Best Yoga Pants for Women and Men

Tired of hearing your yoga pants tear each time you try to get into a deep stretch? Or, perhaps, your yoga pants lose their shape just after a few practices, and you get those saggy knees?

You can throw away those lousy pants once and for all. Better, look at the best yoga pants we have reviewed for you in this article. Out of hundreds of yoga pants on the market, we have chosen a few of the best just for you.

How can we know that these yoga pants are the best? We’ve chosen them based on the recommendations of professional yoga teachers. And who can know better than them? Besides, the author of the article herself has been a dedicated yogini for more than 10 years. That says something, doesn’t it?

Wearing those pants, you will achieve unreachable heights in yoga. Isn’t that what every yogi secretly desires?


High Times Pant from Lululemon

Thin and light, the pants is a perfect gift for an aspiring yogi. The moisture-wicking fabric will absorb the sweat fast, and the extra breathability make them super-comfortable. Good for physically challenging exercises.

Best Yoga Pants 2017

prAna Sutra PantsFor MenLooseLownatural+synthetic Check Price
Moto Legging Alo YogaFor WomenLeggingsHighsynthetic Check Price
KD Dance NY Sexy YogaSee ThroughLeggingsLowsynthetic Check Price
Lucy Hatha CapriCaprisCaprisMediumsynthetic Check Price
Bangkokpants Elephant PantsLooseLooseMediumsynthetic Check Price
Under Armour Mirror Boot CutBootcutBoot cutMediumsynthetic Check Price
Betabrand Dress PantDressBoot cutMediumnatural+synthetic Check Price
Three Seasons Maternity Yoga PantMaterniryBoot cutHighnatural Check Price
Zaggora Weight Loss CapriPlus SizeCaprisHighsynthetic Check Price
Fit Couture Everyday Yoga PantsPetitesBoot cutMediumsynthetic Check Price
Prolific Health Fitness Power FlexCheap Yoga PantsLeggingsHighsynthetic Check Price

Here is a chart with top yoga pants depending on their purpose. You can hover the mouse pointer over the name of the product to see its picture. Also, you can open a bigger version of this table by clicking the buttons left and below. If you click the name of the product there, you will be brought to the full version of the review. In the table itself, all the sunglasses will be available for quick analysis and comparison.

Yoga is a lifestyle. Through regular practice, we can achieve balance in all spheres of our life – physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social. Yoga helps us create a union between body, mind, and sprit.

As you practice yoga, whether it is asana – the practice of yoga poses – or pranayama – breathing techniques – you need to be fully concentrated. Nothing should distract you and interfere with your meditative state of mind.

With our hectic lifestyle, there are many factors that can affect our concentration. Loud noise from the outside, constant calls and messages on the phone, inability to have a few private moments in solitude can mess the practice of even the most devoted yogis and yoginis.

When you finally have all the conditions for a perfect morning or evening of yoga, there is yet another thing that can ruin everything. And that is uncomfortable clothes. Every detail of your yoga outfit – top and bottom – should be comfortable, have a perfect fit, and offer a complete freedom of movement.

If everything is more or less simple with yoga tops, finding a perfect pair of yoga pants is not such an easy task. You need to consider everything there is to consider to find pants that will be the best for your specific needs.

You can wear yoga pants not just to do yoga. They are great for running, pilates, dance, gym, and other workout routines. Some ladies love them so much that they even wear them outside their yoga class, often shocking people on the streets with such revealing clothes. Dress yoga pants for everyday wear have been designed  to satisfy the fashion taste of such women and to save gentle hearts of men.

Find the best yoga pants of 2017 with the help of our detailed reviews. Our guide will let you know everything there is to know about this necessary element of your yogic wardrobe.


Best Yoga Pants for Women

This pair is our absolute favorite. It combines everything a yogini needs when she is looking for yoga pants. A goddess-like design, a perfect stretchiness, a high waist with a wide waistbelt, and a wide choice of colors. What else can a yoga goddess dream of?

Made of nylon with a touch of spandex, these pants can offer all the advantages of these synthetic materials. Breathable and stretchy, they will compress and support your body as you practice yoga.

The fabric has a matte look to it with mesh and leather details that accentuate the alignment of your legs. This element of design looks fresh and interesting. Besides, the mesh increases the breathability of the garment.

With the Moto leggings, you can be sure that they will non stretch out with wear, no matter how often you practice and what poses you prefer. Stretch, bend, and twist as much as you like – your yoga pants will retain their shape, making you look and feel awesome in them.

Women’s Moto Legging from Alo YogaThese pants have a hidden pocket in the front of the waistbelt. It is so well designed that some owners of Moto leggings don’t even know it is there, even though they’ve been wearing them for some time.

The fabric is rather sturdy, so you can be sure that your pants will not be see through. That adds some weight to the garment; however, they feel very comfortable nonetheless. The leggings are rather warm; they will be great during fall and winter.

These yoga pants will be the best for ladies who are in a good shape. If you have a few extra pounds, they will not look as great on you. However, such great pants are a great motivation for losing that excess weight. So, no matter if you are skinny or full-figured, the Moto leggings from Alo Yoga will be a great buy.

The garment is available in a number of colors including gray, black, green, brown, blue, white, and red. All the hues are very interesting. You can purchase the leggings in different colors to match your mood on any given day.

As with any synthetic clothes, you should expect these pants to start pilling. That is a downside of most synthetic materials. However, all the advantages of these leggings make them completely worth the money.

No doubt, the Moto pants from Alo Yoga are the best women’s pants on the market today.

Main characteristics

Material 87% nylon, 13% spandex Breathability Good
Cut Leggings Stretchiness Excellent
Waist High Absorption Good

High Times Pant from LululemonLululemon is one of the best brands producing clothes for yoga. Their yoga tanks, workout pants and hoodies have a lot of admirers among yoga lovers. And there is a reason to that admiration. Lululemon knows perfectly well what it takes to make perfect yoga clothing.

Their High Times pants are made of Lululemon’s patented Full On Luon fabric which is composed of 82% polyester and 18% Lycra spandex. This material stretches four ways, making sure that you can transition freely from one pose to another.

The fabric has excellent moisture-wicking properties. It breathes well, too. The pants are rather thin and light. All these features make them a great option for those who love energizing yoga with a lot of Vinyasas and other physically challenging elements.

The pants are very stylish. They come in a number of colors and print patterns that will help you look unique. Everyone deserves that. After all, every person is unique and only. And yoga helps us understand and appreciate that like nothing else.

These are not full-length leggings; their length is 7/8. And that means that they are great for cycling. You can put on your yoga pants, take the mat, get on your bike, and ride to your class. This way, you’ll get a nice full-body warm-up that will allow you to get deeper into stretches during your yoga class.

Being high-waist, this model is great for women who have a belly and do not want to show their muffin top as they practice. The waistband is smooth and very wide; it is stretchy, too. It will not limit your belly when it expands as you perform full yogic breath, kapalabhati, or any other pranayama techniques.

These pants will provide great support for your body. It is amazing how the shape of your body can change when you spend time on your yoga mat; it can expand in some poses and compress in others. These pants will comfortably align your body no matter how you move.

The High Times pants have a flattering design. They will look great on any body, regardless the size or build. The leggings are available in sizes 2 to 12, so that anyone can get a perfect fit.

Main characteristics

Material 82% polyester, 18% Lycra spandex Breathability Good
Cut Leggings Stretchiness Excellent
Waist High Absorption Excellent

Women’s A400 Compression Long Tights from SKINSThese are great workout pants that can be used for many kinds of activity – running, dancing, pilates, and, of course, yoga. Like most workout clothes made of synthetic materials, they are made of a blend of nylon and spandex.

The pants have a unique design. They have seaming at specific points to help you on your way to fitness goals. The unique Gradient compression works wonders with delivering more oxygen to the muscles that are the most active during exercising. This will increase your endurance and make your muscular performance if you praсtice yoga or do a high-impact workout.

These leggings are perfect for hot yoga and such styles as Ashtanga and Bikram yoga. Their main features are excellent temperature and moisture management that will allow you to feel comfortable even after an hour in a heated class.

All the elements of these leggings are desingned to offer maximum comfort. The hems are flat-bonded and the A-seam is flexible and flat sitting for the freedom of movement and a natural feel in any position.

Another great feature of this model is strategically placed memory MX panels that offer the highest level of support to the major muscle groups, allowing you to feel less tired and preventing the iliotibial band friction syndrome.

These pants can be proudly named workout equipment, not clothing. Thanks to the compression they create on your body, the circulation in the tissues and veins increases transporting more oxygen to the muscles. And we all know what that means – much better performance.

With these magic pants, your risks of injury will decrease greatly as your muscles will work in a more effective way. The recovery process after your workout will speed up considerably.

These Compression pants will ensure a perfect fit for anybody. There is a precise size chart that uses your height, weight, chest and limb measurements to define which size will be great specifically for you. The representatives of SKINS take care of their customers by offering individual approach to each and every one, even if you are miles away.

Apart from all those advantages, these pants are stylish, too. The basic color is black. However, there are several prints available to accentuate the classic look of black leggings. You are sure to find one that will satisfy your aesthetical sense.

If you are looking for the best fitting yoga pants for women, these leggings are a perfect find.

Main characteristics

Material 76% nylon, 24% spandex Breathability Good
Cut Leggings Stretchiness Excellent
Waist High Absorption Excellent

Yoga Pants for Men

Men’s Sutra Pants from prAnaThese classic yoga pants will be a great option for those who appreciate comfort and a natural feel. They have a loose cut that will ensure comfort during your practice.

Their design includes wide legs for the freedom of movement, an inseam gusset for an even higher range of mobility, and a drawstring waist that allows regulating the width of the belt for a perfect fit.

The pants are made of a sustainable woven hemp blend with other fibers. It contains 54% hemp, 44% recycled PET plastic, and 3% spandex. Such a mixture of fabrics gives the material a lot of good properties. The material is highly breathable; it is sturdy yet lightweight and pleasant to the touch.

Thanks to the choice of material, the Sutra pants from prAna are also a great choice for those who care about the planet. Sustainable and natural, the fabric is designed in such a way that it will pose no harm neither for your health, nor for the environment.

The pants have one back pocket on the right side. It is not bulky at all, so it will not cause any discomfort. And, if you decide to wear your pants off your mat and into the everyday life, it will come in quite useful.

A great advantage of these pants is that they do not look like workout pants at all. You can wear them outside your practice – on your way to the class, perhaps – and not look as if you are about to rub a marathon. Their versatile design will look great with any outfit.

The pants are perfect for lounging indoors and outdoors, especially in summer. The lightweight and breathable material will make sure that you feel good in your pants when the temperature rises.

Men’s Sutra Pants from prAnaThanks to the crotch seam, you can do Warrior II and Low lunge without any discomfort or fear that your pants will tear. With these pants, you won’t also feel embarrassed because they are too tight and point out your private areas too much.

The material itself is not very stretchy, so, when you choose the size that will fit you, it is better to choose a size larger than a size smaller to ensure that you feel more comfortable in deep stretches.

The Sutra pants are available in several colors, each equally neutral and natural. Khaki, black herringbone, black, brown herringbone, cargo green, dark ginger, gravel, and nautical are the colors you can choose from.

Main characteristics

Material 54% hemp, 44% recycled PET plastic, 3% spandex Breathability Excellent
Cut Loose Stretchiness Medium
Waist Low Absorption Excellent

These comfy pants will be great for your yoga practice, no matter if you practice alone at home or as a part of a group in a yoga class. Either way, you are a member of the worldwide yoga community, and deserve to feel comfortable no matter when, where, and how you choose to practice.

These pants will be a great choice for those who realize that a high-quality material is one of the main things when choosing any garment, especially a garment you plan to wear during your yoga sessions. They are made from an organic cotton (92%) and Lycra (8%) blend.

Organic Cotton Long Yoga Pants from BeckonsSuch a blend makes the material very stretchy, which is always important when you are looking for a good pair of yoga pants. Other great features of this fabric are that it is breathable and absorbs moisture pretty well.

These yoga pants from Beckons have an elastic waist to make sure that your belly is not compressed in bends and twists. The pants have a low rise. They are designed for tall men and have 36” inseam. There are two side seam pockets to keep your keys or wallet in if you decide to wear the pants outside your practice.

The pants have a versatile design. They are available in three neutral colors – charcoal, teal, and black – each equally manly. The pant legs are straight and loose – a perfect solution for yoga.

These pants come in all the standard sizes – from X-Small to X-Large – so that you can find a perfect fit. There is a size chart for those who are not sure which size to choose. If you have taken your measurements and have found that you are in between sizes, it is best to choose a size up than down. This way, you are more likely to feel comfortable as you practice.

These are just basic yoga pants. They do not have any stylish elements or additional features. However, people who follow the eightfold path of yoga are usually satisfied with less. Contentment and austerity are two of the main ethical principles we should follow, on and off the yoga mat.

These pants are among the best men’s yoga pants. If you truly love yoga and want nothing more than to feel comfortable while practicing, you will like these organic cotton yoga pants from Beckons.

Main characteristics

Material 92% cotton, 8% Lycra Breathability Excellent
Cut Loose Stretchiness Good
Waist Low Absorption Excellent

Men’s Samurai Pants from SoybuThis is another great pair of pants. It will be nice for yoga or any other type of workout. They will also be a nice buy if you want pants for going for a walk or simply lounging around.

These pants are made of synthetic fabrics – 96% polyester and 4 % spandex. Polyester is known for its excellent breathability and moisture-repelling qualities. Spandex, in its turn, makes the pants stretchable.

The fabric is very lightweight – it will add almost no weight, which is very important when you perform strength poses. In yoga, we work with the weight of our own bodies, which is why any additional weight is undesirable.

The pants are available in black, gray, and blue. Men usually prefer these three colors when they choose workout clothes. The sizes you can choose from range from Small to XX-Large.

These pants are designed to make sure that you feel comfortable as you move through your flow. They have a yoke and a gusset for unlimited movement. There is an elastic cord at the waistband so that you can tighten your pants to fit as comfortably as possible.

These yoga pants have a mesh waistband, lightweight, breathable, and stretchy. It will allow you to move deep into bends and twists without causing discomfort in your belly. Compressing the belly is highly unadvisable, as this might cause digestive problems. If you like such poses as Revolved side angle, your belly should be as comfortable as possible.

These yoga pants have many pockets. The design includes two front and side pockets, and a hidden inside pocket. You can hide your valuables or your ID card and not worry that you will lose it.

The material of the pants is very soft and, though synthetic, feels very nice on the body. The water-repelling quality of the fabric makes it great for intense yoga sessions, as the pants will dry pretty quickly.

These pants are perfect for practicing outside in warm weather. They are lightweight and breathable. Besides, they feature a UPF 50, meaning you can practice even under the blazing sun.

Main characteristics

Material 96% polyester, 4% spandex Breathability Excellent
Cut Loose Stretchiness Good
Waist Medium Absorption Excellent


Best See Through Yoga Pants

Sexy Yoga & Dance Hipster Tights from KD Dance New YorkOkay, ladies. Let’s face it. Some of us visit yoga classes with one aim: to attract the attention of men. Who knows, perhaps it is your yoga group where you will find the love of your life.

That is when clothes start meaning a lot. And comfort usually doesn’t matter quite as much as design and the effect it creates. Many women think that see through yoga pants are the best way to make every man in the class look at them.

Of course, they are right, as probably everyone’s stare will be drawn to your bum in transparent yoga pants. However, I think, that will not embarrass you as that is the goal, right?

Now, see through yoga pants come in different models. Some of them are completely transparent. Those are not to be worn outside your house; or even, outside your bedroom.

There is a solution for those who want to wear see through pants to their yoga class but do not want to appear indecent – Sexy Yoga & Dance Hipster Tights from KD Dance New York.

The representatives of the brand state that their pants are “see through enough to make them look twice, yet with plenty of coverage so they can’t see the prize.” And that is true. These pants will allow you to make every man in the class see what you want them to see without showing too much.

Sexy Yoga & Dance Hipster Tights from KD Dance New YorkThe pants are knitted. Knitted clothes are in trend now. They have many advantages – soft, breathable, warm, and stylish. These pants from KD Dance New York have a wide knit that creates a mesh-like look. Still, they are rather warm, which makes them a good choice for cold months.

Apart from being see through, these pants have a lot to offer to those who want to practice yoga in them. They have a comfortable fit and will repeat the shape of your body with your every movement. Actually, these pants are made for movement. Dancing or yoga – they will be your best friend.

Make sure to choose a size that will fit you well. Some women choose a size smaller, thinking that it will make them look slimmer. However, that is not the case with these pants. They are very low on the hips and, if the pants are too tight, they are very likely to create a muffin top. Besides, if the pants are too tight they will be too see through.

With these yoga pants, you will be warm, comfortable, and sexy at the same time. They are great both for those who want to strike men or simply to practice yoga with comfort.

Main characteristics

Material Synthetic knitted fabric Breathability Excellent
Cut Leggings Stretchiness Excellent
Waist Low Absorption Good

Best Capris Yoga Pants

Women’s Hatha Capri Legging Pant from LucyIf you are looking for capri yoga pants, look no further – these are the best cropped yoga pants you can find. They are a great option for any style of yoga, vigorous or relaxing: gentle hatha, vinyasa, bikram, ashtanga, yin yoga, or any other style you choose to practice.

Made of Supplex nylon with a blend of Lycra spandex, they are sturdy enough to compress your body yet stretchy enough to let you move freely. The material has a four-way stretch, which is a great alternative to most materials that have a two-way stretch.

The capri have a low-rise design. However, they are just as comfortable as high-waist pants, mostly thanks to the wide waistband. The material offers great compression and moisture management, which is great for active and sweaty yoga sessions.

These pants have an essential element design for comfort and full range of motion during practice – a gusset. You can perform deep stretches without fearing that the seams will tear because of too much pressure on them.

The synthetic material does not require any kind of special care. You can just throw them into a washing machine and not fear that they can fade or become shapeless in the process of washing. Your capri will retain their color and shape practice after practice, wash after wash.

The pants look classic yet stylish. They come in three colors – black, black with stripes, and gray. The design of the pants include strategically placed seams that will make you look good from any angle – front, back, or side. These seams make the pant look flattering on any figure.

Thanks to the wise design and innovative technologies used in the production of the fabric, the Hatha capri pants from Lucy allow you to achieve the best results on your journey to discovering the capabilities of your body.

The pants are tight in a good way, compressing your body and making you feel comfortable as you perform activities that require a lot of movement. They are great not only for yoga, but for running, hiking, and other active sports.

Unlike most other synthetic pants, these capri do not pill with wear. They do not stretch out, too. These are non see through yoga pants; you can do the most extreme poses without fearing that everyone will behold your butt.

Another advantage of these pants is their ability not to show any sweat spots, no matter how hard you sweat. Even gray capri will not show any sweat spots, and we all know that gray pants tend to show them the most.

Main characteristics

Material 87 Supplex nylon, 13% Lycra spandex Breathability Good
Cut Capris Stretchiness Excellent
Waist Medium Absorption Excellent

Best Loose Yoga Pants

Most people prefer tights or leggings for their yoga practice. And, it is obvious, why. Tight-fitting pants perfectly repeat the shape of our bodies, not hindering movements. They also look great and flattering on any figure. Loose pants, on the other hand, are often underestimated.

Loose-cut pants, however, help to create a certain atmosphere. They create the feeling of lightness and ease. Especially, if you choose not just loose pants, but harem pants. They will make you feel like a yogini from two millennia ago.

Women’s Yoga Clothing Elephant Pants from BangkokpantsThese pants are a great option for women with any build. They are very comfortable thanks to loose legs and a high-quality material. These are one-size-fits-all pants; they will fit equally well women that wear XS, S, M, and L, US sizes from 0 to 12.

The elastic waistband stretches from 22 to 35 inches. The pants will fit the hips that are 30-46 inches in circumference. The length of the pants is 40 inches. The pants are 100% handmade, which makes them unique and valuable.

The pants have a nice pattern with elephants and Indian ornaments. This will only contribute to that specific mood during your yoga practice. They come in four colors – black, green, navy, and purple. Each of the colors is equally vibrant.

Because of the material they are made of – rayon, which is quite similar to silk, – these pants require delicate care. You should not machine wash them or tumble them dry. Only hand washing and hanging them to dry.

These pants are great for warm weather or for a heated class. Rayon is a very thin and lightweight material. It also dries very quickly, which is great for active classes when you sweat a lot.

The material of the pants is very soft. The pants are nice and loose, they will make you feel great during your yoga sessions. There are elastic bands around the ankles that will keep the pants in place no matter which pose you choose to perform.

The pants have one pocket on the side. They are not see through at all. The pants are very cozy. They are great not just for yoga. Actually, they have a look and feel of pajama pants, comfy and cozy. This makes them a great choice for a meditative and restorative bedtime practice.

Main characteristics

Material 100% rayon Breathability Good
Cut Loose Stretchiness Medium
Waist Medium Absorption Good

Best Bootcut Yoga Pants

Under Armour is a brand known for its excellent active wear. Gear for running, cycling, hiking, and other active sports is their specialty. They make comfortable clothing to ensure that you feel great and show the best result when working out.

A lot of their clothes are great for yoga, too. These pants, for one, will be a nice choice for yoga practice. They have a lot of features that make them just suitable for that.

These pants have a close to the skin fit. However, they offer no compression. They are tight and close-fitting without squeezing your body too much. They are great for gentle yoga sessions, calming and soothing, with a lot of stretches and holding the poses.

Women’s Mirror Boot Cut Pant from Under ArmourThe luxuriously soft feel of the fabric will help you relax into the poses and enjoy your practice to the fullest. Lightweight and non-restrictive, they will allow your body to acquire any any shape, no matter how much it expands or constricts in the process of getting into and holding the position.

The pants are very stretchy; in fact, they have a four-way stretch. The stretchiness of the material allows you to, well, stretch as much as you like. These pants are great for relaxing and for active stretching.

Like all boot cut pants, these are slim on the hips and loose on the calves. Many women like this design. The Mirror pants from Under Armour have a wide flat waistband that will not squeeze your belly and will not leave seam marks even if you wear them all day long. All the seams of the pants are placed in such a way that any unnecessary pressure is eliminated.

The pants are available in sizes from X-Small to XX-Large. Each size is available in tall and short, and medium length variations. This allows to find a perfect fit for women of any height and built.

You can be sure of the quality of these pants – it is incomparable. The material, though soft and lightweight, is very durable and resists wear and tear well. These pants will become your best support on your yoga journey.

Main characteristics

Material 100% other fibers Breathability Good
Cut Boot cut Stretchiness Excellent
Waist Medium Absorption Excellent

Best Dress Yoga Pants

Women’s Dress Pant Yoga Pants (Boot-Cut) from BetabrandSome people state that “dress yoga pants” is an oxymoron and yoga pants cannot be worn outside yoga practice. A Montana lawmaker David Moore has even tried to introduce a bill that would prohibit yoga pants and other closes he finds revealing. “Yoga pants should be illegal anyway,” the Huffington Post quotes Moore.

We agree that some yoga pants are too revealing. They are often too tight to compress the body, leaving nothing to the imagination. Some of them are see through when stretched. However, not all yoga pants are outright indecent. Our Betabrand yoga dress pant review will prove that to you.

In fact, they have very little to do with actual yoga pants, other than the name. They look more like classic trousers with a tight fit. If you wear these boot-cut pants from Betabrand, no one will accuse you of wearing indecent clothes in public.

These pants are made of soft materials. Their fabric consists of 68% rayon, 27% nylon, and 5% spandex. Such a blend of fibers makes the pants lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and pleasant on the skin.

With these pants from Betabrand you will feel as comfortably as if you were wearing yoga pants and look as formal as if you were wearing classic suit trousers. You can wear them anywhere – to university, to your office, going on a job interview, or any other event that requires you to wear a formal suit.

These dress yoga pants are designed to look just as formal trousers. There are belt loops, a faux zipper, side and rear fake pockets, and a button to give the pants a classic and elegant look.

Although close to the skin, these pants are never too tight, if you choose the right size, of course. The pants are available in sizes from X-Small to Large, each size having petite, long, and standard options. No camel toe guaranteed!

The pants come in four colors – black, gray, navy, and tan herringbone, each equally smart. The pants require delicate care. They may shrink slightly if you machine wash them. However, they will stretch back if you hang dry them.

Main characteristics

Material 68% rayon, 27% nylon, 5% spandex Breathability Good
Cut Boot cut Stretchiness Excellent
Waist Medium Absorption Good


Best Maternity Yoga Pants

Maternity Yoga Pant from Three Seasons MaternityPregnancy is the time when a woman requires comfort in every sphere of life. It is very important for a future mama to be relaxed, no matter what she does. Being relaxed is the key element to a healthy pregnancy.

The body of the woman rapidly changes because of the hormonal rush. However, the body is not the only thing that’s changing. A pregnant woman becomes easily hurt, which is why it is very important to show understanding.

If your wife is in a bad mood, a nice pair of pregnancy yoga pants will surely make her feel much better. They will also be a great motivation for practicing prenatal yoga. It will make your pregnancy much easier, helping you to find such symptoms as nausea, headache, back pain, and others.

Starting with the first months, the belly begins to grow. For some women it can be earlier, for some – later. Some women start showing much earlier than 12 weeks when the uterus becomes large enough to protrude above your pelvic bone.

Most women understand that their clothes are becoming too tight long before that time. Digestive problems that are so frequent during the early stages of pregnancy cause your belly to become bloated, making your favorite jeans uncomfortably tight.

Your beloved compression yoga pants might also become uncomfortable on the first weeks of pregnancy. Apart from causing discomfort, they can also be quite harmful for your health and the health of your developing baby.

Your baby needs room to grow. Wearing constrictive clothes during pregnancy, you deny your child that room. And that will surely cause a lot of issues. According to NCBI, tight garments that constrict the belly can even be the cause of premature delivery.

With these yoga pants from Three Seasons Maternity, you will never experience such problems. They are so wonderful that you will refuse to take them off until your baby is born. Even after that, these pants will be your favorite, as during your postpartum you will require as much comfort as during pregnancy.

The pants are made of soft cotton with 2% of spandex for great stretchiness in the belly area. They have a wide waistband that can be folded for extra support of unfolded underneath your belly for extra support in late pregnancy, when your baby bump becomes large.

These pants are great not just for yoga. They are great for pregnant women, no matter what they do. You can wear them in all trimesters. The elastic waistband will feel great both on a small bump that has just started to show and on a large belly when your baby is about to arrive.

The pants will not create any unnecessary pressure making sure that your blood circulation is unrestricted. They will support your growing belly helping you to avoid stretch marks. The cotton is very soft. Natural materials, just as everything natural, should be your preference during pregnancy.

Main characteristics

Material 98% cotton, 2% spandex Breathability Excellent
Cut Boot cut Stretchiness Excellent
Waist High Absorption Excellent

Best Yoga Pants for Plus Size

HotPants Weight Loss Capri from Zaggora

People searching for plus size clothes want to hide a few extra pounds. However, is that really what they need? Wouldn’t it be better to lose those extra pounds instead of hiding them? That will solve the problem, for sure. You’ll be able to choose standard-size clothes and will also get a lot of health benefits.

Yoga, especially such styles as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Bikram, and hot yoga, are a great way to lose weight and become healthier. Such energetic yoga classes will make you sweat and detox, increasing your metabolic rate and toning your body.

You will lose even more weight if you wear these weight loss pants from Zaggora during your practice. These pants are available in sizes up to XX-Large, so they should fit women who normally wear plus size clothes.

These pants are made of a perfect combination of fabrics for active workouts – neoprene, polyester, nylon, and Lycra. These are hot pants, not just regular yoga pants, meaning they will make you sweat more and lose more calories during your workout. That is possible thanks to the patented Thermofit technology. Increased heat will also help you warm up your joints and ligaments better so you can move deeper into stretches without injuries.

The pants are very stretchable thanks to the four-way stretch. They have reinforced seams for the utmost durability. These two features make these pants perfect for yoga, as you can work on your flexibility as much as you like – the pants will not tear no matter how deep you stretch.

The pants have a high waist for a comfortable fit. This is especially important for ladies who have an apple-like body shape. The waistband is very soft. It is adjustable, too. You can fold it down if you find that more comfortable.

The detox process that gets kick-started when you work out actively will only be increased when you wear these pants. And that, in its turn, will help you shed toxins and improve your general health. It will also make your skin look much better, as detox is one of the ways of fighting cellulite.

Apart from helping you to lose weight, these pants are very flattering. They have an awesome slimming effect thanks to the seams that contour your curves and make them look fantastic, even if you have quite a few pounds to lose.

The pants come with a gusset that is made to be breathable. Not only will it offer great comfort in stretches, but it will also make sure that any unpleasant smell that might appear when you start perspiring a lot disappears at once.

Main characteristics

Material 45% neoprene, 16%polyestr, 16% nylon, 23% Lycra Breathability Medium
Cut Capris Stretchiness Excellent
Waist High Absorption Excellent

Yoga Pants for Petites

Finding good-fitting closes can be quite a challenge for petite women. Most standard pants are way too long, so you have to hem them in order to fit. This is a common problem for petite women, which can be quite irritating if you have to face it all the time.

If you are slender, you can get kids’ clothes. However, they are rarely stylish enough to satisfy a grown-up woman. And, if you are a bit overweight, a kids’ cloth store is not an option for you.

With these yoga pants, you can be sure that they will not be too long. They are designed specifically for petite women. They have a 29-inch inseam to fit just perfectly if you are shorter than an average woman.

Everyday Yoga Pants (Petite Length) from Fit CoutureThese synthetic pants are made of a nylon and Lycra blend. The material is moisture wicking, which will help you feel cool and comfortable after an hour and a half of hot yoga.

The pants are neither too low, nor too high in the waist. The mid-rise is a good alternative between the two. The pants have a classic boot cut design. They are tight-fitted in the hips, pointing out your curves, yet not the legging type that some women find indecent and uncomfortable.

The pants are available in three sizes – Medium, Large, and X-Large. If you get the right size, your pants will fit you like a glove and you will be reluctant to change them for anything else. They are so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them not only during your yoga sessions, but out of your practice as well.

The wide waistband will hug you tightly without creating the muffin top. The pants have a snug fit without being too tight. The pants are extremely durable. All the seams are very sturdy and tight, so no fear that your pants will crack open in the middle of a Low lunge.

These pants retain their shape and color no matter how much you practice and how often you wash them. They are available in just one color, black, which is preferred by many women as it is flattering and suits everyone. These are the best petite yoga pants you can find.

Main characteristics

Material 88% nylon, 12% Lycra Breathability Good
Cut Boot cut Stretchiness Excellent
Waist Medium Absorption Good

Best Cheap Yoga Pants

Finding good yoga pants that are cheap is not easy at all. In fact, it is almost an impossible task. Usually, you have to choose between getting high-quality pants and saving money. Pants that are cheap usually have very poor quality and tend to tear after a few wears on your yoga mat.

However, we have found a pair of yoga pants that have a decent quality and cost less than half a hundred dollars. Meet Fitness Power Flex Yoga Pants from Prolific Health.

These pants are very stylish. They have an amazing ombre effect – light at the ankles and dark at the hips. They are available in about twenty colors; each color comes in leggings and capri styles.

These are not simple pants; these are compression leggings that are meant to hold your body and make you feel comfortable when you move actively. Because of that they feel very tight, which makes them perfect not just for yoga but for more active workouts, too.

Fitness Power Flex Yoga Pants Leggings from Prolific HealthHowever, being tight does not mean that these pants are uncomfortable. On the contrary, they feel just like second skin and offer a perfect fit for ladies who wear sizes X-Small to X-Large.

The pants have a wide waistband and a high rise design that are the best for practicing yoga. These pants have a large coverage, which is great for compression clothes. They will support the muscles of your legs, booty, core, and lower back, protecting them during practice and making sure that you feel no pain in the muscles afterwards.

These pants are slightly see through; it is best to wear a long tank of t-shirt that will cover your booty if you are going to a public class. Dark colors are less see through than light ones.

The pants have very few seams. There is one wide seam coming through the inner legs. There are also some delicate seams to compress the body on the calves and hips. Another seam is in the place where the waistband is attached to the pants.

The material is soft and comfortable. It feels just like thick nylon; however, they are not too sick to limit your movements. In fact, the fabric is a 65% nylon, 30% polyester, and 5% spandex blend. It is stretchy and perfectly retains shape with wear.

Main characteristics

Material 65% nylon, 30% polyester, 5% spandex Breathability Good
Cut Leggings Stretchiness Excellent
Waist High Absorption Excellent

Yoga Pants Buying Guide

Yoga Pants vs Leggings

It is a common misconception to contrast yoga pants with leggings. The truth is, leggings are just a type of yoga pants. In fact, there are a few different styles of yoga pants. Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Standard cut. These pants are tight-fitting in the hips and slightly loose in the ankles. They are the most comfortable as they compress your skin where it is most needed – on your hips and butt – staying comfortably loose in other places. You will feel great practicing any style of yoga if you wear these pants.

Leggings. These tight-fitting yoga pants have become the most popular among all types. Leggings are really comfortable. They feel just like second skin if they have the right fit. Leggings do not limit your range of motion. They are nice for any style of asana practice.

Bootcut. This style is familiar for everyone, especially for those who spent their youth in 1960s. This style is also called bootleg. They are similar to pant of standard fit with the only difference that the ankle part is somewhat looser. Just as the previous two types, bootcut is a nice option for any style of yoga.

Cropped pants. These are also known as capri pants. They are knee-length or slightly lower. This style is perfect for vigorous yoga, such as ashtanga or vinyasa, where your body produces a lot of heat.

Relaxed fit. Loose and comfy, these pants are perfect for slow transition between poses. Loose pants are great for stretching and relaxation. They are the best option for yin yoga.

Best Yoga Pants Material

When it comes to choosing yoga pants, the material they are made of is one of the things that matter a lot. It defines how comfortable you will feel in your yoga bottoms and how well your skin will breathe. Depending on the material, your pants will smell differently when you sweat and show more or less signs of wear with regular use.

Like any other clothes, yoga pants can be made either of natural or synthetic materials. Cotton is commonly used as a natural material to make yoga pants. Most common synthetic fabrics include polyester, nylon, and spandex. There are also cotton-synthetic blends; however, they are not the best decision, so it is best to avoid such materials.

It is best to choose between cotton and synthetic materials. We’ll try to help you choose by pointing out all the pros and cons of these fabrics.

  • Cotton is a naturally soft fiber. It is highly breathable, which is why it is often used in the production of workout clothes, especially clothes for yoga. Another advantage of cotton is that it is a natural fabric. Organic cotton is the best among all the sorts. Its absorbent capacity is great, so you will still be comfortable if you sweat a bit. However, cotton is not the best option in hot yoga classes, as your clothes will be wet through. It will look especially unattractive if your yoga pants are gray.

The other advantage of cotton is that it almost does not pill, meaning those nasty little balls of fiber are unlikely to appear. However, if they do appear as a result of constant wear, cotton will shed them thanks to its natural qualities. One disadvantage of cotton is that it tends to fade with time.

  • Synthetics are also used in making workout gear. The main advantages of yoga pants made of synthetic materials are that they stretch well, much better than cotton. Their ability to retain shape and compress the body is also better compared to natural fabrics. They also look more attractive thanks to a characteristic sheen.

Synthetic fabrics do a much better job at absorbing moisture, than cotton. Besides, they have the ability to trap it between the fibers. The disadvantages of synthetics are that they pill a lot and produce a strong smell when you sweat. They are also not as soft and pleasant on your skin as cotton.

Yoga Pants Buying Advice

When searching for yoga pants, some people, women in particular, have very specific needs. Women try to look their best, that is why they are so concerned with finding yoga pants that will hide any flaws of their bodies. We will try to give you some advice. So, some of the most common requests:

To hide celluliteSlimmingFor big thighsPostpartumHigh waistPrinted
Best yoga pants to hide cellulite. Cellulite is a headache for most women around the world, no matter if they are curvy or skinny. If you want to hide it, you’d better choose pants made of a thick and non-transparent material. The color also matters a lot. It is best to go for the black, although certain prints can also help you with your task.

However, hiding cellulite is not a solution. Cellulite on your thighs and bum tells you that something is wrong with your metabolism. To help the situation, drink more water and eat more foods rich in fiber. Yoga can help you, too, as it makes you a much healthier person through regular practice.

Best slimming yoga pants. If you want your yoga pants to be flattering, you should search for a pair that will fit your specific body type. And that is not an easy task. If you are curvy in the bottom, you’d better go for one-color pants made of a thin material, so that your legs do not look to massive. You’d better choose dark colors, too.

If your legs are thin, but you have a belly, the situation is quite the opposite. You need to attract attention from your belly to your bottom. So your yoga pants should be bright. You might choose one-color or printed pants, depending on your preferences. Complement your outfit with a dark top, and you will look great, both on and off the yoga mat.

Best yoga pants for big thighs. If your thighs are large and your legs are massive, you might think that yoga pants are not for you. However, that is not true. You just need to find a pair that will fit you. You should forget about boot cut pants as they will make your bottom look even heavier.

Leggings or relaxed fit pants are your best friends. Some leggings have seaming details that accentuate certain areas of your body. Those will look good on you. Again, black is the best choice, if you want to shift the accent away from your lower body.

Best postpartum yoga pants. It takes a lot of time and effort for your body to get to its previous shape when you become a mom. Your belly won’t get back to being flat as quickly as you’d like, as it will take your uterus about six to ten weeks to shrink to its pre-pregnant size. So you should choose yoga pants with a high waist. It will support your belly and act as a postnatal bandage.

If you’ve had a C-section, you do not want anything to press on the incision as that would cause great discomfort. That is why pants with a soft and stretchy waistband are the best. Pants made of cotton or other natural materials will be great. Probably, you will prefer loose pants. They will make you feel comfortable as your body gets back into shape.

Best high waist yoga pants. High waist workout pants are the best option for yoga, pilates, or any other activities that require this sort of workout clothes. If you are looking for pants with a high waist, you are a person who understands that low waistline will create discomfort when you move.

High waist pants are the best for yoga. They’ll help you prevent the so-called “muffin top” issue. They will also free you from feeling the urge to pull your pants up each time your belly pops out as you transition from one pose to another. High waist pants will also make you feel and look much better in Downward-facing dog. There are many such models on the market, so you can find one to your liking.

Best printed yoga pants. Prints have always been fashionable. They change from season to season, that is why prints are not the best option if you care about fashion but plan on wearing your yoga pants for several seasons. What is in trend today can become old-fashioned tomorrow. Alas, that is the whimsical nature of fashion.

According to Fashioners, prints that are in trend in 2017 include rainbow stripes, floral motifs, polka dots, geometric, animal prints, camouflage, and optical illusions. That is a wide choice of fashionable prints to choose from.

Yoga Pants with Pockets?

Many people search for yoga pants with pockets. However, that is not reasonable if you need yoga pants to practice yoga and not to wear them on a daily basis. And here’s why.

When practicing yoga, you need absolute comfort. Otherwise, you will not be able to connect to your mind, body, and spirit. Now, pockets mean additional seams and layers of material that that will certainly bite into the skin and create unnecessary folds where they are least needed.

Pockets on yoga pants are usually placed on the back or on the sides. If you put something in the pockets on the sides, you won’t be able to perform folds and hip-opening poses properly. If you put something in the back pocket, it will feel uncomfortable on the lower back as you do poses on the back or even just try to relax in Savasana.

Originally, pockets in yoga pants were meant as key pockets. Can you imagine hard metal keys cutting into your skin as you transition from one pose to another and try to relax in stretches? Besides, who needs keys in their pockets as they practice yoga? Are there no other places to put them?

The advice is simple – if you are a yogi and need pants for yoga, better choose a model that does not have any pockets. If you need yoga pants for style and want to wear them as you go out, pockets are welcome.

Gusset – An Essential Element

Gusset is a piece of fabric sewn into the crotch. The crotch is the place where four seams meet, creating a pressure point. This can be rather uncomfortable and create the so-called “Camel toe” issue. A gusset will make sure to save you from that.

Gussets can be of two types – triangular and diamond shaped. Apart from making you feel more comfortable and look more aesthetically pleasing in your yoga pants, a gusset will make them serve you longer. In yoga, you often spread your legs wide to have a deep stretch, and such actions may cause the crotch seams to tear.

A gusset is very important if you want to get good pants for your yoga practice. So make sure to check that the pair you choose has one. It will make your pants more durable and comfy.

Good Pants for a Low Price?

Today’s market is overflown with cheap yoga pants that cost $10-20. Let’s try to understand what those pants are good for.

Cheap yoga pants are good for leisure wear. They are great for moms and housewives. It is very important to feel comfortable when you look to your baby’s needs 24/7 or try to make your home as cozy as possible. They can be a part of your outfit as you go to the supermarket or watch TV. However, such pants are not the best for yoga. Why?

Because they will last for 5-6 yoga classes, no longer. They are not durable enough for those who practice yoga. As yoga requires a lot of stretching and bending, yoga pants should be able to support your body in all the transitions. The seams on cheap pants are not strong enough; they will tear open when this kind of pressure is regularly applied to them.

So, if you are into yoga and want to have pants that will not acquire holes after a few weeks of wear, it would be more reasonable to pay a little more and purchase a pair that will be with you on your yoga journey.

Best Underwear for Yoga Pants

workout underwear from Balanced TechMost women do not give much mind to what they wear underneath their yoga pants. However, it is very important from the points of view of comfort and the sense of decency (if you practice in a public class).

Your lace lingerie is not the best option from both viewpoints. Thongs may be comfortable for some; however, they might make you look provoking. Besides, thongs, despite the fact that they are loved by so many women (and their men) around the globe, are bad for health. They may make you look better in clothes, as there are no panty lines. However, they also increase the risk of urinary tract infections as your gentle body parts are not covered properly.

According to Medical Daily , bacteria tend to flourish more when you wear thongs. Thongs are rarely made of breathable materials. They trap moisture, creating a ripe area for pathogenic microorganisms. Besides, they tend to rub the gentle skin, creating irritations and small scratches. This also opens the way for disease-causing bacteria.

There are also women who prefer not to wear anything underneath their yoga pants. And while that is fine as long as you practice at home, it is absolutely inappropriate in public classes.

Yoga pants are made of thin tight-fitting materials. Some of them can become see-through when the material stretches as you move through your flow. Just imagine how you will look in a Downward-facing dog or Cat-Cow. Unless your aim is to shock everyone around and attract too much attention from yogis nearby, you should not go panty-less.

So, what is the best underwear to wear with yoga pants? Bikini-style underwear is probably the best option. It would be great if they are breathable. Natural materials such as cotton are always a great option when it comes to underwear. Breathable polyester is also fine. In fact, there is even a line of undies designed specifically for yoga and other activities – workout underwear. Their aim is to offer perfect breathability and offer no discomfort whatsoever.

workout underwear from Balanced Tech

If you want not to experience any discomfort when practicing yoga, either from seams cutting into your skin or from stares of nearby men, have a look at this set of workout underwear from Balanced Tech. Seamless and breathable, these bikini panties will make you feel almost as if you are wearing no underwear at all. However, your delicate parts will be protected from infections and stares, and those are the priorities. These workout panties come in a pack of three for quite an affordable price. You can choose from a wide variety of fresh and juicy colors.

Yoga Accessories

If you are practicing basic yoga, you do not need anything other than yourself and a good yoga mat. However, if you want to go deeper into the exploration of the natural abilities of your body through the tools of yoga, you might need some accessories, or props. Each of these items is worth a separate article of its own. Here we will have just a quick look on their main features and uses.

So, here’s the list of the main yoga accessories:

Yoga towelYoga blockYoga strapYoga bolsterEye pillow, or blindfold
Yoga towel. It will be a real lifesaver for those who prefers vigorous yoga or hot yoga. When you start perspiring profusely with sweat dripping on to the mat, it might become very challenging to keep balance on the slippery surface. That is where a yoga towel comes in. Just lay it onto your mat, and it will absorb all the moisture, allowing you to continue your practice.Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel from Shandali

Some people like yoga towels so much that they use them not as an addition to the yoga mat but as a substitute. It is a nice solution if you are practicing on carpeting or outside on the sand or grass. The Gosweat Hot Yoga Towel from Shandali is a great example of what a yoga towel should be like. Made of super-soft and ultra-absorbent microfiber, it will make your yoga practice more comfortable.

Yoga block. This useful object will help you improve your flexibility and get deeper into stretches. The main purpose of blocks is support. You can place a block underneath your buttocks to raise up your hips in Baddha Konasana. You can squeeze it between your knees to improve your strength in Bridge pose. You can rest your hand on a block in Trikonasana if putting it on the floor is yet inaccessible to you. You can place your forehead on a block to relax fully in a Wide-legged seated forward block from Zen Active

If you are looking for a good yoga block that will be a support to you as you discover what your body is capable of, you should have a look at this yoga block from Zen Active. Unlike most blocks that are made of plastic, this product is made of natural cork. It is an obvious choice for any aware yogi or yogini who understand that caring about our planet, our great home is just as important as caring about our small homes, our bodies.

Clever Yoga Strap

Yoga strap. It helps you make some challenging postures more accessible, no matter how flexible you are. It will be especially helpful for yoga novices, whose joints and ligaments are yet too stiff. A yoga strap will help you provide all the love your body needs. It will also prevent you from feeling disappointed because your flexibility leaves much to be desired yet. But, most importantly, it will save you from injuries.

Yoga strap is basically a simple strap of a sturdy material like thick cotton, polyester or something of the like. For instance, this Clever Yoga Strap is made of top grade cotton, sturdy and durable. It is available in two lengths – eight and ten feet. Its width is one and a half inches. It comes in several colors so that you can choose the one you like the most or the one that will match the color of your yoga mat.

Organic Yoga Bolster from Gayo

Yoga bolster. It is much like a simple pillow. And even their purposes are similar – providing comfort and helping you to find the position that makes you feel good. Bolsters are used in relaxing and restorative practices. They are necessary props for those who want to get acquainted with yin yoga. Bolsters, just as blocks, are for those who want to make their practice gentle and not go for the extremes. And, just as a block, it will help you relax and improve your flexibility.

Bolsters come in different sizes. But usually they are rather large. Their shapes may differ, too. The most popular are round and rectangular bolsters. The Organic Yoga Bolster from Gayo is a nice option for those who practice in a public class or like doing yoga somewhere in the wild. It is very compact and weighs just four pounds. Most bolsters are filled with foam, which is not the greenest decision. This product uses organic cotton as filling. It is firm enough to support you on your unique yoga journey.

natural silk blindfold

Eye pillow, or blindfold. Some yogis like to practice blindfolded. Eliminating one of your senses helps separate yourself from the outside world and understand your inner self better. Blocking any visual stimuli helps you concentrate on your true thoughts and sensations. If you want to experience it, a natural silk blindfold is the best choice for you.

eye pillow from PeacegoodsDuring a post-practice relaxation in Savasana, you might also feel the urge to cover your eyes with something soft. That is where an eye pillow will come I handy. Yoga eye pillows have everything necessary to help you relax. They usually use the tools of aromatherapy, such as essential oils or dried plants. For example, this eye pillow from Peacegoods is filled with organic chamomile, lavender, and flax seed. It will help you relax and clear your mind as you rest in Corpse pose.

Yoga Pants – A Threat for the Environment?

Yoga pants arouse a lot of discussions in the society. Some find them fashionable and stylish, others think that wearing yoga pants is a sign of bad taste. Some cannot imagine their everyday life without them, others are sure that yoga pants are suitable for wearing only in a gym or yoga studio.

Yoga pants have rather a scandalous reputation. Women who wear them in public have been blamed for being indecent, as yoga pants reveal all the outlines of the body. Besides, some yoga pants are see-through, especially when you bend down. There have even been an effort to make yoga pants illegal. However, that idea have not been brought into life.

Today, yoga pants are accused of one more crime – that they are posing a threat to our planet, causing sea pollution. Let’s find out if such accusations are reasonable or not.

Such statement has been made based on the research of the state of the Gulf Coast. It has shown that there is a lot of plastic in the water. The greatest part of it was microfiber – the tiniest fibers of synthetic fabric. And, as we all know, yoga pants are often made of synthetic fabrics, pure or blended with natural ones.

When it comes to synthetic materials, nylon and polyester are the worst culprits. And those are the two materials that are often used in the production of workout clothes, yoga pants included.

When we wash our synthetic clothes, they shed tiny microfibers that get into the water. And we all know where our wastes go. Sooner or later, they end up in the sea. As a result, the waters of the world ocean have increasingly high levels of plastic pollution.

As we know, plastic can degrade, but it needs thousands of years for that. As a result, it gets accumulated with each year, poisoning our planet. Small particles of plastic get eaten by fish, which makes them sick. As a result, certain populations are at a high risk of extinction. Moreover, a lot of people eat fish that contains plastic in it. And that is unlikely to make any of us healthier.

So, is there a way out? Each of us can make a personal input to the noble purpose of making our planet a greener place. Just give up using plastic and any other synthetic materials. With our modern lifestyle, it is very difficult to get rid of all plastic produce. However, each of us can stop using synthetic clothes. It is very easy to do and will not require any sacrifice from you.

On the contrary, you will become a happier person if you start wearing clothes made only of natural materials. They are much more comfortable, breathable, soft, and pleasant on the skin, compared to synthetic fabrics. They do not acquire that unpleasant smell even if you sweat in them. Garments made of natural fabrics are somewhat costlier, but the difference is not dramatic.

So, if you care about our planet, choose cotton yoga pants. Cotton is the best material when it comes to the production of yoga clothes. It is soft, stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking. What else do you need for comfort when practicing yoga?

Author: Helen Davis

Helen Davis is a 26 years old athlete who leads a truly active life. She has been to the most remote corners of our planet with her husband Charlie, a devoted fisher and hunter. Yoga, hiking, and rock-climbing are her passions.


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