What the choice of cologne says about you


People try to express themselves in many different ways. We perfect our style by looking for unique clothes, shoes, accessories or haircuts. Cologne is one of the powerful tools that help men to make a good impression on their surroundings. Not only does cologne help attract women’s attention, but also it reflects every man’s personality, spirit, experience, and traits of his character. The choice of the cologne sends a message to people around you that indicates your mood and how you are feeling at that very moment. You don’t have to say or explain anything because your fragrance will speak for you. The cologne you pick will tell the story of your life.

It is a challenging and time-consuming task to find a cologne to your preferences and character. You usually spend hours in perfumery sniffing dozens of various scents until you lay hands on the one and only. You have a feeling of happiness when you buy a bottle of cologne that suits your style. What a fantastic reward! It is worthy of your efforts and money after all. You become a lucky owner of the signature scent. Some men use the same cologne for the whole life. Other men like to experiment with the style of aroma now and then. You wear the best-loved cologne most of the time. You prefer to use other products only for special occasions.

We are drawn to the fragrance, but we also pay attention to the bottle, image, design of the cologne and its advertisement. One man falls for particular brands and designers or celebrities that are connected to the cologne. He follows the latest trends rather than looking for an aroma that complements his individuality. Another man wants to stand out from the crowd so he tries a niche fragrance, which will reflect the type of person he is. Cologne can evoke various feelings of nostalgia, sadness or excitement. It reminds you of some pleasant or nasty memories and people. Therefore, men fall for those scents that they recognize. They are drawn to fragrances that somehow feel familiar.

When it comes to the choosing a perfect cologne, you should be very careful. You don’t want to wear a scent that doesn’t suit you, your personality and style. Luckily, we can help you with this! We have picked the best men’s cologne 2018 for you. You will find such a fragrance that accentuate your charisma and allure.

If you learn what different scents say about you, you will also be able to understand much better other people’s personalities. In such a way, you kill two birds with one stone.

How the cologne reflects your personality

Manufacturers offer a wide range of various fragrances that contain different ingredients. We fall for a particular scent, but why do we like it? What does our cologne say about us? Subtle and light aromas indicate an easygoing and straightforward personality. Rich and deep scents denote a complex and sophisticated character.

A man wears such a cologne that is comfortable for him. His choice is also based on the life experience. It is unlikely that a person who doesn’t like camping would choose a green fragrance. If such an activity is alien to a man, he won’t be drawn to the scent. However, some men use such aromas that would help them to create a personality they don’t have. In such a way, these men try to compensate for the lack of some traits in their character. These men pick a brutal fragrance because they aren’t too masculine to their opinions. Overconfident men would wear half a bottle of the cologne at a time. Moderately confident men would just spray themselves a few times with cologne.

We have different motivations, but we need to keep in mind that the scent should suit us. This is why we will explain to you what some aromas say about the type of man you are.


You must be a sportsman if you use citrus-based cologne. You are a competitor who always likes to win. The taste of triumph is so sweet that you cannot resist it. You will do anything you can to achieve your goals despite any obstacles in the way. You are not afraid of the difficulties because you never give up. You are the energetic and active type of person. You lead a healthy lifestyle to stay in good shape. You are cheerful, funny, appealing and fresh like an orange that evokes positive feelings.

You are a star of the party because you like to be in the center of attention. You are on cloud nine if you manage to make somebody else laugh. You have a great sense of humor. Fresh and clean scents help you to wake up in the morning. Thanks to the citrus notes, you stay refreshed all day without being overexcited. You stay calm no matter what happens in your life. You are a down to earth and easy-going man with the same attitude and approach to life.

You should wear citrus fragrances when you work out in the gym or ride a bike in the countryside.


If you prefer wood-based cologne, you are a sophisticated, smart, self-critical, reliable and trustworthy type of man. You were born to be a leader, who is likable and charming. Your wife, children, and employees feel as safe as houses with you. You are an embodiment of the masculinity, strength, success, experience, and wisdom. You are a lover of the justice, truth, and perfectionism. Your acquaintances consider you as a thoughtful, independent and intuitive person with a free spirit. You have high expectations for yourself and other people. You seem strict, but in the depth of your heart, you are a kind person. You will come to succor every person who is in need. You will also support ideas and initiatives of your friends and family. You pay attention to every detail of your style and appearance as it is essential for your image. You prefer to look presentable and elegant wherever you go. You dress in good taste, and your clothes are on trend.

Woody fragrances are perfect to wear if you are out for a drink with your companions, on a date with your girlfriend, on a family dinner or at work. There is something ancient and mystical about woody notes. Earthy and warm scents remind you of Mother Nature. You enjoy spending time in the fresh air somewhere far from civilization.


You are a free-spirited dreamer who is always relaxed and balanced if you fall for aquatic fragrances. You stay calm and cool-headed even if you are under a lot of pressure. Your attitude is minimalist, and your approach to life is laid back. You are the easy-going person who goes with the flow like a toy boat that floats down the river. But you have a tremendous inner strength, which is why you prefer to be in control of everything. You are efficient, intellectual, motivated and successful at work. You speak with your actions rather than just words. You always keep your promise, word, and pledge. Other people never know what to expect from you, as your personality is spontaneous. You are full of surprises! You don’t like to share your feelings with anybody, so you are like a closed book.

Your style is simple and casual, but at the same time, it is stylish and fashionable. You are a nature-lover who adores spending time in the water. You are the energetic and active person who keeps fit. As soon as you have a day off, you go to the beach with your board to windsurf or surf. You cannot stay within four walls for a long time so sedentary lifestyle is not suitable for you. You choose marine aromas because they remind you of the ocean and coast.


If you are drawn to green scents, you are an avid outdoorsman. You are a natural, sporty and athletic type of person. You like to spend time in the forest where you can chop the woods, build a fire and admire the beauty of our nature by the hour together. You enjoy breathing a fresh air so that you’d rather go to the countryside on the weekends than stay at home. You like camping, so it’s not difficult for you to pitch a tent as you are a real handyman. You are very good at repairing various stuff. You love working in the garden where you spend a lot of your time. You always get the job done if you already started it. Your other perfect ways of spending a leisure time are skiing and swimming or sunbathing at the lake.

You are a sophisticated man who prefers a classy style. You are modern and quite advanced as you are always in step with the time. You wear green and fougere fragrances because they remind you of being outside. You love spending time outdoors! This is why you pick scents of the cut grass, fern or pine forest, which reminisce about good times and lovely memories.


You are likely to be a hedonist if you fall for exotic, spicy oriental aromas. You are one of those people who believes that happiness and pleasure are the essential things in the world. This is why you would never leave a restaurant without finishing your meal. You would be the last person who left a party. You live your life to the fullest! You always want to try something new because you are the experimental and adventurous type of man. You enjoy eating a new dish or visiting a new city. You are a brave, bold, witty and self-confident person. You are an ambitious go-getter so there is no such goal that you couldn’t achieve.

You have a unique individuality that is appealing to other people. You are a creative and original man with artistic inclinations. You are a bit impressionable, passionate and sometimes impulsive. You are sensual, sexy and seductive so women can’t withstand your charms. You prefer to be quiet, so your mysterious personality attracts people.

You are own leader of style who sets his trends. You want to be something else to differ from the ruck. People around you try to look and behave like you. You wear oriental cologne because it gives you an exciting impression of exotica, enigma, and mystique.


Are you drawn to fragrances that smell like food? Cologne that contains notes of coffee, cinnamon, caramel, nuts, vanilla or chocolate is very popular today. You are an outgoing, bubbly and cheeky man if you go for gourmand scents. You are capable of finding reasons for happiness in every little thing. You are a very positive person, and it is almost impossible to upset you. You are happy to wake up every morning and to be alive. You enjoy walking on the green grass, breathing in fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun and listening to the bird’s singing. You love life, and it loves you back!

A man like you always has many friends. People want to spend their time in your company as you can make a good impression on them. You make your friends and closest people to forget about their problems. They also feel special thanks to the way you treat them.

You crave for new knowledge, so you thoroughly explore this world. The motto of your life is “One lives and learns.” You never stop learning, which makes you a good master of your trade. You have all potential to become an excellent leader. Apart from everything else, you are a gorgeous, sexy, irresistible and confident man. You choose gourmand fragrances because they smell like your favorite food.


Are you the brutal and strong type of person? No wonder you like cologne with notes of leather. You are a rebellious and audacious man who loves to take a risk. You believe that fortune favors the daring. Such an attitude helps you to succeed in life. You’d rather have everything than nothing at all, but you are always prepared for ups and downs. Running with the wind is not suitable for you, as you prefer things to be done your way. You are crazy and adventurous but in the finest sense of this word. You probably prefer to ride a Harley Davidson bike wearing a leather jacket. It is not surprising that you choose leather fragrances because it reminds you of your best-loved smell.
You are a silent person because you enjoy pondering over philosophic topics. Silence is better than wordiness, which is why people are so attracted to you and your mysterious character. Riding a motorcycle is an ideal opportunity for you to think about your life. It is a perfect chance to go as far from the city as you want to leave problems and mean people behind. This activity is an excellent way to de-stress from work. It makes you feel like new so that you revive.


Your fragrance speaks volumes about the type of personality you are. First and foremost, you should be honest with yourself when you pick a scent. You should never wear a cologne that doesn’t suit your individuality. In which case, you will give the wrong impression about yourself, which misleads other people. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of being yourself. People should accept you the way you are! So who are you, stranger? What fragrance do you like the most?

Author: Helen Davis

Helen Davis is a 26 years old athlete who leads a truly active life. She has been to the most remote corners of our planet with her husband Charlie, a devoted fisher and hunter. Yoga, hiking, and rock-climbing are her passions.

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