Best Wireless Earbuds for any budget (under $20, $50, $100)

Aren’t you sick of everyone hiding the truth from you? From the government to itsy-bitsy weblogs that puff their proverbial chests in order to make themselves looks great in your eyes? Well, no more! It’s time to end that. It is time for someone to tell you all the truth.

So, you are looking for earbuds without cables. Naturally, you only want the best wireless earbuds. You probably expect good sound quality, good battery life and, of course, you don’t want them to fall out of your ears.

You will not find your perfect earbuds. You may find ones that are “perfect,” as in, other earbuds make them look good. But there are objective reasons as to why earbuds cannot deliver you audiophile-grade sound. There are objective reasons as to why most truly wireless earbuds will fall out of your ears sooner or later.

Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to choose the best of 2017 earbuds for yourself.


ALOFOX X11 Earbuds

Compact and discreet, the X11 earbuds are the best pick among budget products. You don’t need a specific device to discover their full potential. They are truly wireless, and each of the earbuds can be used independently.

Best Wireless Earbuds 2017

Best Cheap Earbuds

While there are plenty of options for anyone, for any imaginable need, there is something many people need. I’m talking about low price, of course. And it’s quite important when it comes to earbuds. Most of them are under $100 but isn’t that a lot?

Indeed, while having something as cool as a pair of wireless earbuds that can last a whole day is great, you’d have to pay a lot to get them. But do you actually need them?

Considering just how many are content to have wired earbuds that came with their phones, it’s safe to assume that not many people would need extravagant wireless earbuds. The fact that they are wireless is good enough.

I mentioned this earlier, by the way. But let me reiterate anyway: if you don’t intend to use earbuds to listen to music all the time, you don’t need something with superb sound quality. A pair of earbuds under 50 dollars is usually enough. Or, if you want to take your time and get the best there is, under a hundred. But that’s not really necessary unless you listen to music. Your carrier can only give you so much band, and even then the frequency range of a human voice is not particularly impressive. You can get earbuds for the money and never worry about the sound quality. It’s not a wireless headset for PC, but it’s for the best if you need it for your phone.

Cheapest Earbuds (Under $20)

Panasonic RP-HJE120-K In-Ear HeadphoneThese ErgoFit earbuds come in many color schemes. That’s nice to know, but it’s not all that important. What is slightly more important is that they come in two types: with and without a mic.

As you can guess, the version without a mic is cheaper but I wouldn’t advise going for it. The difference is very slight, but the mic version can offer you a lot more. This is probably the cheapest and the best pair of earbuds.

It is a wired headset, so it’s probably not as attractive to you as some other models. But it is also one of the most popular products in online stores, so I would stop and think if I were you. It is very cheap and also reliable and high-quality. The neodymium drives produce crystal-clear sound and recreate low frequencies perfectly.

Does the name of these earbuds imply something? You bet! They are not called ErgoFit for nothing. As in-ear earbuds, it is crucially important that they conform to your ears perfectly. Well, the RP-HJE120-K does just that. If you want a perfect fit, consider it done! The earbuds come with three sets of pads, which means adjusting the product is even easier.

Look no further, you’ve got all you need… except if you still want a wireless mobile headset. In that case, I can offer you plenty of other earbuds for your consideration. Still, these are probably the best budget earbuds, as long as you disregard the presence of the cord.

Best Inexpensive Earbuds (Under $50)

Soundmoov Truly Bluetooth Earphones with Charging BoxIt wouldn’t be right of me to never mention these Soundmoov earbuds. That’s how it is, and it’s not because of the brand. No, the truth is, Soundmoov 316T utilizes the revolutionary TWS technology.

It’s not particularly astounding in what it does but it is one of those little things that matter. TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo and it’s exactly what you need when it comes to both sharing and stereo.

Unfortunately, this product cannot boast long battery life. Each earbud can only work up to 2 hours. While it’s more or less enough for many activities, this is abysmally little compared to many other earbuds. Of course, the price is low enough not to pay too much attention to that unfortunate fact. Besides, the earbuds will not suddenly disconnect if they are low on power. The quality of sound may suffer, but you will have a chance to recharge the batteries.

These are more or less universal earbuds, which can be used in any circumstances. The batteries are not particularly powerful, but they are still decent. Besides, if you use just one of the earbuds, you can always replace it while charging the other. That will make listening indefinitely long possible.

Best Budget Earbuds (Under $100)

Cshidworld Bluetooth V4.2 Mini In-Ear HeadsetsThis is one of the example of Truly Wireless earbuds. I’m not trying to be theatrical, it’s just how the technology is called. It’s not anything particularly impressive or something you should base your opinion on, it’s one of those little thing that are required for a headset to actually work. At least, when it comes to stereo and wireless connection.

The earpieces are perfectly synchronized to each other, and that’s how you can enjoy stereo sound without connecting them to each other physically. There are other ways o utilize stereo and wireless connection but TWS is one of the more robust methods.

Bluetooth 4.2 compatible, the earbuds utilize an anti-noise technology and are extremely comfortable to wear. But everything comes at a price, and I’m not talking about money, the earbuds are as cheap as they can get. I’m talking about battery life. While 3 hours may be admirable, such a short life doesn’t really make them one of the leaders. A shame too, the ergonomic design and simple on-ear controls would make this headset a decent competitor for Airpods, especially since they can be used not just with iPhones but also Android devices. At this point, the only consolation is the secure fit.

But hey, it’s cheap!

Best Earbuds for Sports

Do people need special earbuds for sports? Absolutely!

I would say no if we were talking about headphones (and even then, there are certain details worth serious consideration). However, we are talking about earbuds. Those little things that are inserted directly into your ear. And a lot of things could go wrong.

Losing your new purchase is the most obvious problem you may face. Indeed, if you intend to use your earbuds when working out or running, you need something dropout-proof, for the lack of a better word. This can be achieved in two ways: the earbuds have clips that are attached to your auricle or they go deep enough and have quite an intricate shape, one that would prevent them from falling out.

And then there is the second concern, and it is one not many people even think about.

What is it, then? The answer is, sweat.

Sweat can ruin a pair of earbuds in an instance. It comprises of water and minerals, which makes it a perfectly ionizable solution. Which, in its turn, means it can conduct current and cause short circuits.

And, let me tell you, spending two hundred bucks on a pair of earbuds only to find out that your sweat ruined them sucks. For sports, you need sweatproof earbuds. The fact they are also water proof is a nice bonus.

Best Earbuds for Running

Truthfully, all earbuds for sports can be used for any kind of sports. That’s just how it is, and it’s neat! That said, sometimes, a pair of earbuds is better suited for a certain type of activity. If so, what kind of qualities should earbuds for running possess?

Before we proceed, let’s establish that any earbuds can be lost. No matter how good they are, no matter how well they are attached, they are not designed to hold on at any price. It makes sense. If something goes terribly wrong, you lose your earbuds, but not a piece of your ear.

That means it’s not impossible that even some of the earbuds I recommend will fall out once or twice during their lifetime.

So, what does that mean for runners?

You need to be able to spot them if you do lose them. You may get away from the earpiece too far to notice it easily. And that means, you need something bright, easy to seen on the ground.

That said, it’s not like something like that happens often. Your earbuds must possess other qualities.

I recommend clip-earbuds for runners, particularly TWS or one-piece earbuds. The reason for that is that there will no wires for any stray branch to catch. As for a pair of wire-connected earpieces, there is a possibility you will catch something. At the same time if you don’t use earbuds with clips, it’s better to use earpieces that are connected to each other physically. Even if one falls out, the wire will not let it fall down.

Chin-Best Touch Control True Wireless Anti-Dropout HeadphonesIf you want me to recommend you some of the most convenient earbuds, here you go! These Chin-Best earbuds are indeed some the best when it comes to convenience.

Easy to connect, easy to charge, impeccable sound quality… these things are good enough to make the earbuds a viable competitor to other earbuds. However, the sweatproof and anti-dropout design is truly the cherry on top of the cake. They are very comfortable, and you will not even feel the need to adjust them. Thanks to the three sizes of ear tips and the light weight, you won’t even notice they are there. They are not easy to notice for other people, either, unlike many other earbuds that cling to your ear like a desperate hero holding on to a cliff. At the same time, they really do stay in place even when you are active. You can jog, you can run, you can lift some weights, but these babies will stay in their place no matter what you do.

The earbuds utilize the TWS technology, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of wires. They also come with easy on-ear controls, which should be a must for any earbuds. The only downside is the battery life, but even then, the earbuds can be used up to 3 hours and then recharged with the help of the charging case that comes with them. If you wan’t to know what the best wireless earbudds are, this is probably the ultimate answer.

BENNY with Charging Case Mini Bluetooth 4.1 earphoneThere are many things people expect from their phones. But there are only a few the most important. One of them is weight.

Indeed, it makes sense that we want our earbuds to be as lightweight as possible. We literally carry them in our ears, and they are actually quite sensitive to such things as weight of any object we put in there. Ideally, such objects should have no weight at all. We should no notice them, that’s what makes earbuds truly comfortable. However, this is the real world, and the scientists are yet to invent levitating earbuds.

But it’s okay. These earbuds can offer you a lot more. The first thing I feel I should bring up is automatic connection. You don’t have top go through all the trouble of connecting them via menus and the like, just take them out of the case and you’re done.

The case, by the way, can be used to recharge the earbuds, and make them can last up to 12.5 hours in ideal conditions. Not the most convenient way to extend battery life but surely the most widely used. However, unlike many other charging cases, you can use this one to fill up your phone rather than just your earbuds.

Bluetooth 4.1 Lightweight Wireless Stereo EarbudsSport earbuds must be good for two things: delivering excellent sound quality and staying in place. Everything else… I wouldn’t say “unneeded,” but definitely not the most important thing in the world. There s no doubt each of us has their own demands and requirements, however, generally speaking, there can only be so much requirements.

But great sound can only get you so far. One of the best features of this headset is that it’s really easy to use. The earbuds are very clear, and, combined with every other quality, it makes them quite attractive for even the most picky customers.

Comfortable to wear and easy to pair with any device, this product is perfect for the gym. The IPX5 water resistant design means you can be sure they won’t be damaged because of a drop of water.

The earbuds don’t fall out of the ears, they can be easily attached to each other thanks to the magnets and the battery can last up to 8 hours. That’s a lot.

If you want to get a pair of earbuds to listen to music, this your be your first choice. Unlike many earbuds that can only be good enough for talking, this masterpiece will be a great gift for any audiophile. With volume control and track skipping, the controls are truly elegant, simple and extensive.

Add to this the fact they easily cancel all the noises around you thanks to the CVC technology, and you’ve got the best you could possibly wish for.

Don’t get distracted from your exercise! Keep going! With the ATGOIN Bluetooth Headphones it’s easier than ever. The price is very low for a product like this, so don’t miss your chance before it rises! Get the best earbuds for running today.

Best Earbuds for the Gym

Exercising in a gym means exercising in a controlled environment. Losing an earpiece is an annoyance rather than a problem. It falls down, you pick it up and insert it back into your ear. Problem solved. But isn’t that annoying anyway!

If you want frustration free experience, you still need something that will not fall out easily. However, this shouldn’t be your primary concern. No, you biggest enemy is sweat.

Indeed, if one doesn’t really need sweat-proof earbuds for running (because very few people run hard enough to start sweating bullets), this is not the case when it comes to the gym.

After some heavy lifting, it’s all but guaranteed that your earbuds will be wet as if you dipped them into a bottle of water. That means you need something really water-proof, the higher the degree of protection, the better.

As for anti-fall options, anything goes. I personally would recommend wire-connected earpieces. Not that they would give you an extra advantage, they are simply quite sufficient.

TaoTronics Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds aptX Stereo EarphonesMuch like I was saying earlier, not all wireless earbuds are literally wireless. They do have wires but they are never used to connect to a device, rather, they only connect the ear pieces together, that’s it.

Such a design does offer some advantages over both wired earbuds and independent wireless ones. Its benefits compared to fully wired phones are obvious. You are not constricted with wires and you don’t have to worry about tangled wires. But its benefits compared to wireless earbuds are also prominent. You will never lose them, not unless you are trying, that is.

This makes them ideal for workout and jogging. Unlike something like Airpods, there is no risk you will lose an earpiece because you ran too fast. If you want to listen to music when exercising, there is nothing stopping you with these earbuds.

Storing them is perfectly simple. Thanks to the fact the earpieces come with magnets, you can just attach them together. Pretty handy if you ask me.

The battery can last up to 5 hours. That’s a lot but the headset does not come with a charger case. You will have to plug it into a socket each time the battery is low on charge.

The headphones come with on-cable controls, and you can use the controls for your own convenience. You don’t have to tap your phone to answer a call, and it’s great.

But it’s not all. This headset is also noise isolating, which makes it a good option for any noisy environment.

Otium Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/ Mic IPX7 WaterproofThere are earbuds good for sports and then there are SPORTS earbuds. This Otium headset is definitely the latter.

What do people need form sports earbuds, aside from their basic functions? They should stay in one place (or, to be more specific, on your ears) and not run out of battery too quickly.

Well, Otium can give you that. And it can give you even more. This sophisticated piece of electronics is completely sweatproof and waterproof. And isn’t that just perfect?

In my experience, I never needed waterproof earbuds. But I can easily see how they can be useful. Although I doubt many people sweat so much their sweat can damage earbuds, running during the rain with them doesn’t sound like a good idea.

That’s good, but it may not appeal to you. Maybe, you don’t plan jogging in the rain. Well, how about this little fact: Otium can last up to 8 hours. Of course, it’s its peak efficiency but every other manufacturer measure peak performance of their products anyway. And, what’s even better, if you have an iPhone, you will be able to check the battery status of the headset whenever you like.

The headset comes with full on-ear controls. You can control volume, skip tracks, pause and play. The device has a standard Bluetooth range: up to 30 feet in an unobstructed space.

VEOSPORT Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with HD quality soundIt is one of those instance where the very name of the brand is a hint. Indeed, this headset for mobile is perfect for sports. That said, it doesn’t mean you only have to use it for sports. It’s perfectly good for any other uses as well. Its sound quality is more than enough for that.

However, it’s not just about sound quality. Every headset, mobile or not, has its own shtick. For this VEOSPORT product, it’s the sheer number of available ear tips. Indeed, most earbuds can’t offer anything other the tip they come with. Many come with three type of tips. That’s much better, but even three sizes are not enough to satisfy some customers. That is why VEOSPROT offers 8 types of tips. That should be enough for anyone.

8 hours of battery life and the IPX7 water protection make these earbuds even more attractive in the eyes of an average customer. These are premium earbuds, however, they do not come as separate earpieces, unlike some other models. This is both an advantage and a downside, depending on your point of view. Shared listening becomes somewhat harder and, on the other hand, you will not lose the earbuds quite as easily.

Best Earbuds for Working Out

It is not the same as being in the gym or running around. You are way more active when you’re working out than when you’re lifting weights in the gym but you also don’t move very much compared to when you’re running.

Occasionally, you make break into a sweat when doing pull ups or even stretching, and you will move around actively enough to shake the earbuds loose. Unless they are protected from this very type of thing.

You don’t really need waterproof earbuds quite as badly unless you like exercising when it’s raining, but losing an earpiece is more probable. It’s best to use clip-earbuds for this kind of activity.

True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 4.2 - Noise Cancelling Sports HeadphonesSometimes, noise canceling is not something you need full-size headphones for. Sometimes, a pair of earbuds can offer you just that. And, yes, I imply exactly what you think. This APRUS headset has a noise-canceling option. It’s not as big as you might think because it’s passive, but it’s better than nothing.

But, hey, it is not its only advantage! Did you know that ARPUS can last up to 12 hours? Well, it can! Not by itself, of course, but a charging case is not a big hindrance. It’s no 24 hours Airpods can give you with their own charging case but it’s still decent, at the very least.

That being said, both the noise-cancelling option and the extended battery life are just nice bonuses. Nice to have, but not really a viable reason to buy the earbuds.

As you might expect from earbuds of this caliber, ARPUS is waterproof and sweatproof, which makes the earbuds ideal for gym and activities. You will get three sets of eartips if you choose this product, and that mean they will fit almost anyone.

I could say more about the sound quality, but I won’t delve into details. What I will say is that they can offer you high fidelity sound. No surprise there, not many companies pay attention to nice little details like snug fit but disregard something as basic as cool sound. This is definitely not the case here.

Otium Magnetic Sweatproof Earbuds APTX Stereo Bluetooth Earphones with MicIf you want to get high-quality earbuds, Otium is one of the best manufacturers to turn to. Of course, it’s easy to find even better earbuds, it’s always possible to find something better no matter what we’re talking about, but if we are talking about the price and quality ratio, few companies and corporations can compare to Otium.

This mobile headset is one of the reasons why Otium deserves our attention. Super lightweight, they will make any sort of activity even more fun than usually, and the ear-hook design will ensure that they will never fall off your ears. Unless you’re trying really hard, that is.

Since it is Otium we’re talking about, it would be wise to mention that the ear pieces come with powerful magnets. That means you can easily attach them to each other when you need to store them.

Unlike many sports earbuds, this set comes equipped with the CVC anti-noise technology. This is the best option for any noisy environment, and that includes gyms.

Pretty good Bluetooth connection, decent sound quality, excellent convenience and low price make this mobile headset the best option for anyone who spends a couple hours in the gym a day.

SymphonyAudio IPX4 Waterproof Noisecancelling HeadsetWhen the seller put the word “Premium” in the title of a product, you know they are up to something. Either to having you on, or they really do make something great.

In this instance? It’s definitely the latter. Perhaps, it may not be as versatile as some other earbuds, but it’s definitely worth its price.

Much like many other earbuds, this headset can boast extensive battery life and waterproof design. And, like many of those with wire-connected earbuds, the earpieces have magnets inside of them, so you can easily attach them to each other and wear like a necklace.

Of course, from a name like that you probably expect more than just some convenience and simply good sound quality. Well, then how about 8 hours of battery life? Not every mobile headset can work that long, and the PX-5 definitely can. Add to this the fact it comes with the СМС 6.0 noise reduction system, and it becomes crystal clear why buying it is a very good idea.

The earbuds are HiFi-capable, not that one could expect something else from something as expensive as this and very comfortable to wear. Truth to be told, they do have one disadvantage: the price. Other than that? Not exactly. This makes them the best wireless earbuds for working out.

Best Durable Earbuds

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth HeadphonesSometimes, it’s the durability that matters most. Sometimes, it is not enough to have earbuds that are simply good or waterproof. It’s nice when you can listen to your favorite music without distortions, but it’s even better when you can’t accidentally destroy them by dropping them, for instance.

But let’s talking about other features these earbuds have. To start with, the battery life cycle is quite decent: 8 hours of playback. The sound quality is great, and the earbuds are easy to pair with any Android or iOS device, and even laptops and Kindle books. That combination means that you can listen to music all day long no matter where you go.

The phones can be equipped with three sets of eartips. That is actually standard for good earbuds, but some don’t really offer variety, and that makes them less useful. But since the BHS-530 lacks that flaw, it makes it perfect for just about anyone. If you choose the right eartip, the earbuds will not fall out of your ears.

The headset has a little unorthodox design. The BHS-530 is worn behind the ears, which is a rare design, mostly found in full-size headphones. It makes it perfect for any activities, especially since it’s sweatproof.

Best Earbuds for iPhone

If there is a company notorious for their non-conformism (and refusal to keep to some industry standards), it’s Apple. After all, one of their last iPhones doesn’t have a dedicated headphone connector. If you want to listen to music and charge it at the same time, you need to use wireless earbuds. Which you must to buy separately.

A lot of earbuds are compatible with iPhone. But I must give credit where the credit’s due. Apple products work best with Apple product, this is a fact, and while you can save yourself a couple hundred dollars, you must always remember that there is no guarantee you will be satisfied with using a non-Apple product with your iPhone.

Apple Airpods Wireless Bluetooth Headset for iPhones with iOS 10It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include Airpods in a review on wireless earbuds. They are something we all heard of at some point. So we did.

There are many thing you probably already know about them. Yes, Apple makes them. Yes, many people complain they are very easy to lose. However, it’s not like they can’t offer you anything other than the brand and a downside. There is a reason they are as expensive as they are.

Airpods come with a lo of extra features, to begin with. Not everyone needs or wants those features, which partially explains the animosity towards Airpods, but those features are actually pretty handy, not unlike the gesture system for iOS and Mac OS.

How do you usually use earbuds? You put them in your ears and hit the play button on your device, correct? But what if you need to take them out for a moment? You either miss something or have to do a lot of extra manipulations. This is never a problem with Airpods, to pause playback you only have to take the earbuds out of your ears. Audio plays again the moment you put them back. It’s that simple.

Do these earbuds offer you on-ear controls? Well, this is where things get trickier. You can double-tap them and that will activate Siri. In theory, that should give you control over the volume, tracks and everything else. Too bad most people are too embarrassed to talk to digital assistants in public and some never use them in the first place. I myself surely don’t, and don’t like using them on principle. That renders Airpods useless to me. Well, not quite useless, but paying for something I will never use does not sound like a good idea.

But if you do use Siri, Airpods may be just the thing for you.

The earbuds are ultralight and the W1 chip they use consumes as little energy as possible thanks to which the Airpods can last up to 5 hours. Not much when it comes to headphones but a lot for earbuds. However, you actually have even more time than just 5 hours.

All you have to do is to take the charging case that comes with the earbuds with you and you’re good to go for 24 hours. That’s how much time you get in total. It may seem like a poor trade-off, after all, you can’t use the earbuds while they are charging. But, in truth, you only need 15 minutes of charging to get 3 more hours of playback.

So, do I recommend Airpods? Most certainly, if you have an iPhone and use Siri. This model is quite expensive, but what else did you expect from Apple? These are the best wireless earbuds for iPhone 7 (especially since wired earbuds are far from the most optimal choice).

FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Invisible HeadphoneTo tell you the truth, this product is far from the best if you want something for listening to music. Actually, it would be a terrible mistake to buy it for that. The reason for that it’s a one-piece earbud. Oh, it does com with a mic, and it will never fall out of your ear if you’re doing some heavy lifting, but it cannot and will not give you stereo sound. Alas, you can only wear it in one ear.

However, to each grievous downside there is an advantage, and this Focuspower F10 earbud is not an exception. You can’t isolate yourself completely? But that means you can hear what’s going around you perfectly fine. It will make talking on the phone exactly like talking on the phone, the only difference will be that you want have to hold anything in your hands.

While it’s a terrible choice for an audiophile, the F10 can be a lifesaver for a businessperson. Not only will you not miss an announcement in an airport while making an important call and carrying your laptop in one hand and coat in the other, your F10 will easily connect to your second phone if you need it to. Yes, its brilliant design allows connecting to two phones simultaneously.

All in all, this earbud is primarily meant for phone calls, nothing else.

Joyful Heart JH900 Waterproof Sport HeadsetOne of the biggest problems when it comes to wireless earbuds is charging. Of course, all earbuds come with a charging device if they are connected wirelessly, but that device cannot be used whenever you like. You need either an 110V outlet or a USB plug if the manufacturer has thought of this beforehand.

What’s so special in the JH900? Well, nothing, except that it comes with a car charger. Considering that most people use their car to commute, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery. Just charge the earbuds when you’re in your car.

Not that you will need to resort to that too often. The earbuds have enough battery life to last 8 hours playing music, and that’s a lot for earbuds.

What’s even better is that you can pair the earbuds with two device simultaneously. It is not a feature many people need, but when you do need it, it surely comes in handy.

Contrary to what you might expect from such an intro, the JH900 is perfectly good for the gym. The earpieces are not just inserted in ear, they are attached to the auricles and that makes them incredibly stable.

Combined with IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof design, it is one of the best multi-purpose earbuds.

Best Earbuds with Unusual Style

Sometimes, the only reason we want to buy something is because it looks good. And there is no denying wireless earbuds do look better than wired, if only they are much more tidy.

While I would not base my options on how a product looks, it is certainly a viable strategy.

There are many types and style earbuds can have. It’s very easy to highlight at least a dozen. But I doubt you wish to read about every type of earbuds the human mind can conceive.

Let’s go with three. A nice, simple number.
1) Aggressive style. Enough said. This is something a gamer would want. They look cool, they create the impression of a sport car, a bullet, a jet – things like that.
2) Futurisctic style. Excatly what it is.
3) Unorthodox design. I will not provide any example. Such eearbuds can be gross, to say te least. Just one example: earring earphones. Yes, you got it right.

Wewdigi Cowin HE8I Active Noise Cancelling EarbudsIf you want to reduce background noise, go for these earbuds. They can’t silence a jet taking off, but what they can is to silence someone talking right next to you. Specifically, they cancel low- and mid-frequency sounds up to 32dB. Supposedly, they reduce 99% of ambient noise, but that’s just a marketing statement. What the manufacturer is trying to say is that you shouldn’t expect them to reduce noise completely. This won’t happen, I guarantee you that. But, to be fair, it doesn’t matter what sort of earbuds you use. None will give you a completely soundproof design, it’s just not how they work. Active noise canceling helps to cancel noise out, but only passive noise isolation can be truly effective.

You don’t have to listen to anything to enjoy noise-canceling. You can only use them for that, and it that case, the battery will last longer, up to 11 hours. It’s going to be less if you use it for calls or music, from 5 to hours if you’re lucky.

For the price, the HE8 earphones are probably the best mobile wireless earbuds. And it’s like we need to focus on the price, they are actually very good regardless.

The on-ear controls are decent, and the aggressive design may be unappealing to some, but other people will be in love with these earbuds because of it. They are perfect for gamers, or rather, for those of them who use mobile device. Not that there are few.

 Coolbit V4.1 Wireless Bluetooth Mic and Mute Switch EarbudsWhen we see a monophonic earpiece, we immediately assume it’s not meant for listening to music. Indeed, such a headphone will fail to deliver immersion by design. It’s okay, but it also mean that uses for such a gadget are quite limited.

The headset is easy to pair with any device, including iPhone. The call quality is beyond most people’s wildest dreams. But only if you consider the price as well. Indeed, it’s quite low for an earbud like that.

It is a good opinion for the gym? Maybe, maybe not, but I do know it’s sweat proof and good for making a call. Really good. I can assure, people on the other side won’t even realize you’re using any kind of Bluetooth device to talk to them. It’s that good.

Lightweight and comfortable, the Coolbit should be your #1 choice if you want a budget Bluetooth earpiece. And let’s not forget its elegant design and on-ear (or rather, behind-the-ear) controls.

Although minimalistic at the first glance, the earbud is visibly high-quality. Plus, the manufacturer does not hide anything from us, the customers. They acknowledge that the battery will only last a few hours… if you use it at full power. But that can easily be extended to 7 and ever 8 hours if you only listen to music and talk. It is also quite durable.

ALOFOX Bluetooth Headphones True Wireless Earbuds X11The first thing you will notice in the Alofox earbuds is their unorthodox design. It’s not just the earbuds themselves, either. The charging box design is quite peculiar as well. Actually, since I already brought this up, let me tell you a little bit more.

The charging case allows to charge each earpiece separately. Not only that, you can also easily extract the charging boxes. If you want to and use them to store the earbuds instead. But the main advantage is that you can charge just one earpiece at a time and use the other one. Although it’s hard to enjoy music that way, it’s more than sufficient to use it for calls.

Of course, it is not without its own shortcomings. The battery life, while not very short, is not long enough. Even the best the battery can give you, 3 hours of talk time, is nothing compared to many other earbuds. However, it is not very expensive, and you can use and charge each piece se[eartely, so there’s that.

On the upside, the X11 is easy to use and pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including tablets, and it’s perfectly comfortable and does not fall out easily. Perfect for showing off, less so for the gym. But there is one quality they undoubtedly have, they are the best durable earbuds.

 Best Gaming Earbuds

S1 Plus Wireless Headset Fashion Bluetooth Gaming HeadphonesSometimes, people buy earbuds for a specific purpose. Sometimes, they buy them for gaming. Of course, I’d rather recommend a gaming headset for that particular purpose, however, not if you use your phone or any other mobile platform for gaming.

They are perfectly suitable for gaming, mostly because of their robust and flashy design. They sit in place tight enough, and they sound is good.

But the best part about them is the price. I would not use these earbuds for listening to music for two reasons: one, while the sound is decent, it’s nothing special. Second is the battery life. It’s not autonomous enough. It’s not too bad, but many earbuds work longer in playback mode.

They are not good for jogging or working out. They are good for people who don’t move around too much, and that’s it’s good for gamers, who mostly seat in one place.
The ear clips are soft and comfortable, which makes them perfect for long time sessions. It’s the earbuds themselves that may fail to keep up because of their relatively small battery life. Nevertheless. You will get at least 4 hours of playback.


Best Sounding Earbuds

SENSO Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo HeadsetsWhen you want the best quality of sound, the best price, and you want your phones to be miniature, the SENSO headphones are probably the first thing you should get. But be careful! While these earbuds are probably the best when it comes to sounding, they are not nearly as versatile and durable as some other products.

While it is an IPX-7 waterproof headset, I would not recommend dropping it into water. It is surprisingly susceptible to fluids for a waterproof product. But as long as you don’t use it in extreme circumstances you should be fine. More than fine, actually.

They are not very expensive, not very cheap either. All in all, you get what you pay for. And that’s 8 hours of active play time, 240 hours of stand mode and just 1.5 hours of charging time. The drives are made out of state of the art materials, and the sophisticated shape allows for crystal clear tone.

The earbuds come with active noise suppression. Not quite rare these days, but it’s still something that’s better to have.

The earbuds work out of the box, the process of connection is not complicated at all. The sound is great, and with how the earbuds stay in place no matter what you’re doing, it makes them perfect for the gym, especially if you appreciate good music.

Best Bass Earbuds

Wireless V4.1 Ultra-Light Metallic Magnetic Sport EarphonesThose who are looking for sound quality, comfort, and reliability, should definitely turn their eye to this headset. First of all, it is extremely lightweight, more so than many other earphones. Just 0.38 ounces in weight, these earbuds are probably among the smallest. Nevertheless, they are not inadequate when it comes to sound and, in fact, they have very good performance.

So, what can you expect for them? At the very least, you can count on having deep bass. It’s good enough to make these earbuds one of the best as long as bass is considered. But even then, they are not too bad when it comes to higher frequencies. Just as it can give you bass, it can give you crystal clear tremble. If you enjoy good music, you’ll enjoy your new earbuds even better.

The earpieces are equipped with miniature magnets that makes storing them convenient and easy. You can wear them like a necklace if you wish, it’s no different from other earbuds in this regard.

The earphones can last up to seven hours, and you can charge them in two. Easy to pair with any Bluetooth device, they are the best thing an audiophile can buy for listening to music outside. They are especially good for listening to techno.

Best Truly Wireless Earbuds on the Market

Some of the earbuds in this review are truly wireless. It means that each earpiece functions independently and is not connected to its counterpart physically. Rather, they are synchronized wirelessly.

While it may be what you think of when you imagine wireless earbuds, not many models have this feature. And it’s understandable why. Such synchronization cannot be simple. It requires an extra controlling chip, and the quality of signal reception is paramount. Synchronization issues can potentially spoil any fun you can experience.

As a rule, TWS earbuds (truly wireless earbuds, that is) cannot work for a long time. The reason for that is that each earpiece has its own battery, it cannot be separate. The smaller the earpiece, the less it will work autonomously. It is not a defect, it is a logical shortcoming for such a design.

LOWELLTEK V4.2 with Dual-Function Portable ChargerThese earbuds are Bluetooth 4.2 enabled. It’s not too much, but it still gives them an advantage over other earbuds that utilize Bluetooth 4.1 at best. And many don’t even have that.

What does it mean for you? Well, to start, these earbuds are compatible with both Siri and Google Now. It makes them ideally suitable for iOS and Android devices. Of course, that is no to say they are only compatible with them and nothing else. That would be plain wrong. They are compatible with any device and easy to pair, they simply cannot offer any extra features to use, not because the earbuds themselves lack them, it’s simply because many other devices don’t have virtual assistant you could talk to using these earbuds.

The earpieces are very small and capable of deliver crystal-clear sound at the same time. What it less impressive is estimated playback time, which is only 3 hours. Not too much, but it’s compensated by the portable charger you can use to charge the earbuds several times over. And not just them! You can use it as a powerbank for your phone.

The earpieces can be used independently or in stereo mode. While the latter is self-explanatory, the former is quite useful as well. You can either charge just one of the earpieces, or you and another person can use them both to listen to the same music or watch the same music.

Best Noise-Isolating Earbuds

Elepawl EP9 XPro Active Noise Cancelling Isolating EarbudsThese days, as technology is making colossal steps, noise suppression is not something you can only get for an astronomical price. These days, fiction of past has become reality. And if you want to get a pair of noise isolating earbuds, there are hundreds and thousands to choose from.

However, if noise isolation is your primary concern, you definitely should try out the Elepawl EP9 headset. They are perfect for cancelling noise, and it’s not their only advantage. But let’s talk about the noise cancelling features first.

The EP9 is equipped with an AMS3421 noise-cancelling chip. It’s not all that different from many other chips that have the same purpose, but it’s definitely one of the best. It is capable of completely silencing noises up to 32dB between 20 Hz and 2 KHz, which is enough to get rid of most technogeneous noises, such as the sound of vehicles and engines. Very handy in a loud place.

As for the rest of its features, it’s a pretty decent device capable of delivering high fidelity sound, including deep bass. It is also lightweight and very ergonomic thanks to the ear wing. But its other main feature is on the go charging. Yes, you heard it right, you can charge it from your smartphone via the micro-USB port. And it’ll only take 3% of your phone’s charge to charge this headsets fully. And after it’s charged, well, it can easily last up to 20 hours. That’s comparable to Airpods, but those are more expensive than this product and only work well with Apple devices, while this headset is far more versatile.

Best Earbuds with Mic

Jayfone Bluetooth Noise Cancelling HD Stereo EarphonesNo matter what you want from your earbuds, this Jayfone headset will probably give you that. It’s extremely lightweight, sweatproof and its battery life is more than enough to satisfy any athlete. It may seem like 8 hours of playtime is not too much, but if you use this headset in the gym, you will hardly be able to exercise for 8 hours. At the same time, it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge this headset, so there’s that.

Equipped with ergonomical hooks, these earbuds are the best choice for any sort of activities. This includes not only the gym and workout, but also running, working, cycling and hiking. Whatever it is, the headset will stay safely secured.

The headset comes with a high-quality microphone, which is something many other headsets lack. It is capable of transcoding HD sound, and the earphones themselves are even more impressive in that they can produce sounds from 20 Hz to 20 KHz without any difficulties. Thye latter is something many headsets can do, but the sound quality is beyond what most earbuds can offer even though their frequency range is the same.

The Jayfone headset will be the best product for an athlete or anyone who spends a lot of time in the gym.


Bluetooth Earbuds Guide

Almost everyone owns a cell phone these days. Of those who do, almost everyone has at least a pair of earbuds, or even more than that. That’s expected, after all, almost all smartphones come with their own earbuds. But many of those are wired, and the exceptions are too few to seriously consider them. Chances are, if you have a smartphone, it came with corded earbuds.

Usually, such earbuds are far from the best money can buy. That is not a rule, and you maybe one of those lucky people who never had trouble with their earbuds but even the best of wired headsets have their major disadvantages endemic to them. If so, why bother buying a wired headset for your phone when you can get a pair of wireless earbuds instead? Sure, you may have your own preferences, but that sounds like a better idea.

My goal here was not just to make some wireless earbuds reviews, I want to give you a guide for you to do your own reseacrh, if you want to. Get the best Bluetooth earbuds you want!

Why you need a mobile headset

But first, let’s talk about why you need a headset for your mobile in the first place. I’m not talking about just headsets specifically, standard earbuds without a mic mostly have same advantages and uses, although they lack a couple of others.

The main reason is that you will be the only one who can hear the sound that comes from the earbuds. The second reason is that you will not depend on the quality of the speakers on your phone.

Doesn’t sound like much? But it’s a lot, in reality. It’s easy to never notice that you need a headset because you can just use it, but if there is a need for it, and there is nothing for you to use, you will find that out the hard way. Of course, you will need the best earbuds there are, if only because of the wireless connection. The connection doesn’t have to be faulty to spoil all the fun, it can be just not perfect enough.

Let’s suppose that the speaker on your phone is a little too loud. And don’t want anyone to be able to overhear you. The solution?

Earbuds, of course.

It doesn’t really matter if they come with a mic or not. Their primary purpose is not to free your hands, even though it wouldn’t hurt. No, there are different reasons:

  • To hear the person you’re talking to clearer
  • To not let someone else listen in

For that, a pair of earbuds is the best solution. They don’t even need to be wireless. Even the standard earbuds that came with your phone are sufficient for that. We’ll talk about advantages of wireless earbuds later, but to have even corded earbuds on hand is better than not to have anything.

The nature of watching movies is not even remotely as confidential as talking to someone. But it’s still better not to announce to the whole wide world what exactly you are watching, unless that is your intention.

On top of that, many movies seem too quiet when you’re watching them without a pair of earbuds. Although a pair of excellent media headphones can be even better, but even lousy earbuds can significantly improve your experience compared to using the built-in speakers. Built-in phone speakers will always lacks rich bass and other finer aspects of audio.

The reason for that is twofold: the drive size and the distance the sound has to travel. The former always influences the latter.

The longer the distance is, the lower frequency can a speaker produce, and that often depends on the speaker and only its size. But it’s not just the size of the drive with earbuds.

When an earpiece is inserted into your ear, it will take a longer distance for the sound wave from the front size of the drive to reach the back end. The sound has to literally travel through your head, and that distance is enough to produce high-fidelity sound even with a micro-drive.

When it comes to listening to music, the quality of the audio equipment cannot be overestimated. That is when cheap standard earbuds are not enough. Oh, they will suffice to give you the general idea of what a song sounds like, but not actually enjoy it.

The root of the problem is the same as with movies. It’s just that you really need impeccable sound with music, which is optional with movies.

With music, you need high-fidelity. The size alone means nothing. Obviously. You need to consider other factors, such as total harmonic distortion and frequency response and whatnot.

My advice? Either don’t buy earbuds for music online because you can’t hear what they sound like or only buy dedicated earbuds for music. Not that there are many. Audiophiles prefer full-size headphones (not headsets, mind you). Even though earbuds do not need to big to deliver quality sound, a bigger drive is still better, if only a little. However, audiophiles need that “a little.”

Some people are ready to go very far and spend a fortune to get the sound they need. If you are one of them, please, consider buying something else. Even the best earbuds will disappoint you. They may be good, but they aren’t that good.

Talking, watching movies or listening to music does not require that you use a headset at all. Standard earbuds are more than enough to deliver quality sound. All a headset can offer you on top of that is the mic. But even if you do need a mic (for talking), the built-in microphone is usually more than enough for that.

That said, there are situations when that is simply not an option. You need to hold your phone in your hand to speak into the mic, and, sometimes, that it less than desirable.

What are those situations, then?

I would say driving, but it’s better to not use your phone when driving, even if it’s hands-free. It’s too distracting. It has nothing to do with legal issues, it’s just that getting distracted when driving is a receipt for a disaster. It’s better not to, hands-free or no hands-free.

However, there are plenty of other activities you may need your hands for. For instance, carrying something. Or even resting. The point is if you need your hands free, earbuds are one of the few options available to you. You can put your phone in your pocket and do what you want while still being able to answer the calls and listen to music.

When you don’t need a mobile headset or earbuds

That said, sometimes a mobile headset is just not an option, or even simply earbuds. It’s always individual, and it is inevitable that some people will never benefit from using earbuds.


Well, for instance, you simply don’t like to use earbuds. That’s a very good reason in its own right. If you don’t like them on principle, nothing will change your opinion. But it’s highly unlikely you are one of those people. How do I know? Because you are here.

But aside from that, there is always a risk the earbuds will be uncomfortable for you to wear. It happens to some people, and it happens to me all too often. Not much can be done about that. Still, even if you do find earbuds in general uncomfortable, you don’t need to swear off them completely. What you need to know, however, is that wireless earbuds won’t solve your problem. They are no different from wired ones in this one aspect.

There are also other other factors, some of which may make you stop and think if you really want to buy new earbuds.


Obviously, when you are using loudspeakers, you can’t use the earbuds. That doesn’t mean you may not use them on some other occasion, but still, some people always prefers use the speaker mode rather than a headset.

Standard earbuds can’t really offer any advantages over loudspeakers with the exception of privacy. That said, if we consider headsets, they usually have an option to answer a call without removing the phone from your pocket

When you don’t need to free your hands

While the ability to keep one’s hands free is surely convenient, some people never actually use it. And when they do need to use it, the headset that comes with the phone is usually more than enough, if it’s ever unpacked, that is.

But are you really one of those people who never need something like that? Have you considered the possibility you simply never noticed that you need it because you kept the standard earbuds?

Granted, since you are reading this article, you probably do need new earbuds. But then again, what kind of earbuds? If you think you only need them for listening to music, you can get some great earbuds, but there is always a possibility you will be only able to use them for listening to music or watching videos and movies, but not talking. There are plenty of earbuds that are meant for enjoying media content, but they will be useless for talking on the phone, for instance – you may have to keep the phone in your hands to talk to someone.

When you’re afraid you will lose the headset

This isn’t a problem for standard corded earbuds. However, this is actually a real issue when it comes to wireless headsets. Unlike headsets designed for computers, earbuds are tiny, and they makes them too easy to ignore. Add to this the fact they don’t have a cord, and their advantage becomes an issue.

When you don’t want to look strange

Now, this is not something you should be concerned about. If you are thinking about buying a pair of earbuds, without a mic, you may reconsider your choice.

These days, everyone knows about mobile headsets. While you may get a few strange looks at first, people will soon realize you’re talking on your phone, even if they can’t see the phone.

Associated equipment

USB Wifi Adapter 600Mbps USBNOVEL Dual Band 2.4G / 5GWireless mobile headsets do not require that you use any sort of additional equipment. However, this is only true if you use them with your phone. If you intend to use with something else, it is possible that you will require something like a wireless dongle.

But if you go for corded earbuds, this is when you may run into some surprises. For instance, some phones use the 2.5 mm jack, some use the 3.5 mm jack, the newer versions of iPhone use their own port, and there is no end to these endless options. But if you use a wireless headset, it stops being a problem.

Why wireless earbuds are better

Of course, wireless earbuds has a lot of disadvantages. Some of them has more disadvantages than others, but, ultimately, they are the same. That said, just how important are they, really? Sometimes, the perceived disadvantage may actually be the downside of a boon.

Let’s talk about those.

First of all, if you get wireless earbuds, you can forget about entangled wires. This is simply a non-problem for you, not anymore. You do get other problems, instead, such as having to keep in mind how long your earbuds can work before you’ll need to recharge them.

Second, such earbuds are discreet. Most of them are. Unfortunately, it cannot be said about all of the types. Only truly wireless earbuds are discreet enough, and even then it is possible to notice them. Even then, such models as behind-the-ears earbuds do not really draw attention, and, more importantly they do not get in your way.

Third, it is easier to make wireless earbuds waterproof. They can be completely encapsulated in rubber or any other waterproof material, and they will work properly even if you drop them into water.

Fourth, and this is really important, they don’t get in your way when you’re doing something. It is crucially important for sports and the gym.

Main Criteria For Choosing Earbuds

If you know exactly what you need, the process of choosing will not be difficult for you at all. Or will it?

That’s not as easy as it may seem. Even if you are an expert, there are things you may simply forget about.

In general, however, there are two main criteria: design and the technology used. While it may seem like you can dismiss either, it is not always the case for several reasons.

Technology is one of the main criteria you need to pay your attention to. The other is design, but design does not affect how the earbuds sound, although it may affect how comfortable they are.

There are several sub-topics we can talk about when it comes to technical aspects.

But first, let’s talk about generalities.

While there are many types of earbuds, all that boils down to only several. First, there are complex and primitive earbuds. The latter are never wireless. Essentially, they are just speakers with wires packed into a tiny plastic frame. There is no sophistication, although that kind of simplicity makes them easier to repair (if you can do that). Or, you can easily re-purpose them for something, again, if you know how to.

Wireless standard is another important factor, but most wireless earbuds are Bluetooth with an AVRCP extension.

Frequency ResponseDrive SizeBattery LifeDurabilityCall QualityAudio Quality

Frequency response is one of the most important parameters for any sort of earbuds and headphones. Essentially, this is the ultimate range of frequencies your earbuds (or headphones) can reproduce. Usually, the best of them have a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, however, this is not a must for most of them.

While it is true that the human ear can perceive sounds up to 20 KHz, for many people even 17 KHz is a challenge. They just can hear such sounds, and the older a person is, the more trouble they have with perceiving high frequencies.

The size of the drives is pivotal when it comes to headphones. The larger the drive, the better the quality of sound. However, it is a little bit different when it comes to earbuds. It is simply impossible to make them large enough to allow for powerful bass, not if you rely on the size alone. Thankfully, since earbuds are inserted into the ears, it is possible to cheat: the length of your ear canal is added do the diameter of the drive.

The battery life is a very important parameter for a pair of earbuds. A good business headset is capable of functioning or more than 30 hours. Ear buds, however, do not have the room to accommodate a big battery.

Does that mean earbuds cannot function for a long time? Not in the slightest. In fact, the infamous AirPods, for all their faults, can last up to 24 hours. They have disadvantages, sure, but people often forget about the upsides, which they also have.

Due to their miniature size and the need to pack as much as possible into a tiny earpiece, they are quite fragile. It is one of the reasons why earbuds don’t last long. Especially when it comes to the earbuds that come with the earbuds, as they are not made particularly sturdy or high-quality.

Of course, more expensive earbuds are usually also more durable but this is not a universal rule. The price does correlate but it is not something you should pay all of your attention to.

Call quality depends on the quality of sound, but the quality of the mic is also important. However, the main factor is the quality of the connection. Due to the nature of phone calls, you depend not just on how good your earbuds are but the quality of he other person’s phone as well. Really good earbuds can help you with that, but it is important to remember that they cannot guarantee perfect sound in these circumstances.

It is also important to remember about encoding and frequency response of the line. It’s quite low relative to the average frequency response of earbuds. If you buy the earbuds for making call, you don’t need to pay attention to the frequency range.

At the same time, many people use such VoIP clients as Skype to make calls. Some of these protocols can ensure better sound transmission, and if you intend to use your phone for that, it would be a good idea to buy something that can has the frequency range of 20 Hz – 18KHz.

Audio quality is the most important quality you have to account for when purchasing a pair of earbuds. After all, despite everything else you might need, the first thing you need is good audio. That’s why you need the earbuds in the first place (aside from the convenience factor).

What exactly affect the audio quality? There are several factors: the diameter of the drives, the quality of the connection, and the quality of the amplifier, if there is any, as well as absence of noise.

Wireless earbuds are actually better when it comes to the connection quality. They do not depend on the state of the plug, and that alone is a very important factor.

Noise is a problem when it comes to headphones and earbuds. There is no denying that.

First, it can prevent you from enjoying your music or videos. Second, it can make talking to someone impossible. It does not matter how good your phone is if you can’t hear the voice of your friend because of noise.

The cheapest solution? Get away from the source of noise or make the source get away from you. It’s actually preferable, most of the time. But it’s impossible to do that sometimes. What is the solution then?

Well, there are two. One is noise isolation and the other noise cancelation. They are not the same and each has its own advantages and downsides.

Noise CancelationNoise Isolation

Let’s talk about noise cancellation, after all, it’s a little bit more sophisticated solution.

I doubt there are many reliable noise canceling earbuds, but you can easily purchase noise cancelling headphones. The reason for that is the size. A noise canceling headset needs at least one microphone on each ear cup to function as well as electronics to process the sound and compensate for noise. Ear buds are simply too small to accommodate that.

Still, there are earbuds with such options. The best of noise-canceling earbuds cannot be compared to noise canceling headphones, and even then noise-canceling is not the best way to get rid of the noise.

Interestingly, some of the earbuds in our review can be used for noise-canceling only. Which means, you don’t really listen to anything, you just use them to cancel out ambient noise.

Noise isolation, unlike noise cancellation is completely natural for earbuds, but only as long as we are talking about in-ear headphones. Due to the fact they occupy the entire ear channel, they isolate any sound that comes from outside. That is their design.

Of course, not all earbuds have this design. However, that means that they have a very prominent disadvantage. To drown the noise, the only thing you can do is to max the volume, but that’s actually bad for your health. That is why noise-isolation earbuds are essential.

When all of the technical problems are solved, there is only one thing that is left. And, while the least critical, it can be easily the most important for many people. Ear buds are meant for listening to music or talking, true, but they can also be a fashion statement.

There are several factors to consider.

Wearing StyleForm FactorComfort

As far as wearing goes, there are at least two styles: standard tear-drop shaped earbuds and in-ear phones.

Each type has its own advantages and flows. In-ear phones tend to be quite irritating for some people, especially if they have a bigger diameter than the ear canal. But even if not, there are still some other issues.

As I said earlier, in-ear headphones are very good at isolating noise. That also means they make hearing what is happening around you much harder.

Some earbuds, however, are not actually in-ear. While are inserted into the ear, they don’t go into the ear canal. They drop out of the ear easily, and they provide no isolation, however, this can be both a flaw and a bonus.

Not to confuse with wearing style, form factor is exactly the thing that makes earbuds different from standard headphones. But it does not mean there is no further distinction. While color and other such factors do not count for something like this, there still are at least two basic designs: in-ear phones and typical earbuds.

Ear buds are but of type of headphones, of which there several. We will not talk about them here but let me mention what other types there are: circumaural headphones, on-ear headphones and hybrid on-ear earbuds. All of these are cumbersome, although the hybrid phones can still be carried in the pocket depending on their design.

Comfort is very important with any piece of equipment you might wear on your body for a long time. It is especially important for earbuds – more so than for other types of headphones – because they are worn in ears rather than on ears. In-ear phones are even worse because they are inserted into the ear canal.

Ideal For

Depending on what activity or purpose you want to purchase earbuds for, they can be either or less suitable for that particular activity or purpose.

The sound quality is important but we’ve already discussed that.

What we didn’t discuss was sports.

Package is not as critical as some more essential properties. That does not mean it is not important, because it is.

The package is what protects your new gadgets when they are shipped to you, and your earbuds are no exception to this rule. It does not matter when they finally arrive, but it’s a good idea to try and find out how well they are packed. Of course, delivery in general is quite important and it’s always a good idea to pay more attention to how a product will be shipped to you beforehand.


Using earbuds is not very complicated. The problem is some specific types of earbuds. Wireless earbuds do come in many varieties, and, although it may seem like a non-issue, the problem exists.

First of all, since any wireless device needs an energy source, it is necessary to be exceptionally careful where you use them. Short-circuiting them is never a good idea, and some wireless headphones are known to catch fire occasionally. Now, ear buds do not have an equally powerful source of energy, but they still have one and you should keep that in mind.

Another factor is the purpose. What do you need the earbuds for? For sport? For heavy lifting? If so, forget about things like AirPods. Too easy to lose.


Storing earbuds is never a problem if we’re are talking about wireless ones, because they take up so little space. But for those same reasons using them is a little bit trickier, storing is also not quite as easy it may seem.

You need to account for the possibility of spontaneous combustion if you buy cheap earbuds, and that’s bad for, understandably.


How to wear wireless earbuds

It may seem like a pointless question, however, many people don’t actually know how to do that. This is not a sign of stupidity, it just means they don’t know that.

“But how is it possible?” you may ask. It’s not a question of how to physically wear it, rather, it’s a problem of how to prevent it from being damaged.

I’m sure you will agree that wearing independent truly wireless earbuds is not the best idea when you’re paddling. If you drop them into the water, they are as good as gone, and you probably won’t ever find them again anyway. That’s rather extreme for an example, but it gives the general idea.

There are several wearing styles when it comes to earbuds.

Earbuds can be worn in-ear, behind the ear, on the ear and behind the neck. The last one does not actually indicate how the earpieces themselves are worn and refers to the headset in general.

Behind-the-neck headsets are good for running, but not suitable for everyone. The way such a headsets swings and hits the neck when you run is quite irritating for many. I recommend wearing such headsets for other activities, such as weight lifting. They are also good for gaming or in any situation when you stay in place and don’t move around much.

It is important to remember that waterproof earbuds are not equally waterproof. There are varying degrees of waterproofness, and even then, they are mostly sweatproof rather than actually not susceptible to water. Dropping earbuds into a puddle is always a bad idea. However, some are protected from rain and humidity well enough.

Truly wireless earbuds are a little more complicated – and simpler at the same time. They don’t have any wires that can get in the way, but it makes losing them easier.

How to connect wireless earbuds to PC

As a rule, connecting any wireless headphones, including earbuds, to a PC, is not complicated. However, not every PC is Bluetooth-enabled. Full-sized headsets usually come with a USB Bluetooth dongle and drivers for them, or they don’t use Bluetooth at all, and utilize other wireless protocols instead, such as WiFi, both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

However, the question of how to connect a Bluetooth headset to a computer is very common. In this day and age, almost every laptop is equipped with a wireless module. And since people often call their friends and family via VoIP apps rather than a phone, they need to know how to connect them to each other.

Isn’t it much more convenient to use a pair of wireless earbuds, which will allow you to talk to a person, while you freely move around your room and hear the other person clearly. They can even be used for gaming, although a full-size headset is still better for that. Or you can just watch movies or listen to music. If you use wireless earbuds, you do not need to sit at the computer, and you can move around freely without restrictions.

But, since such earbuds are primarily created for phones, the true question is whether it is possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to a computer. The answer is simple: you can, provided that the computer has a Bluetooth module installed. If it lacks the hardware, nothing will help you to connect it. It’s just common sense.

Thankfully, if you use a laptop, you can be reasonably sure it does have all the equipment you need. But if you use a desktop, you might have a problem. Seeing how most wireless earbuds don’t come with an adapter, you may have to buy one to connect the earbuds and the computer.

There are two types of Bluetooth adapters: external and internal. External are usually hooked up via the USB port. Internal adapters are typically mounted on a PCI slot. Which one is better for you is entirely up to you. Still, a USB adapter is easier to connect and disconnect when you don’t need it, while an internal adapter will stay mounted for months.

Next, you will need to install the drivers. Some generic drivers may be installed in your system already, but it’s generally better to install those provided by the manufacturer of the adapter instead.

If you run a Unix-like system with a package manager, you probably already have compatible drivers, and if you don’t, the drivers meant for Windows system will not work with your adapter anyway. They just won’t start. If you run Linux or FreeBSD, I advise that you research the adapter you are going to buy.

Generally, connecting earbuds to the computer goes like this.

You will usually need to hold the on/off button for about 10-15 seconds. This will enable the device detection and pairing mode. Next, find the Bluetooth app on your PC and run it. After that you will need to enter the PIN code. The default value is either 0000 or 1111, usually. Sometimes, it’s different, and the earbuds will refuse to connect. Make sure you enter the right PIN if connection fails repeatedly. If you do enter the right PIN, it might be a driver problem.

For other types of errors, I advise that you check the manuals, both for the earbuds and the adapter. Sometimes, rebooting the PC may help, but it is unlikely it will be needed, since modern systems work better with hardware than Windows XP, for example.

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