeans yourself if you cannot find a good tailor.

You will need to put the jeans on and fold the cuff to the desired length. Mark the area where you want a new hem to end using a piece of soup or chalk. Then measure half an inch from the new hemline and draw two lines above and below it. Those lines should be parallel to the hemline.

Cut off the bottom line that you draw in a straight line. Fold your jeans along the center line so the new hem will be under. The hem should be even before you start sewing. You can put some pins along the new hemline so it will be more comfortable to sew. You can start sewing around that line using brown threads or any other color that suits your jeans. The stitches should be even and straight. Now you can remove all the pins and wear a perfect pair of jeans.

If you have a sewing machine at home, then it will be even easier to hem them. The result will be more precise.

How to cuff jeans?

It was very popular to cuff jeans a long time ago, but any style will always come back. It is trendy to cuff your jeans today, but it is slightly different from the cuffing in the past. You can buy already cuffed jeans, but their cuffs may be sewed. You couldn’t transform such jeans back to their original look. But you can cuff the jeans yourself according to the latest fashion using our tips.

Buy those jeans, which will be about 1 inch longer than you need. Of course, you can cuff any jeans, but it may look sloppy. This is why you need to avoid wide-cut jeans or flared jeans. The perfect jeans for cuffing are tapered jeans or straight jeans, so this is what you need to buy!

You can cuff your jeans one time, two times or even three. But you shouldn’t cuff them any more times because your jeans will look like capris. If you decided to choose a single cuff variant, you should know that everybody could see the hem. You can tuck the top of your jeans inside. It will look more casual than the double cuff method. The width of the cuff should be between 1-2 inches, but you can always experiment. The double cuff will look sleek so you can go to the party for instance. The size of the cuff will depend on your height. Do the smaller cuff if you are a short man and wider cuff if you are tall. You can also pinch the denim on the inside of your ankle, so it feels quite tight. Then fold the fabric backward, hold it with one hand and start rolling it up with another hand. You will get the cuff, which will hug your ankles.

The cuff should sit above your shoes. Speaking of which, don’t wear dress shoes or boots. The best shoes to wear with cuffed jeans will be loafers, slip-on shoes, sneakers or boat shoes.

It is better not to wear any socks! If you cannot live without socks, then buy special sneaker or ankle socks.

How to wash jeans?

The first rule – don’t wash your jeans very often. It is better to wash them every 2-6 months. Even if there are stains or spots on your jeans, don’t put them into the washing machine. Try to clean only dirty areas using any stain-removing products. Leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it with the cloth. Jeans can be smelly after wearing them for a long time. So you just need to hand them on the line outside or put in the freezer in the special bag. It is time to wash your jeans if they are stretched around your knees or waist.

If you decided to wash your jeans in the washing machine, check the tags first. Some jeans may require special care so the tag will be a good tip. It will be better to choose the delicate setting and cold or lukewarm water.

Before you put the jeans in the washing machine, check all the pockets. You wouldn’t be happy if there were money or some important notes. Zip up, button up your jeans and then turn them inside out. It will be better to wash your jeans with other jeans only. You will need to separate dark jeans from light jeans for different laundry loads. The dryer is not good for jeans, but you can use it on the low heat setting.

Washing machine causes tearing, wearing and fading of your jeans. This is why hand washing is the best option. Fill the tub with lukewarm or cold water and add some washing powder. Put your jeans and leave them there for a couple of hours. Wash only those areas that usually get dirty. Rinse your jeans with cold water and hang them on the ramp.

How to patch jeans?

Did your jeans wear out to the point that you have holes, so you want to get rid of them? Don’t be upset because you can patch them. It may sound difficult, but you will realize that you can do it.

You will need to choose the fabric and cut it to the size that is larger than the hole. You can use denim that has a similar color to your jeans. You can make your jeans more creative and choose a colorful fabric. Place the material inside your jeans and iron the area. Then pin the fabric all way round to fix it. Now you can start stitching around the hole using different techniques. You can cut extra material, which is left inside.

If you happen to have a sewing machine, you could sew the hole in the W-shaped way.

How to taper jeans?

Do you have bootcut or flared jeans, which are old-fashioned? You can transform them into stylish tapered jeans. How do you do that?

Pin the pant leg at the area where jeans hug your calf and ankle. Rip out the threads of the ankle hem. Mark the line from the knee all the way down to the ankle. Mark a line along the pins. Sew the line you marked with the help of sewing machine. Tear out the old inseam and cut the unwanted denim off. Iron your new inseam and sew the hem back. Do the same step with another pant leg. The job is done!

What to wear with black jeans?

The black color is very versatile so you will be able to wear various shirts with black jeans. You can wear a black or white T-shirt, or you can choose different shades of brown. If you prefer a minimalist look, then choose neutral colors like cream, off-white, taupe, grey and other pastel colors. You can wear jewel colors shirts like olive green or burgundy. You can combine light blue denim shirt with black jeans. If you want people to notice you on the street, then don’t be like a grey mouse. Choose the eye-catching colorful T-shirts to get the attention. Not only will any color suit the black jeans but also any print!

What to do with old jeans?

You cannot imagine how many things you can do with your old jeans. We will offer you only some ideas for their repurposing.

You can create different handcrafted items using your imagination. You can make accessories like purses and handbags, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can transform your jeans into a trendy skirt or shorts, corset, apron or bib.

You can make a pillow, basket, placemat, case for your phone or tablet, bookmark, denim ball, rug, and many other things.

Author: James Baker

James Baker is a 29 y.o. American constructor and blogger. As an amateur photographer, he has always been fascinated with optics. As a blogger, he pays special attention to eyewear due to his experience with optical devices.


  1. I haven’t been shopping for years but my old jeans are worn out. I’m in my forties and I am looking for a pair of dark blue jeans. I went to many stores but I couldn’t find anything appropriate for my age. All jeans are ridiculously tight and hideously expensive. They sit very low (almost on the hips) and I don’t like it at all. I want such versatile jeans, which are ideal for casual use as well as for dressing up. Needless to say that jeans should be comfortable and flexible. I prefer regular or relaxed cut and mid-rise fit. I don’t want any designer jeans but I’d rather have something cheap and plain. I hope that you have some suggestions for the brand I should take a look at. I would really appreciate your help, thank you.

    • Maybe you should try skinny jeans? They are very trendy now, so why not? If you are 40, it doesn’t mean you have to wear jeans that look like your grandfather’s.

    • I have managed to find the American Eagle jeans, which are not too tight.

    • My favorite jeans are Lucky Brand. I think you can find what you want in their store. They have the very jeans you have described.

    • I don’t understand why you don’t like designer jeans. I find them to be awesome. I am so happy that I persuaded my husband to buy Calvin Klein jeans. They are so fashionable and he looks younger when he wears them.

  2. I would recommend you a pair of Levi’s jeans with classic fit. Maybe you need to try boot cut jeans if you like it.

  3. I would go for Carhartt or Wrangler jeans because they were designed for real men. Another upside of those jeans is their durability.

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