Best Reviews Base is not your usual review website. We want to give people the ability to choose what’s best for them, not what unsavory merchants want them to pay for. We want to be contributors. We want to help people get what they need and want, and we do that in our reviews.

Here’s an example: {Best Sunglasses in 2017}

As a collective that comprises mostly of alumnae, we understand the importance of secondary and tertiary education like no other. We know hard that can be. Not just in the academic sense, education usually means a huge debt, expenses and zero income.

We are contributors through and through, and we would like to help students with their financial problems. Unfortunately, we just cannot afford to help all of them, as we doubt that many millionaires could (which we are not). However, what we can do is to help at least several students, the ones who will prove they are deserve the scholarship more than others.

We can’t offer too much even then. But there can be no denying that even a few hundred dollars (or a thousand dollars) can be a very appreciated contribution.

Tl;dr: we’re launching our annual scholarship program.

We welcome any student to join! Your chosen filed of expertise is of little importance. Even if you’re studying fundamental sciences, no, especially if you’re studying them, you’re welcome.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your efforts will be justly rewarded as you will have to compete with other students, but they will be appreciated. Moreover, if you want everyone to appreciate your work, extend your reach to our countless visitors, you may choose to allow us to publish it. Otherwise, none of the works will be posted on our website or elsewhere. We understand that most participants prefer their works to be available online immediately after uploading, but some people do like their privacy, and you work may have included there personal data you wouldn’t want to share with an international audience.

If you do want to make your work publicly available, you must explicitly state it.

The annual Best Review Base Scholarship program will be available for the 2017-2018 school year. The winner will be given the $1,000 certificate. The second and third places will be given $500 and $300 respectively. Perhaps, it is not much, but it’s still money.

While we would be happy to welcome any and all participants, there are some eligibility requirements that must be met. If you are not eligible, there is nothing we can do. We are sorry about this. Please don’t send us any works if you are not eligible, your efforts will be in vain.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must possess secondary education credentials. Such credentials include a High School Equivalency Diploma, a High School Diploma, Certificate of Graduation, Secondary School Diploma, General Certificate of Secondary Education, or similarly titled credentials. The applicant must be in possession of their secondary education certificate upon conclusion of this program. If a winner fails to meet this requirement by the time this scholarship concludes, they will be disqualified.

Only in-education applicants are eligible for participation. Home-schooled U.S. residents qualify. Students attending foreign secondary institutions and foreign home-schooled students are not eligible. However, this limitation does not extend to students in foreign post-secondary institutions.

Foreign students do qualify as long as they are attending an accredited post-secondary institution. Foreign nationals attending U.S. high schools are also eligible.

The citizenship of the applicant is of little concern. However, U.S. citizens that do not reside in the United States are not eligible unless they are attending a post-secondary institution.

Applicants must be currently in pursuit of a degree at an accredited post-secondary institution or planning to attend such an institution. If the latter, the award certificate will be used to pay for the winner’s education after their admittance.

Applicants must have a minimum 3.00 GPA or a foreign equivalent upon conclusion of this project.


To be granted out Best Review Base certificate, you must first apply for our scholarship. However, do not expect that you will be given an award simply for your request. It might as well have been a lottery otherwise.

We require that you provide a 1000-5000 word essay on any of the topics we suggest below. You are welcome to cover any other topic of your choice, however, let us remind you that that would be a risky step. If your topic is something that has little connection to the other topics, your essay will not win you an award.

Aside from providing your essay, you need to upload a copy of your secondary education transcript. This can be done either upon submission or later. Feel free to censor personally identifiable information, such as your photo, but leave your name, grades and any official stamps or signatures easy to read. If you’re still a high-school student, you must include a certificate of enrollment instead. However, you will still be expected to provide your transcript later on.

Aside from uploading your essay and your documents, you must fill out all of the fields in the application form below. Please don’t leave any of them empty, otherwise your application will not be submitted.

Do not use proprietary file formats for your essay and credentials. That includes but is not limited to PDF, GIF and RTF. Also, you should only use image-based file formats for your transcript but not for your essay. Use a text file format instead.

Other than that? That would be it, but if you want to have a real chance, make sure that your essay is interesting and informative. We strongly advise that you do not use emoticons.


P.S. Until the scholarship program commences, this page is to be considered under maintenance. The application form may or may not be available. Even if it is available but the scholarship program is yet to start, any submitted data may fail to go through. Take your time.

Before the program commences, you can contact us at [email protected]. You can also use this email if you have any questions concerning the scholarship or for submitting your transcript.


What is consumerism and who benefits from it?

Should, in your opinion, information about non-addictive natural products that have medical uses be legally restricted and why?

Can, in your opinion, eco-friendly energy sources can have a negative impact on the society or the biosphere and how?

Application Deadline & Guidelines

Start Date: October 1, 2017

Deadline: May 30, 2018

Winner Announcement: June 15, 2018


1st Place: $1,000 Scholarship Certificate

2nd Place: $500 Scholarship Certificate

3rd Place: $300 Scholarship Certificate

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